Monday, November 28, 2011

Talk To Me – The World Of Skinny Jeans and Jeggings

I know, I Know. I want to talk about Jeggings….what happened to our Jennifer?!

No, this is not like me to talk about anything fashion related.  I am the person who doesn’t wear anything too trendy, hates changes in fashion, and likes my regular jeans and sweatshirts and that is about it.  

However, I am curious.....What are your thoughts on jeggings and skinny jeans?!  Do you like them, do you think they are ridiculous, do you own a pair, what do you wear them with, are they for everyone?

(That is totally my ass on the left)

Why do I ask, well because I have to admit….I am looking at buying a pair of tighter jeans.  *Insert GASP*

Now, I am by no means a small girl, so I am not sure jeggings are good for me because of just how tight they are  but I have these AWESOME boots (below) that I want to wear over jeans but I can’t because all my jeans have wider bottoms/legs and therefore they look stupid stuffed into boots.  I was never interested in skinny jeans or jeggings before, infact I thought they were stupid…mainly because I am too big to wear them. Also just the name is silly, jeggings…really?!  Come on.  They just sound stupid.

HOWEVER.  Now that I have these boots that I cannot show off properly with my current wardrobe, I have started searching the world of skinny jeans.  Yes, I will eat all that shit I talked about skinny jeans/jeggings later.

But before I go down what could be another one of my many fashion mistakes, I thought I would get the opinion of others.  Others who are a bit more fashion forward and haven’t been living in their yoga pants and tank tops since January.  People who would give HONEST advice about this fashion trend.  Or maybe who have suggestions on how I can show off my new boots in a way that is better suited for me.

So please share your thoughts on skinny jeans/jeggings.  Do you like either?  Have a preference on one over the other? What tops do you wear with them so you can even out your proportions….aka so some of us hippy people don’t look like giant upside down pears?!!

Please share your thoughts.  

And until them, I will just continue wearing them around in my house with my maternity leggings. HOTT STUFF coming through!!
My boots....LOVE.

What exactly are jeggings you ask? See HERE


  1. i wear skinny jeans but NO JEGGINGS! NO!

    jon had to talk me in to the skinny jeans and i still feel weird in them. but, just like you i like that i can wear them with boots. meh. i think as a person who was raised in the "flare" age of jeans it's always going to feel weird for me to have something so close to my calves. if that makes sense. i don't think it does.

  2. Uh, that makes total sense. I still am all about the flare style jeans and even think some bootcut jeans are still too tight around my leg!

    I have a feeling I will only be showing off these new boots to our cats and son :)

  3. I can't do skinny jeans. And I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to do jeggings, despite all the ads from respectable stores telling me I should.

    Skinny jeans make me think of pegging my jeans, which is something I don't like to remember. Boot cut all the way for this girl.

  4. I still can't jump on this trend. I'm not a trendy person either. I still sport flare leg jeans because I think they flatter my figure. Bootcut even sometimes feels weird to me, unless I have a long sweater on. Although, I DO think most people look cute in the skinny jean/boot look....for me, it just feels weird though. Maybe I'm just a creature of habit?

  5. i just stepped into the world of skinny jeans within this past year and i held out on this trend for a while (i'm a product of 80's/90's so i wasn't willing to go back to 6th grade all over again at first).

    however, i have cute boots and love wearing skinnies with cute flats and boots and felt more confident by just taking the plunge. so many cute shirts are "tunic" or longer styles so you don't have to feel too wild and crazy (and with an ass like the one on the left, i say wear a short-ass skirt and be cool with it - heehee).

    good luck and go get em! keep us posted.

  6. I love how apologetic people are about their skinny jeans.

    I wear them. I'd say that the last 3 pairs of jeans I've purchased since having Vivienne (I didn't buy any non-maternity jeans since 2008) have all been skinny jeans.

    I love them. Though I did fight them for a while. People down here have been wearing them for so long that I was starting to feel really dated wearing my flare-legged jeans.

    You could totally wear them. And layering your clothing on top (long sweater, etc.) will help you feel less like you're showing off your entire body. Get a DARK, DARK color. DARK blue or BLACK and you'll be happy with how flattering they are. I've found that grey and lighter washes look gross.

    Now, as far as jeggings go: I DID buy a pair in Toledo like 2 years ago at TJ Maxx and they're dumb-looking. They feel way too much like leggings and I just can't wear leggings as pants. I want to. But I can't. I've never worn them. Ever.

  7. Here's the deal... out of all the people talking to you here, I'm the only fellow, ahem, curvy girl. Skinny jeans waists are NOT meant for us. You will never feel comfortable in them. You will always feel like you have a muffin top. Jeggings have "give." They are the way that curvy girls can be in the skinny jeans trend, wear long fitted shirts, and tuck their jeans in their boots.

    TRUST ME. My body's too bootylicious and I know.

  8. I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans, I am pretty trendy, but I couldn't jump on this bandwagon, mostly because I just couldn't get that baby weight off and now that I have, I bought a pair. I ended up finding a great pair at TJMaxx for $19.99!!!!! woot!! I LOVEEEEEEEE them!! Perfect for my Ugg boots and for the new riding/motorcycle style boots I bought on clearance last spring.

    It is possible you will be seeing a photo of me rocking the jeans with boots on my blog soon, stay posted.

  9. I'm with Nadja! As another curvy girl, I will say that jeggings are cool for us. I just recently bought a pair and I was surprised at how flattering they were. I wore my cowboy boots with them and I must say, I looked fab. They're super comfy because they are so stretchy.

  10. Thank you ladies for your advice!

    I will take these into consideration (especially from the other bootylicious ladies in the group) and I will let you know if I can not only get up the courage to get out of my comfort zone and put my flare style jeans aside but also venture into the world of tight-ass jeans!!

  11. There are high-waisted skinny jeans that help with the muffin top. I'm just sayin'.

  12. I love this post!

    I JUST got my first pair do skinnies and love them. I am on the curvy team and NEVER thiught I could do it. BUT, as ky pointed out, high waisted skinny jeans w some stretch are the way to go.

    Like all have to try on an s-load before you find the right pair. I almost bought a pair for over a hundo....but then found a better pair at tjmaxx for $19.99! Amaze!

    Dark wash...or black. Longer top. Just try it Jenn.....