Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are SO many things I am thankful for on a daily basis, and today is no different.

Today and Every Day I am thankful for….

Mom & Dad for being such supportive and loving parents.

Terry for keeping me grounded and reminding me to keep things in perspective.

Kristen for being such an amazing sister, friend, and confidante.

ALL of my Family for being your crazy and wonderful selves!

Men and women overseas fighting to protect our country. Please know you are being thought about and I am forever grateful for what you are doing.

The house we live in and that we have a roof over our head.

The food on our table and the family that we get to share it with.

Three ornery and adorable kitties!

Amazing friendships formed through this blog.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. a VERY happy thanksgiving to you and your entire family. ENJOY! : )

  2. Great list!! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I Heart you! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Did you watch Charlie Brown? Athena is now hooked.