Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Review – RED

Ok, my last movie review was, how do I say….a bit rushed and not good.  I just posted it to get a post up and do not feel like it was my best work.  So I hope to do better now.

So here we go, review of the movie RED….


Ok, done.

That’s it.

What, you want more?!

Idea of the movie: Basically a group of former CIA agents labeled as Red (or, Retired and Extremely Dangerous) are brought back into the field through a series of circumstances.

I think the movie Red is just an overall great movie.  It was a wonderful blend of action and comedy, with a hint of romance….perfect for everyone.  However, if you are expecting hard core action for the whole movie, you will not get that exactly here.  I am actually happy about this as I am not a fan of too much violence and blood.  This was a good blend.  It has enough action to make you go “holy shit did you see that, that was awesome” but not too much that the characters and the humor get lost.  I think that is what I liked most, the personalities of the characters.   Honestly, it is a fantastic cast of actors in this movie that work really well together and I am not sure if the script was strong enough to have anyone else in the movie other than these people.  I think that it may have been too silly and lacking in areas…but the great actors pulled it off and really fixed any holes or issues with the script of the movie. 

Bruce Willis.  He was of course a badass in the movie, but in a sweet and very charming way.  I loved seeing him like this.  He was endearing but still really really tough.  (I had a bit of a crush on him while I watched the movie!)

Morgan Freeman. Oh dear sweet Morgan Freeman.  I just adore you and your voice and think you make every movie you are in better.  I just want to hug you.  In this movie you are funny and sweet….so very sweet as is apparent by your smile when you see other characters for the first time in awhile. However, we also know in the back of our mind that you kick major butt.

John Malkovich.  I ADORE THIS MAN.  He is so eccentric but that is what I love about him and the characters he plays.  He also can be scary at times…seriously John Malkovich can be one creepy man you don’t want to mess with, but he also has this charm and quirkiness you can’t help but love.  He was fantastic in this movie… so many of his other ones.

 Helen Mirren.  LOVED HER.  ALL female actors who want to be in action movies should take some tips from this lady.  First off Helen Mirren is just gorgeous, seriously.  She holds her own with these men and I even looked at her as being the toughest out of all of them.  There is a scene (in the picture above) where she is in a white dress, black combat boots, and shooting some badass machine type gun and the lady is not blinking. Seriously, she looks like she has done this before and you really don’t want to mess with her….all while looking beautiful and classic.  You don’t need to be one of these women in action movies that has to wear spandex and short outfits to fight, ladies take some tips from Helen Mirren as she knows how to pull it off!

Richard Dreyfuss.  I like him.  I like his voice. I like the roles he plays.  You don’t know whether to love him or hate him.  He is awesome.

Mary-Louise Parker.  I was not sure about her.  I don’t watch Weeds and have never really seen anything that she has been in.  But I liked her.  She was quirky, yes, but it fit.  I also like that while she is very pretty she is a natural beauty and therefore relatable and fit in with the other characters very well.  I wasn't sure about the relationship between her character and Bruce Willis, but they had a great chemistry and I thought it was very believable.

Overall: there is a good amount of action, there is a lot of humor, it is going to be a little cheesy at times, but you will be entertained.  These actors kicked ass and brought something to the movie that many other actors cannot do and for that I would totally see this movie again.

H-Plus Movie Review: Large popcorn with butter, Large fountain pop, box of junior mints, and share a large bag of skittles.


  1. A. and I took a half day and caught this one on opening day and we loved it. Totally a fun movie.

  2. Glad you liked it. I thought it looked good too.

    John Malkovich totally scares the crap out of me.

  3. Awesome movie! Bruce Willis is a hottie!

  4. liked this movie. like ocean's 11 for retired people!!