Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Perfect Tan?

So I thought I would look into spray tanning for the wedding since I am running out of time to build a nice tan and I just don’t seem to have the time after work to spare 30 minutes to tan. (oh yeah, and tanning is bad) So I called a local tanning place because they do spray tanning. While I was talking to the lady I started getting REALLY excited. This is what she told me…

1. They said that apparently this stuff works with the chemicals in your body to give you the same color you would get if you were tanning and not that orange-ish color you could get with lotions and stuff! EXCELLENT

2. It is only $14.95 a visit but the first time you get a visit free so they can see how it will react! AWESOME! This is looking better

3. Then they said that it last about a week, so you only need to come in about once a week! SWEET! So basically I could get three appts. before the wedding for the price of two and look fabulous!

4. I asked how long it takes…5 minutes to spray 5-10 to dry she said! SIGN ME UP!!!

5. Finally, moments away from making an appt. I asked how it is applied, am I in a booth, do I need anything special…. “oh no” she said, “I will be in there and air brush your body for you.” HOLD THE BOAT!! WHAT??? I am very very self conscious and barley like showing too much skin in front of T. let alone a complete stranger! This ladies (and gentleman) may be the deal breaker. This sounds perfect but I don’t know if I can bring myself to stand almost naked (or naked if I choose) in front of someone I don’t know while they spray my body from head to toe. I may need to be drunk for this one!

So basically I don’t know what to do. The easy thing would be to get the spray tan but is it worth total humiliation three times to do it? I may rather be pale!


  1. Lindsay2:31 PM

    This is a hard one. It would be nice to have the tan but if you have her spray you while wearing a bathing suit that means tan lines. If your dress is strapless that wouldn't work. Hmmm . . . I guess you could just go get wasted and get sprayed and then top it off with a bikini wax. :) No really do what makes you comfortable.

    Another thing if you don't tan regularly you might not want to look tan. I think it's nice to look like you always do but maybe a little fixed up on your wedding day but not drastically different.

  2. Well, isn't that somethin'?? Who knew we had those kinds of services around here. That's not a job I would enjoy having.

    I understand your hesitation. But perhaps some sort of bathing suit or bathing suit cover up would work. But Lindsay was right, you'd have to get a bandeau top bathing suit or at least be able to take the straps down.

    I would imagine you could be as clothed as you'd like. You could even wear shorts and a tank top, cause who cares if you're stomach is tan??

    If you really want to be tan, give it a shot. But I think you're going to look beautiful regardless!

  3. Jenn,
    Here's what you do:

    Put on an old tank top, upside down. (With the bottom covering your up-top.) Pull it down lower than what your dress neckline will be. Then, just wear a bathing suit bottom. BAM! Be sprayed!

    I do hear what Linds is saying, too. You may not want to appear too tan...

    Also - my only question is - does this ever "rub" off? I wouldn't want any of it to rub off on your dress.

    Test it, then see if you notice any of it coming off on your towels or your underpinings. :-)

  4. I was thinking, going topless (don't want have half of my boobs tan) I can handle that but not completly nude...gross! Maybe the shorts is a good solution (and the getting drunk, hahaha).

    They did tell me that they can do different levels of tan, so I wouldn't have to be dark dark, just a nice glow - which is more what I am looking for! I agree, I don't want to look like something I am not for this day, I just want to have a little color so i don't look too washed out come the day of the wedding!

    As for the rubbing off, they said it will a little until you take your first shower, after that it is in your skin and acts like a normal tan, the product reacts to your skin tones just like UV is just airbrushed on you. It fades over the course of a week, just like a tan does! This whole thing sounds very interesting, I have been reading up on it and it seems safe and like it works well!

    Thank you for your comments, I wasn't going to do it at all - but now I feel a little more comfortable :-) I think I am going to try it friday and then see how it works!

    Thanks Ladies!! If this works (or doesn't) I will let you know!!!