Friday, May 08, 2009

Put Cough Syrup In Front of Me And I Revert Back to a 5 Year-Old

A Co-worker brought in some Robitussin cough syrup to help break up the congestion I have and help my cough. The minute I smelled it I instantly remembered having to take this stuff as a child and just how much I hated it. I had to psych myself up into taking it... why couldn’t I just be an adult and take the stupid medicine without making a big deal and making the funny faces both before and after. I mean I really felt like running into another room yelling “NOOOOOO! You can’t make me take this medicine. I don’t CARE if I get better!” Then throwing myself on the floor with my hands over my mouth.

I refrained from doing that (as I don’t know when they vacuumed last) and took the damn medicine. And just as I remembered, that stuff still tastes absolutely horrible. True, it works great….but you think they could make it taste better!


  1. I totally still hold my nose while I take any type of liquid medicine and then wash it down (while still holding my nose) with water right after that. I think it TOTALLY helps you not taste it AS much.

    And, yes, I am still 4....

    And, yes, I realize if I wash it down with water right after I take the medicine it will probably not work as effectively....

  2. Stuff is nasty!

    I'd rather be sick.

  3. i also STILL plug my nose if i am forced to take cough medicine. i do not blame you one bit for acting childish. you would think that modern medicine would lead us to the point where the medicine didn't taste all that bad??