Monday, November 29, 2010


We just found out tonight that RUSH will be playing in Toledo at the Huntington Center on April 6, 2011!


Guess who will be trying to get tickets on December 11th when they go on sale?! Yep, T & I! HOLLA

This is one of those bands I would just looooove to say I have seen.

I love this! Language for those watching at work :)


  1. Me too! And Ryan! We should go together.

  2. Um, did you see the PRICE? The cheapest are $293 a piece! Doubt we'll be there. BOO.

  3. Yeah, I saw that but we don't think that is correct. T & I were looking last night and he said those are most likely scalper tickets or something like that and were not from the Official Huntington Center ticket site or Ticketmaster. Unfortunately neither have the tickets showing up yet with prices. However we looked at what tickets were going for at The Palace in MI and in Chicago and the range is from $60-138.

    I am going to check again in a week and see if Ticketmaster puts up the show and prices....I may even call the Huntington Center, but I don't think (or I really really hope) that is not how much they are!!

    I will let you know what I find....if you DO go we should go together!!!

  4. THOSE prices are doable. So keep me posted! (this could make an awesome Christmas gift!)

  5. Totally! T. was like a little kid last night when he saw they were going to be in Toledo. FUN!

  6. Barf. One of the bands that I just hate. I don't like their sound at all.

    But have fun!