Thursday, November 04, 2010

Talk To Me – Let Me See Those Pearly Whites

So I need advice when it comes to getting whiter teeth.  I drink coffee….alot of coffee. Pretty much the only things I drink are water, milk and coffee.  So my teeth are looking a bit stained.  Now, I am not looking for unnaturally white teeth (NOT Dr. A. white for my Owens peeps) or even a dramatic change, just something that will maybe brighten up my teeth a wee bit.

So has anyone tried anything that works that isn’t ridiculously expensive?  Also, keep in mind I have the commitment level of a drunk college boy at a whore house when it comes to keeping with programs.  So if it is something like… "You will see results in 3-4 months if used twice a day”, I’ll tell you right now it is just not happening.

So any suggestions?  Any products you have tried that work?  I don’t mind paying a little more money if I know if works….I just don’t want to throw money away on empty promises of whiter teeth.


  1. I've been an on/off coffee drinker for years. It really changes your teeth fast.

    I drank it a ton before getting married. I stopped around that time and started using Crest Whitestrips to get them white again. They were really white for our wedding.

    Now, with kids, I drink coffee again (have to!). My teeth look awful again. I was just thinking of trying the strips again. I think they have pretty fast results, a week or so you see brightness.

    I've never tried anything else. Not a fan of the crazy fake white teeth.

  2. Ha ha, nobody wants Dr. A. teeth.

  3. I've used Crest Whitestips in the past too, and they did help, without looking fake, fluorescent white.

  4. I have zero advice, except to say that those "whitening" toothpastes are crocks of sh*t, in my experience.

    I applaud you in this venture, though. You are far more ambitious than I!

  5. I hear white strips are the best, but they make my teeth sensitive. I need to stop being a baby and just do it too.

  6. I can't commit to anything either, but the whitestrips were fast and easy... like you! Hey-oh!!!!

  7. HAHA! I see Nadja that my reputation precedes me......PERFECT!

    So it looks like my vanity will win out and crest whitestrips it is!!