Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I Want That!

Have you ever seen the show, I Want That! on Fine Living Network?

"See how new technologies keep you connected and entertained, while others can improve your house's energy efficiency, saving money and resources. Whether you're actually in the market or just daydreaming, I Want That! is your guide to the unique innovations, high-tech gadgets, and newest design trends that make your home more stylish, fun, and efficient!"

T & I LOVE watching this show. We like seeing the completely ridiculous items out there people buy (like THIS) and the completely awesome things we want. Here are some Featured Items from the show. There are some great gift ideas, we actually have a few ideas for Christmas this year. There is also I Want That! Kitchens, I Want That! Baths, and I Want That! Tech Toys.

Watch this. I guarantee you will say I Want That at least once.

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