Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cool Website – Geek’n it Up Today.

So I have been looking for this shirt for T (ok and for myself too) that he has wanted for sometime.

It is called “Out of Nowhere” and is of the DeLorean crashing into the Tardis. The DeLorean is of course from the movie Back to the Future and is a time machine. The Tardis is from the TV show Dr. Who and the Tardis travels through time and space…aka Time Machine. The two crash into each other; you know because they are both time machines!! HA – awesome. I am sure some of you may not understand anything I am saying as I am now speaking in geek….stay with me.

Anywho, I have been looking for this shirt for a loooong time now and have not been able to find any place on the interweb that is selling it. Well this past week on Craig Ferguson it was a Dr. Who special and Chris Hardwick*, who is apparently a huge Dr. Who fan, was on for a bit and wore the shirt we had been looking for! After some quick looking, I found on his twitter account where he got it. HOLLA! (I love the internet!)

So that is why I am here…..I had never heard of this site and I loooove the shirts they have. It is Click HERE.

Here are some of the other shirts.....for people who love a fun t-shirt!

Fresh Cake...In the NUDE!

5 Second Rule

The Binge

Peanut Butter and Jealousy!!

Let's Get Sauced

AWESOME.  There are a bunch more.

The shirts are $15 and my shirt had free standard shipping or next day for $5….suh-weet!  Just don't be stupid like me and leave the shirt you want to give as a Christmas gift out on the couch so your husband can find it. UGH....really Jenn?!?!

* Chris Hardwick, that name sounds familiar? He was the host of MTV's Singled Out. Oh yeah, that’s right!! He is also the host for Web Soup. Well apparently he is a HUGE nerd. WHAT?! Who would have known, not me that is fo sho. I saw him on the above-mentioned Craig Ferguson show so of course I Googled him (yeah, I am naughty). I found his blog HERE. I will now be reading this blog regularly and also add him to my Top 5 list as I do love me a geeky man!


  1. That Delorean shirt is the bomb!

  2. I love the Woot. I could spend hours on that site. :)

    (That shirt ROCKS.)

  3. My neighbor LOVES Woot. He actually emailed that nude cupcake shirt to me because he thought it suited Athena quite well. I'm glad you reminded me because I didn't get it for her birthday, but x-mas HOLLA!!!!

  4. I love woot, I have 4 or 5 shirts from there.

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