Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dearest NaBloPoMo....

Dear NaBloPoMo:

Well it looks like you have come and gone and unfortunately I have succumbed to your mighty power.  You, my friend, are a formidable foe.  Touché NaBloPoMo…..I tip my hat to you sir.

As I look back at this past month (queue music for sappy montage) I must say that we did have some great times together.  You saw me become a red head, you were there when I got a little serious, you laughed with me at my awesome joke, and remember when I made my own NaBloPoMo pictures….yeah, good times.  And even though I did not complete this challenge (only made it to 26 posts in 30 days) the times we did have were so special.  Aw…..such memories. 

And even though this all must come to an end, this past month has rejuvenated the spirit I had when I first started blogging…..and for that Dearest NaBloPoMo, I am grateful.  I have been worrying so much about writing the RIGHT thing, I just forgot to write.  And even though I wish you were not in the month of November (I mean come on….November? Really?!) I still thank you for the last 30 days.  I will never forget you.  Ok I most likely will forget you until someone reminds me of you next year, but do not take it personally as I have the memory of a fly.

Until we meet again NaBloPoMo.
Love Always, Jenn

And to all my fellow bloggers, THANK YOU! 

Thank you for all your comments. Thank you for being such a wonderful support system when sometimes I may be feeling down.   Thank you for your advice & honesty.  Thank you for laughing at my crazy jokes and stories.  Thank you for making ME laugh with your hilarious posts.  Thank you for loving pictures of my cats.  Thank you for sharing pictures of your pets & children (they truly make my day when I see them).  Thank you for giving me something to read, not just because I am bored but because I want to feel connected to friends.  Thank you for being some of the kindest, funniest, and most fantastic people I know (or sorta know). Thank you all for just being you!  I am so happy and I genuinely feel lucky to have this means of which to meet some truly amazing individuals and to be able to connect with you all on a regular basis.  Thank you.

Until 2011.....


  1. I LOVED this. It was so great having you participate.

    I love your cats' faces. And their bodies. Especially their bodies.

  2. I've loved this month SO MUCH!

  3. Aw, this was great! Who cares if you did all 30 days?? It was lovely hearing from you (almost) every day. :) I love that this has gotten all of our bloggy juices flowing (ew)!

  4. wait, "until 2011" ???? are you not posting for 30 days?!

    yay for us!!

  5. HAHA...it did kind of sound like that T.L.! No, you all are not that lucky I will be blogging more so beware! I just will not be doing NaBloPoMo again until next year. ;)

  6. I am laughing so hard at the queue sappy music a la Full House. You kill me!!!

    PS We need to GET WP and go see HP.