Saturday, November 06, 2010


So my parents are in town for the next 4 days! YAY  We have plans to do a little Christmas shopping and just hang out a bit.  I am excited because besides some shopping, we really have no big plans and can just take it easy.  And how are we going to start taking it easy? With these cookies! mmmmmm

My awesome parents brought these cookies from our favorite bakery back home. (sorry camera phone pic)  So right now we are watching TV and eating cookies.  And we are HAPPY.

I almost forgot to post today!  oooops.  Between my parents coming in town, a tastefully simple party K&I did, and cookies....I forgot about the internet.  Whats up with that?!


  1. Since I now know you grew up around Dover/New Phile (which is really close to where I grew up), I have to ask: What bakery do the cookies come from? :)

  2. Litty's Bakery in New Philadelphia. DELICIOUS! We got our wedding cake there. They are SO good and reasonably priced. Every time my parents come up we want cookies from there :) Have you ever been?

  3. I think I've heard of it! Not sure I've ever been there, though. I'll have to ask my mom about it. (You know, come to think of it -- maybe that's where we got OUR wedding cake!)

  4. HAHA! That is awesome :)