Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Henry – 38 weeks…..Picture Overload!

(I realize you are probably getting tired of only pictures of Henry on this here blog.  I am not fishing for comments, I just enjoy sharing.  Plus, I like keeping a record of his changes as I am horrible at writing it down in a book!)


Oh Henry. 

My sweet but stubborn, funny but short-tempered little boy.

Oh how you really are developing a personality and showing it on a daily basis.  (In both good ways and in not so good ways!)

You have started expressing yourself and feelings.  Or perhaps it is you realizing you have feelings that can be expressed.  But either way you go from dancing and being silly with mommy to grunting at me and swinging your arms at me.  One minute you are playing with the nose sucker because that is the only way we can keep your hands off your junk long enough for us to change your diaper then the next minute you throw the nose sucker, yell and grab my hands because you do not want me touching you to put your diaper on.  Or perhaps you are enjoying a delicious dinner and happy and then you decide you are going to “spit” the food out of your mouth and play with it and are mad when I want to clean up.  

And so it begins…..

The word frustration has been big in our house recently as we all seem to be experiencing it! Overall you are a very even tempered and pleasant baby, but a little attitude has definitely started.  If you want to do something (like get out of your cage) or don’t want us to do something (like wash your face!) or we take something away that you want (like the remotes) then you get frustrated. And while you may look 100% like your daddy, unfortunately you have my temper and short fuse……I am sorry.  And when you get frustrated you do what we call “hulk hands”.  This is where you put your hands in the air; bring them down together with force and yell/growl/grunt….depending on the level of frustration.


I try to get pictures of this, but you have this thing that as soon as I get the camera out you stop, smile, and try to make your way towards the camera. 

Wanting the camera progression.....

"Iz cominges for yooz!"

 "Iz almostes heres, mummeez!"

"Iz wantses da flashes ting, pleeze!"


I have come close a few times, but pretty much this is as close as I get with frustrated Henry.

 He just did "hulk hands" in these two pictures

But we have been very lucky with you in that you are a wonderful and VERY happy baby and this is just, what I can assume, is part of growing up and learning to express your feelings.  I hope!

Besides that, what else is new?!?!

Well, you are standing ALL THE TIME now.

 I know, you can’t believe it either!!

You very much prefer being vertical and cruising around any and all objects.  This was an issue for 3 weeks or so after you first learned how to stand.  You would wake yourself up in the middle of the night and stand then CRY CRY CRY because you wouldn’t sit yourself back down.  We all lost lots of sleep during that first month while you adjusted to standing….but now, we seem to be back on track!! PHEW!

Everything MUST be in your mouth.  You still have no teeth nor any sign of teeth, but that is ok!  You are drooling and chewing on everything you can find.

 (He just licked me.  He likes to lick things before he puts them in his mouth.  Toys, clothes, feet.....yeah, I know.  I have told him countless times just how gross the last one is!)

We also have been hanging out outside….which means swimming and sun!!  You love playing outside and being in the grass.  You also love the water and being in the water.  And climbing out of the water, so that you can climb back IN the water!

Throw the toy out..... look at the toy outside the pool.

Finally, you are SO expressive.  The faces you make CRACK us UP!  I could just have a camera on you all day to catch all the faces you make.  You are silly and fun and going to be a ham.....and I LOVE THAT!!

"Watcha talk'n bout, lady?!"

Baby Zoolander face.
Love this smile!
Trying not to smile
Iz getses yooz!
Love this photo and it was just by chance I got this face!

This is what we call his Muppet face....because, well he looks like a Muppet!

Ok, not a face....but look how he sleeps! Butt in the air. heehee
He climbs on me 90% of the evening....every evening.
Come on....these two are one in the same!

Oh my bring me so much happiness and I love you so very very much!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo Contest – WANT TO VOTE FOR OUR SON?!

Yes, I have entered our son into a photo contest. (HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?!?!)

Yes, I feel a little silly about it.

Yes, I think he could totally win! (Of course I do)

But to do so…..he needs your votes!!

If you happen to have a few minutes free in your day (and over the next week until May 27th) and are trying to figure out what to do....please click on the link below or click HERE and vote for Henry and ignore the other hundreds of cute kids!

Henry thanks you all and promises when he is a famous baby model he will not forget everyone who helped him to get there.  

I am so that mom.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Mother’s Day

I loved my first Mother’s Day. 

There were no gifts; just a cookie monster card.

No fancy meal; just some tasty Mexican food.

The day was pretty much like any other Sunday in our house.  Henry & I played outside a bit while T. was at work.  Henry & I shared a bunch of cuddles, smooches, and smiles. 

Mixed in with the happy times there were also some grouchy times and it wasn’t all perfect (like when someone got up at 7am!) but that is why the day was PERFECT.

The day symbolized our new life as a family and my new role as a mother.  A role that I could have never truly imagined just how much it would change my life.  A role that I will happily take through both the grouchy times and the happy times.  A role that I am honored to have.

It was another reminder that THIS is my life now. And I love it. 

EVERY single day is special to me and I am so thankful to be Henry’s mommy.

I have days that are frustrating as a mommy and days that are easy.  But no matter what, nothing changes the fact that this little boy is my son and I am his mother and he is THE BEST thing that has come into our life. 

Mother’s Day, like every day to come, makes me appreciate how lucky I am to have this special little man in my life.

 Outside on Mother's Day

 He is being ornery....see what he is doing with his hands!!

And to my own Mom.  You know this and it goes without saying but I will say it anyways….I love you and you are an amazing mother.  I appreciate now more than ever all the sacrifices you have made for me, especially early on and I will forever be grateful for everything.  Thank you for being such a wonderful mother.