Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Little Thirsty, Perhaps.

So after work today I decided I was in the mood for something to drink other then the water I drink all day long. I went over to Sonic to try some of their fun drinks I have heard so much about. Now I have only been to Sonic a couple times, so I am not really familiar with all the drink options available to me. Since I was not familiar and this was a spur of the moment trip (Had I known I would have totally done my research at work prior to going) I felt I was under some pressure to see how quickly I could skim their selections and order a drink so to not be THAT person who pulls up to a drive through, has no idea what they want, and takes forever.

So after just a mild delay from rushing so the line of cars behind me didn’t get angry, I opted on the Strawberry Limeade*. After I ordered they said that I could upgrade my drink for free; I wasn't paying attention as I was still going through all the drinks available on their menu and said sure. However, had I known what I know now, I would have passed on their very generous offer. Seriously, THIS is what they handed me, a 44 ounce vat of strawberry limeade…straw included.

WHAT?!?! Do people really drink all this?

I can not believe how flipp’n big this is, ridiculous.

So when I got home I lugged the 36 of the 44 ounce beverage I bought to the kitchen counter and I began to think of all the things in my kitchen that are similar in size….just to give an idea of just how big this drink is.

A 64 ounce container of Pickles. (Why do we have so many pickles, because we loves them!)

A 48 ounce container of Vegetable Oil.

A gallon of milk.

A 64 ounce container of Ketchup (not to be confused with catsup).

Even Belle who loves to get into everything, didn't know what to think about this gigantic foam container!

So consider this your warning. If you are parched and in the mood for a beverage, this is probably your best bet. But if you are just a little thirsty, perhaps you just want to wet your whistle, I would go with the small.

*The strawberry limeade was good, but a little too sweet for me. I will try another one next time I go. Any suggestions?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just A Mindless Blog for a Friday Afternoon

Remember when you were younger and you would take the big JcPenny’s or Sears catalog and go through and circle everything you wanted from it? I loved doing that then and at the age of 29 I still enjoy doing that. When I get magazines in the mail I totally enjoy going through and marking everything I want. I know I may never get anything I circle, but it is fun to dream and have my very own wish list of things that one day we may buy.

So that is what I am doing in this post today, "circling" my favorite items from one of my favorite store as i just felt like sharing...and as my husband tells me sharing is caring :) My inspiration comes from the email ads from Williams-Sonoma I get every few days and their magazine I get every other month. I LOVE this store, even though I think I only have ever bought one or two small items from them. It is one of those places when I am in there or looking at the magazine I say; “I wish I had that, I want THAT, I NEED that”, on every other item I come across. I do have a strong LOVE of all things kitchen/dining related. Terry would say too much of a love as we have no more room for anything kitchen related.

Here is my “wish list” IF we had the money to splurge (you know from the lottery we are going to win). I didn’t put any kitchen gadgets as I want every gadget I come across.


Lausanne Flatware, I LOVE this flatware! A great oversized flatware done in a European style. I love nice, heavy silverware and this looks very simple, sturdy and stylish.

Espresso Cups. I have wanted a nice set of Espresso cups and saucers for awhile. Not like I am drinking espresso a lot, but we do have an old espresso machine and it is not the same drinking espresso in an 8oz coffee mug! Plus these are just simple and cute.

Grated Cheese Server!! Um, what do I need to say about this other then it is for CHEESE! Seriously, I want this. You can easily pass cheese around the table then scoop it out with the cute little scoop, Awesome. This is too perfect.

Glass Tea Pot. I saw this and fell in love with it. This partly hand-blown traditional tea-pot allows you to see your tea steeping. “Once it reaches the desired strength, press the plunger of its infuser to instantly halt the brewing process, preventing the tea from tasting bitter.” Very cool.

Frozen Margarita Machine – Um, did you see this thing?! So I ask, why would you NOT want one of these. It is just really really really cool.

Pancake Fan. I know you can get one similar at Big Lots for $19.99 (and I actually might just get one) but I just think these are great and I would love one. I even wrote a blog about these awhile back. Mini pancake puffs is just wonderful enough, but then you can fill them with chocolate, fruit, or cream – amazing.

Copper Dutch Oven. I am a big fan of the look of copper in the kitchen. We want to get a copper backsplash in our kitchen and I would love some copper pots one day to go with that. I am a big fan of this style.

Soup Tureen. Ok, this is going out there a little bit for me but I am strangely attracted to it, birds and all. My taste in dinnerware and serving dishes is very simple. All our stuff is black and white. I like the simplistic look of food on uniquely shaped white serving dishes mixed with a few black ones. However, this hand painted piece of art is just gorgeous and interesting to look at, and who wouldn’t want to serve soup in a flipp'n tureen like this at their next dinner party?! I for one would LOVE to.

