Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Camera Phone Pics

So because my phone was new a new model in I think 2006 and I have had this phone for well over 3 years my camera phone is not the best nor does it have great memory so this weekend was that monthly time to delete the old camera phone pictures to make way for the new ones!

So I decided to share.  Enjoy!

(While I am not sorry for constantly shoving pictures of my son on everyone who wants to look at my blog, I am sorry for not having more blog posts other than him.  I swear I have some coming up, I just have not had time to finish them....but they are coming!  Until then, you just get more pictures of my 8 month old darling boy!)

 Going for a walk!

 His favorite place to be....because he gets to eat PUFFS and cheese!!

Mr. Smiles. 

Bath time is his second favorite place to be.....what a ham for the camera. 

Mom, really again with the camera.....I must concentrate when eating puffs. 

 Look at his belly :)

This is how we now find him when he is in his crib.  
Where is my tiny little boy?!  Not in this bed! 

Just so you don't think he is always happy.....proof that he does have an attitude and gets angry!  Believe me when I say I see this face EVERY night, especially when he doesn't get his way or is tired. 
(Look at that pout!!)

We are going through the "must always be touching mommy or else I cry" phase.  sigh

I love seeing what he does in the video monitor.....
 ALWAYS standing now.

Sitting up and then falling asleep in the sitting position.....heehee!

Another falling asleep in sitting position!

Daddy and Henry!


  1. He's so expressive! Love seeing these photos!!

    1. It is funny seeing how expressive he is, I think he is going to be a goofy kid :)

  2. These photos are fantastic!

    Um, I love all of the smiles, but the fifth one down is fantastic. I love that devilish grin.

    And that belly!

    And I love the "behind closed doors" monitor shots. Aren't those always fun? Who sleeps sitting up?

    1. Some of my favorite photos of him are the ones that are not smiles but where he is making these silly faces!

      And yes, it is so funny watching him on the monitor. Your suggestion to get a video one was the best suggestion!

      (Since learning how to sit up on his own he is now always sleeping like that....how is that comfy?! Silly child.)

  3. I love his grumpy face. So how did you go from him only napping on you to napping in his crib? It's not going well over here...how old was H?

    We should set them up to play some time!

    1. Grumpy face is the best! I can't catch it on camera that often because as soon as he sees the camera he stops making the face :)

      I will email you! It has been rough this past week and we are in the middle of changing his schedule, but I am hoping he gets back on track SOON.

      (And yes, we totally NEED to set them on a play date!)

  4. Henry = very cute.

    1. Thanks! And he already likes metal music and sci-fi.....this kid is going to be awesome ;)