Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Facebook Username: Yay or Nah?

So today on my facebook home page this box with different profile usernames showed up.

As I am not as familiar with FB (or most networking sites/technology in general) I thought I would ask the more FB savvy individuals out there what the point of this was.

1. Do I HAVE to have a FB username?
2. What is the point/benefit to having one?
3. Would I then use that as my login username?
4. Is it better just to stick with you email?

I appreciate your answers, as FB was unable to provide any to me :)


  1. while i don't know if we MUST have a FB user name, i do know that I'm resisting for as long as possible. i don't need/want another user name. so until FB tells me i HAVE to do it, i'm not doing it.

    yeah, i'm a rebel like that. :)

  2. So far is all that you can do with a user name is go to somebodies page, i.e. type in
    and it would bring up your page.
    Great if you are linking from your blog or some other place. You can't log in with it, don't know if that will change. Don't know if there is any other benefits.

  3. I just use my name - I think that's easier.

    Plus, I hardly get on facebook. I blog about 8 times as much as I facebook!

  4. I keep ignoring mine as well. I will wait till they make me do it.

  5. I broke down and used the FB username. My e-mail address I used for FB was much too long. Not that my username is any shorter, it's just more convenient.

  6. Thanks, I think I to will just wait until I have to do it. I already have WAY too many username/password combinations I can not remember...I do not need another one!