Ok, these are my favorite things, just as I would have circled them in the latest Williams-Sonoma Magazine!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Review – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

We went last night and saw the new Transformers movie and I must say, ignore the stupid reviews you read about it being a bad movie …..unless what they mean is BADASS!

Seriously, the movie was awesome!

It is not winning any awards for best acting or best screenplay, DUH, just take it for the big budget summer movie it is meant to be. Lots of action mixed with a good amount of humor, big explosions, great special effects and GIANT robots (in disguise)!

I have been asked if it is better than the first. I will say it is bigger and there are more robots and I think I liked it alot better then the first but I have only seen this once and I have seen the first over 50 times (seriously, whenever it is on TV I watch it). But I really did love it, a lot.

Go. See it. In a BIG theater. And don’t drink too much during the movie as it is 2 ½ hours but worth every minute.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Facebook Username: Yay or Nah?

So today on my facebook home page this box with different profile usernames showed up.

As I am not as familiar with FB (or most networking sites/technology in general) I thought I would ask the more FB savvy individuals out there what the point of this was.

1. Do I HAVE to have a FB username?
2. What is the point/benefit to having one?
3. Would I then use that as my login username?
4. Is it better just to stick with you email?

I appreciate your answers, as FB was unable to provide any to me :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Own You Now; You Are MINE!

(knock on wood with everything I am about to say in this post)

So last week I made the very last payment on the first car I ever bought.



I am seriously thrilled about this, no more car payment and to actually OWN something is very exciting! It was funny when I made the last payment it said: “Congratulations, you have paid off your loan. What is next? Talk to your local Honda dealer about trade-in deals on new cars!” Um, yeah riiiiiiight. I am good. Thank you.

Five years ago, at the young age of 24, I purchased my VERY first car all by myself and not a day has gone by where I have been disappointed with this purchase. I seriously LOVE this car. I bought a 2002 Gold Honda Accord. It has leather seats, 6 disc CD player, Sun/Moon roof, and is just awesome. Plus because it was a lease car prior I got a suh-weeeet deal on it. This car has been wonderful to us and I am hoping it will continue to be wonderful to us for many more years. (again, knock on wood)

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I test drove this car and within an hour I was driving off the lot in my new car, but SO much has happened in the 5 years since I signed those papers. There are fun memories, conversations, places visited, new jobs, friends - all associated with our car. It is funny to think about some of the fun things that happened while I had my car. I have also learned alot of situational lessons the past 5 years while in this car. Here are just a few lessons learned:

- Lesson #1: Dressing appropriately for driving. After our wedding T&I drove out a few miles to Amish country to go to our hotel. Terry was pretty drunk so I drove, however I had to drive in my big wedding dress. Because my dress was big and in the way, Terry had to hold down my wedding dress all the way there so I could see and reach the steering wheel while I drove. It was actually fun, but probably not the safest! Lesson learned: When driving in a huge dress (or other crazy outfits) either bring a change of clothes or have someone there to lend a helping hand. :)

- Lesson #2: Purchasing items that do not fit in your car. Mickey D. & I went to Pier 1 after work once. (big mistake for her, hehe) I purchased a papasan chair which I SWORE would fit in my car. Not so much. I had to get bungee cords and strap that sucker in there. It took us awhile to get that chair in my car and then I drove 35 mph from Perrysburg to BG. Lesson learned: Make sure if you are purchasing a very large item you are 100% positive there is room in the car for said item, otherwise do not purchase item at that time. Or just bring an unsuspecting friend to help you.

- Lesson #3: Purchasing a large item that may fit in your car but is problematic because you have alot of people and too much crap in your car. My sister, Terry & I went to look for Christmas trees. Terry was convinced that even though we were suppose to be just looking and not buying that even if we bought a tree there would be no problem transporting the tree IN my car back to the house. So we bought a Christmas tree. Now our car does have a fold down back seat, but still it was a BIG tree and my car is smaller and I had event stuff in the trunk and oh yeah, we had my sister in the back! After spending a good amount of time in the cold and lets just call them "discussions" between T & I of figuring out how to stuff the tree into my car and the best way to strap the tree down we finally got the tree secured in my car. It was part in the back seat, part in the trunk and a little hanging out of the car. Oh and we still managed to have my sister also stuffed in the back seat under the tree (we thought about just leaving her, so that was a good thing for her we found room). We finally drove home at a snails pace, at night, in the freezing cold of December, which made a difference since we had to have the trunk open. Lesson Learned: Lets just say T & I will never take my car to purchase a christmas tree again and now we use a truck to move the tree or other very large items.

- Lesson #4: Acting like an idiot in your car with someone around to witness it. My sister drove me home from my Bachelorette party. I was in a really good mood on the way home and didn’t hide it. My sister claims I enjoyed messing around with the sunroof. Let’s just say alcohol, being hyper, lots of buttons/dials to mess with in your car, and a sun roof is not a good combination. :) Lesson learned: Don't hang your arms out of the sunroof and mess around with everything in your car after you have been drinking as you may not remember acting like a goofball but the sober driver sure will.

