Thursday, May 07, 2009

Where did you go Chapstick Brand Spearmint Chapstick?!?!

Three months ago I went to the store to pick up my usual monthly supply of a few tubes of Spearmint flavored Chapstick brand chapstick. I loves me my chapstick and go through it really fast. Over my now 29 years of life (take away a few in the beginning as I was not concerned with the prevention of chapped lips and locking in moisture), I have found the one & only chapstick that I adore and I truly do not like to use anything else. So it was a bit of a surprise when I went to the back of my local grocers and didn’t see the Spearmint flavored Chapstick in its usual spot. I actually reached out to grab it and it was gone. After a mildly frantic look through ALL the chapsticks on the rack, I came to the reluctant conclusion that it wasn’t there. I then thought maybe they were out in this section of the store and so as I made my way to the checkout I casually perused each checkout aisle, as that is a good place to find the chapstick, but nothing. “WHAT?!” After another brief panic attack I composed myself and picked up an original* barf chapstick just to get me by.

Now for the last 3 months I have been keeping an eye out for my favorite chapstick when I go to different stores and for the last three months it is no where to be found. I have gone to my usual grocery hangouts: Rite-Aid, Meijer and Walmart but alas no Spearmint flavored Chapstick brand chapstick anywhere. They have original*, cherry, vanilla, vanilla mint, strawberry, even the pink breast cancer tubes of chapstick (I wonder what flavor that one is) – but the spearmint is gone. As I have now become very worried about this I decided to go to their website and see if they had (dare I even think it) discontinued that flavor! Well, as of 1:34 p.m. on this Thursday, May 7, 2009 it is still on their website…phew!!!

But that still doesn’t explain the unusual disappearance of the product off the shelves. I do have a couple theories, though. Like maybe Terry buys out all the spearmint chapstick in Bowling Green on a weekly basis as some cruel practical joke to play on me because I like to schmear this stuff on my lips and then when Terry kisses me he gets mint flavored chapstick all over his lips. I don't see the big deal, his lips need moisture too. Or maybe it is some government cover-up because that particular chapstick contains something supernatural that the government doesn’t want us “common folk” to be exposed too. Or maybe there are some little chapstick trolls that have taken a liking to this flavor and now they are out taking all of them off the shelves at night. Whatever it is, I am on to yous and let me say this…I need it man, I am jones'n and need that spearmint flavored!!! (just breathe Jenn)

I still have a couple more stores to check out in BG, but if still nothing I am going to be expanding this search into the greater Perrysburg/Toledo area. However, IF you are out and at a store or checkout and just happen to see the lovely Spearmint flavored Chapstick brand chapstick (pictured above) PLEASE tell me which store! I have been trying some of the other flavors and they do not even compare to the awesomeness of the spearmint. Maybe I will take out a Craigs List add to find my chapstick. That might work.

UPDATE: As of 7:46 p.m. on this Thursday, May 7, 2009 it is still on their website. Again, PHEW.

*What kind of flavor is original?!?! Original isn't a flavor unless they are referring to the fact that it is the "original" flavor of this wax product. I don't like it, you can't have a flavor called original.


  1. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Check Big Lots or Odd Lots. In the chance they are discontinuing it, ( said CHANCE, I'm staying optimistic for you), you might find it there. Same thing happened to me and toilet duck, toilet bowl cleaner. Same as in, discontinued, I don't apply it to my lips. :)

    Aimless Oasis' S-I-L

  2. is there any way to order it online in bulk or something?! i'd hate to see you have to deal with the loss of your favorite chapstick!

  3. The Girl says that when she was 3 she ate her Dad's cherry chapstick.

  4. This post cracked me up. I will make it my mission to find your Chapstick!

  5. Did you find it online?

  6. TL & Iris - Yeah, they sell it online, but it costs more and I am sure my husband will pull out the "Really, Are You Serious?" bit from SNL Weekend Updates if he knows I am ordering it online.

