Monday, November 22, 2010

Um, I Really Don’t Know What to Say About These

(Two posts today – making up for the lack of a post yesterday.  Is that how this works?!)

So Ugg Australia & Jimmy Choo have collaborated to form a new collection and it is proof that when two sexy and/or cute things come together and have an offspring it doesn't always mean that the offspring is destined to be cute.  Infact, in may be the exact opposite.

Please welcome, and try not to turn away in horror, Ugg & Chimmy Choo’s newest additions.

What the…..?!

Seriously, I am speechless (which is unusual for me) and cannot even begin to form thoughts to form words to express what I think of these.  All I can say is REALLY?!?!

So please, feel free to share your thoughts on these, because friends I am flabbergasted at the pure hideousness of these and that these two companies would think these are cute.


  1. Can we call these UGHs.


  2. Not only are those ugly....but they look extremely cheap (which I'm sure they are not). Gross.

  3. We are all NOT a Kardashian.

    Come ON.

  4. Those are worn by girls with "Hottie" written across the butt of their sweat pants. Terrible!

  5. just threw up on my computer keys. gah-rossss...