- Lesson #5: Traveling with animals. So we had to move from our Apt. to our new house and it was finally time to move the cats. It was only about a 5 minute drive to our house so no biggie right?! Terry had a truck full of stuff and I was going to take the cats in my car. We decided to do it at 11:30 at night, so there was less traffic. We only had one carrier so we put little Belle (as she HATES traveling) in the carrier. She meowed, no, howled liked she was in extreme pain the entire way which is no big deal, just annoying. We let Sebastian (the 17 pound cat) “sit” on my lap. The only way I could keep him on my lap was to have the window down a bit, ah nice cool night time December air, refreshing. He enjoyed the car ride but felt it necessary to have his claws out for the entire trip. OUCH. Then less then a mile from the house he decided he didn’t like my window and wanted to check out all the other windows, and the floor, and the back seat, and Belle, and anything else in the car. It is SO hard to keep on your lap a 17 pound cat with claws and teeth that he will use to get what he wants, while also trying to drive at night in snowy weather. He got loose a couple times in the car and since no one was around I managed to stop and pick him up as he was making his way to the back seat. He started getting angry so he started howling as well. It was music to my ears with those two cats, thank goodness I have a great radio in my car. When I got to our house, I was all clawed up. Lesson learned: Do NOT travel without both cats securely in their respective carriers.

You know, even after 5 years I still LOVE my car and want to keep it as long as possible. It is only 7 years old and I am really hoping that as it is a Honda we have a number of years left on the car. I am excited to think what fun we will have the next few years in this car!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day to our Dad!!
(This is a pic of our dad from his birthday a couple years ago or maybe this is just a regular Saturday night....not sure)

Dad we love you so much! You are totally the coolest Dad (that goes without saying) and absolutely hilarious! But more then that you have help raised Kristen and I to be such strong, smart and independent women. Thank you for ALL that you have done and for being such a wonderful father to us. We love you SO very much!!

And in honor of both Father's Day & Mother's Day, mom and dad came into town for the weekend. Saturday mom, K, and I went to the Spa to enjoy just a little pampering and girl time. After that we baked a peach pie and then got ready for a crawfish boil!! For those who are not familiar a crawfish boil is LOADS of fun. Our family LOVES New Orleans and cajun/creole food. So, after cooking everything in a bunch of spices we throw everything on a table covered with newspaper. The feast includes crawfish, shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob. Then you just dig in with your hands, drink alcohol and have fun! (it isn't for everyone, K's bf got to see that first hand...he was SUCH a good sport!)

Our parents ordered crawfish straight from New Orleans and had them delivered Saturday. Below are a few pics from Saturday, but once we started eating I stopped taking pictures....so I only have PRE-crawfish boil. Oh well - it was delicious!!

We made a peach pie for the weekend! I may not like pie, but I do like baking them with my mom and sis.

We had the table for the crawfish boil all set up out in the garage.

The beverage station, we made Bahama Mama's...yum!

I had place settings with a napkin, crawfish boil bib (the girls wore them, the men didn't want to), and Mardi Gras beads!

The crawfish!! I know, not appetizing to everyone, but it is seriously delicious.

What a great weekend!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just A Good Day

I love those days where everything is relaxed and it is just a really good day. We sometimes get so caught up in things and get so busy we overlook days where there is nothing too exciting to do, no real crazy/funny story to tell, no getting upset at stupid people, no rushing to get things done; just a good and calm day.

Why was today great, well…

- I woke up to a clean house. We had a friend in town Thursday, and so I cleaned this week therefore no cleaning this weekend.

- My sister got us Starbux this morning. Really, these first two things are enough to make for a pretty great day.

- My sister and I went to Bath & Body Works where we managed to save over 55% on the items we purchased. Eight items for $29 (that included tax) um bitch’n

- Went to Kohls and I found a cute summer purse. I am not really a bright colored flowery person, typically it is black and plain neutrals...but the green caught my eye and I was in the mood for something different. Plus it was on sale (65% off) and then I had a gift card so the purse was free!

- Got to move everything from my old purse to my new purse. Now I know this is totally dorky, but I LOVE when you get a new purse and get to reorganize everything in your new one. What, that is just me?! I am ok with that.

- Lunch with my sister and watched some brain candy reality TV. (we love doing this!)

- Made some blueberry streusel muffins from scratch and the entire house smelled delicious. When Terry came home from work he instantly smelled the baking muffins and went to look at them. His response, “Blueberry streusel muffins, Fuck’n A right. Those look awesome.” That was the exact response I was going for.