    Anon - thanks for your comment!! Big Lots is a great idea, I am going there tonight. And if I find it there I am buying as many as I can, just in case...(eek) And I am glad you clarified about the toilet duck cleaner ;) hehe

    A. - Thank you!

    Sprite, tell your Girl I want to eat this :)

  7. chelle7:54 AM

    man, i live in eastern ct and i never knew they made spearmint chapstick. all these years ive been using cherry because its the only lip balm that doesnt taste nasty. but i looooove spearmint. so ive been looking for it online in bulk. ebay has some. but chapstick from ebay makes me nervous. otherwise its 2 bucks a tube on oy vey >.<

  8. I am about to email the people at about this. I have been all over town this weekend to find the ONLY flavor of chapstick that works for my lips: Spearmint, and it is no where to be found! It isn't even on the web site. I have found other sites you can bulk order from. This is ridiculous!

  9. Oh and PS, I live in Cleveland/Akron.

  10. I just bought 8 of them at They are $.95 cents each there, and $6 for shipping :-) That should last me a good year!

  11. Oh my god, I'm in the same boat. I've been looking for mint chapstick for like, a year. I don't know where it's gone. I can't find it anywhere. ): I am so disappointed! I've been dealing with cherry chapstick for a while, but it sucks.

  12. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I just bought it a week ago from Walgreens. You should check online or go to your local Walgreens. It's back in the capstick section right by all the medications.

  13. Anonymous12:08 PM

    See Walgreens....=)

    It's on sale right now 2 for 2.00 you can't beat that. And they have a button for you to find it in a store.

  14. As a hardcore Spearmint Chapstick addict, I'm really glad I found these posts about its dissappearance from stores. I live in St. Louis, MO and I can tell you that NONE of the major big box or grocery or pharmacy chains carry this flavor seems like they stopped about time of your first post. They all carry other Chapstick flavors, and some other crummy brand of mint.

    To anyone reading this, I want to invite you to be a part of something pretty cool...that is, we are going to launch the "spearmint chapstick conspiracy theory" or "urban legend" if you prefer. This has the potential to go viral worldwide. Whose behind the plot? What is their motive? Could it be something sinister...or an ingenious ploy to incite this kind of viral publicity?!!

    I'm starting some sort of a Facebook page to get the ball rolling tonight! Are you on board? Post here, and do search FB in a day or so.

    We WILL get to the bottom of this.


  15. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I buy it in a 3 pack at Target but I only use that one tube of spearmint...Its is seriously the best chapstick ever....I would go crazy if they discontinued it....It only comes on the 3 pack though and its only stocked near the cash registers....It is like a lip-gasum when you put it on..I love it.....I hope u locate some and I found a website where u cab order 10 tubes for $12....

  16. Meredith7:18 PM

    well im goin through the same thing! Where did our chapstick go!!! the stores ive always got it in here in north carolina still have the spot for the mint chapstick all around the other flavors. the other flavors are well stocked but the speramint flavor is completely gone. and yes i overed 24 tubes for $33 on line from some retailer because for some stupid reason cant buy it from anyways we all need to contact chapstick and let them know about our problem!

  17. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I've been using spearmint chapstick for over 30 years and my husband and I and our three kids use it continually throughout the day. I keep it in my purse, on my desk, on my nightstand, attached to my keychain. I can't find it either. We've searched all of central Kentucky. I am actually online to get a contact number for Chapstick so that I can let them know I need it. We're using the peppermint in the meantime. I found a spearmint chapstick in my coat pocket just a few weeks ago and my lips were rejoicing when I put it on. There's just nothing like mint chapstick.

  18. I just bought 24 tubes for $31 on Amazon because I was tired of hoping I would find them packaged any other way than a 3 pk with 2 flavors I don't want.

  19. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I cant find it either. It is driving me crazy. I find it in the 3 pack with cherry and regular. I want MINT!