Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holy Crap…..I Have Red-ish Hair!

So I have wanted red hair for a long time, but my lovely husband said I would not look good with red hair.  Pssshht. I would tell him I have a very fair complexion and light green eyes so it may work with red hair, to which he tells me nope and that I don’t have the right features. Whatever.

So of course I did what every good wife does…..try to prove my husband wrong by dying my hair red!  I decided to go with a light red brown hair color from Sally’s Beauty instead of pure red. (I use Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Crème….LOVE it.)

Here is the dull mousey brown hair that I so desperately wanted to get rid of. (Blech, really bad picture! Love the circles under my eyes and crap two-tone do people let me go out in public this?!)

Here is the noticeably different Auburn hair I went with. (Very red in this picture when it is straight around my face.)

Slightly different look to the color and looks a bit better styled back like this.

It is very different, and I am still getting use to it….but I have to say I am liking it. It turned out more auburn, which is what I like and really wanted then straight up red.  I think what I like most is how my eyes seem to pop with this color hair. Seriously, I have no makeup on and haven’t changed a thing other than my hair color from the before and after pictures, but my eyes seem a lot brighter and more noticeable (especially in person). Love that!

I still haven’t decided if this particular color is the one I want to stay with or if I want something with more brownish or maybe lighter. I am up for suggestions.  But I am happy that I will not have to wear a hat for Thanksgiving this year to hide a bad dye job!!



    It makes your eye pop!

    I have green eyes. THAT's why we like each other so much! Green eyes UNITE!

    Really, seriously, it's a wonderful color for you. It looks natural like that's the color you were born with.

  2. Ooh -- I likes! You look lovely! And you're right about your eyes. T is totally going to have to eat his words. :) Yaaaaay for new hair colors!

  3. I love it! It looks great tousled away from your face in that last photo. You are right, it not only brightens your eyes, but your whole face. I think you proved your hubby wrong. ;)

  4. I LOVE IT! It looks great on you!
    **Ginger approved**

  5. OMG. I didn't even READ any of your post, I just jumped to the comments section so that I could tell you that I LOVE IT. Your eyes POP with this.

    Love it.

    Gorgeous. Very fall.

  6. Ok, read your post. I agree. It's awesome and I'm glad you like it.


  7. LOVE IT!!! love the 2nd way it's styled. yay for new hairdos!!

  8. I LOVE it! I think you pull that color off VERY well!

  9. AW Thanks ladies! I am really enjoying the color.

    I am SO telling T. that my hair has been blogger AND Ginger approved!

  10. You look stunning. It makes your skin glow and your eyes stand out. Stick with the red, lady. You were meant to have it.

  11. I love the finished product!! Looks incredible. You are a ginger - just what you wanted!!