- While my hubby and the cats napped on the couch I did some crocheting and watched a movie.

- I am now off to the craft store to get some yarn for this crochet slouch hat I want to make.

- And as we enter the evening, we are just going to have dinner and watch TV.

My new purse

The muffins I made :)

Yep, today is a good day. ;)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Talk To Me....

So I read an article that Apple has cut the price of their original iPhone to $99 due to the release of two newer versions due out later this month. The newer versions will sell for $199 and $299.

So questions:

With the drop of the iPhone price would you consider purchasing the original model?

If you are an owner of an iPhone do you think that it is now worth getting one at this lower price or was it totally worth getting one no matter what the price?

Do you think the original has too many bugs and it is better to up grade to the newer version/s?

Do you have absolutely no interest at all in getting an iPhone?

Please share your thoughts on the phone!!

What You DON'T Want to See at your Local Grocers

T & I were standing in line at Subway at Walmart when we saw something very, um, interesting.

This lady, who was most likely in her late 50's and about 40-50 pounds overweight came into walmart in nothing more then a too tight tankini. Yep, she was just wearing flip-flops and her swimsuit. No shorts, no cover up, no modesty...NOTHING other then a flipp'n tankini.

First thing I said....GROSS (in Napoleon Dynamite's voice of course)

Swimsuits with no cover-ups: An inappropriate “outfit” for anyone to wear to stores since, forever!

Yep, only at Walmart.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just A Nice Story

So I read this story on Yahoo.com today. A Pastor in Alabama gave envelopes containing anywhere between $20-$100 to the 2,000 congregants of the church totally $50,000. The catch is that the individuals could not spend it on themselves and could not donate it back to the church. They had to give it to someone who needed the money. "The reason behind it was simple. We wanted our people to turn around and bless somebody."

I must say, I like this.

First, helping others is an amazing thing and giving $50,000 to people in need is awesome; plus you are also giving people the chance to give to others, even if they themselves may not be in the position to help others. Sure there are people who may say well what if they just keep it for themselves or give it to a family member who doesn’t REALLY need it. I say, if I am getting money from my church with instructions to give to someone in need….you can bet my Catholic ass I will not be keeping that money!! If I am at the metaphorical “gates of heaven” and St. Peter is going through my rap sheet of sins, I do not want on there; pocketed $50 and spent on a new pair of shoes instead of giving to a homeless man so he could have food for the next couple weeks.

I mean how do you talk your way out of that one?! "So like, yeah, I was going to give that person money but as I was about to hand it over I saw this sale and it was just too good to pass up....I saved 45% and the shoes were fabulous. Come on Peter, cut me some slack....you are not perfect, how many times did you deny Jesus again?!?! We all make our mistakes!"

Oh HEEEEEELL no. I may questions alot of things about my religion, but I am not going to be stealing from the church anytime soon!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Um, Awkward......

T.W.I.T. had showed us on her website about awkward family photos. I would like to add this photo to the site. Now first, I am sorry I am putting a picture of the Jonas Brothers on my blog, I do hope my loyal readers can forgive me for this. However, as I was scrolling through eonline.com I came across this picture and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable and thought it would be a good addition to the Awkward Family Photos webiste.

The picture would be the Jonas Brothers holding up their mother for a Good Housekeeping photo shoot they did.

Here are the reasons why I think this photo is awkward:

-All four of those people just look uncomfortable.
-The one son is a little too close to (and by too close to I mean touching) his mothers under boobie*.
-Even though the mom is a small person, it looks like they are having difficulty holding her up because of the way the boys are holding her.
-The khaki pants look ugly & stupid.
-I think the middle brother has his eyes shut?
- The bunched up yellow shirt and the bunched up dress bother me! I just want to go and straighten them out.
- I have no idea what the point of this picture is, thus it is just awkward.

*I love saying boobies, I totally giggle like a 12 year old boy when I say it. heehee

I Was Just Thinking...

....I think (and have always thought) Nancy Reagan is just lovely. Strong, beautiful, smart, kind....seriously just a lovely person. I want to give her a hug, but just a little hug as she is so incredibly tiny.

Ok, that's all.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Want That!

Have you ever seen the show, I Want That! on Fine Living Network?

"See how new technologies keep you connected and entertained, while others can improve your house's energy efficiency, saving money and resources. Whether you're actually in the market or just daydreaming, I Want That! is your guide to the unique innovations, high-tech gadgets, and newest design trends that make your home more stylish, fun, and efficient!"

T & I LOVE watching this show. We like seeing the completely ridiculous items out there people buy (like THIS) and the completely awesome things we want. Here are some Featured Items from the show. There are some great gift ideas, we actually have a few ideas for Christmas this year. There is also I Want That! Kitchens, I Want That! Baths, and I Want That! Tech Toys.

Watch this. I guarantee you will say I Want That at least once.