Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday – The Three B’s

Evening Routine. 
Subtitle: I'll Do It Myself


“Iz washes myself, mumeez.”


“Iz gotz it, mumeez.”


"Iz sleep likes this, mumeez."

No my son, it doesn’t bother me at all that you like to rollover and sleep on your stomach while also burying your face into the side of the crib!!  That is why we got the breathable bumper.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh You Want Flashback Photos, I will GIVE You Flashback Photos!! Are You Ready For This?!?!

So I have said I wanted to post flashback photos, but as I started looking I decided that I just couldn't decide on one how about a bunch of pictures!!

Here is a look at Jenn through the ages rocking out awesome clothes and fabulous hair. Don't be jealous, I can't help it.

(Make sure you went to the restroom before, you may just pee your pants!)

Let's start at the beginning, shall we....

Little baby Jennie!  Where do you look first?! 
The couch, the shoes, the outfit, the bonnet(???).... how about the look on my face which I believe says "Really, mom?!  I am not criticizing, but could this be a bit too much."
P.S. Ask my family...I still make this face.

Little baby Jennie is adorable.

Yellow phone in one hand, a banana in the other, wood paneling in the back, and on the phone with the census bureau telling them I really am a little girl even though the haircut says otherwise.

Classic 80's school photo.

Uh, I totally picked out those blue glasses! Jealous?!  
The feathered bangs are compliments of my mother. Well done mom, well done.

How about some dance pictures!!
Tap....all I remember was that costume was damn itchy.
Ballet - Loved this costume, loved the hair, and loved my gloves!
Acro - Fringe is IN!  And so are big bangs...HOLLA.
Jazz - It wasn't easy pulling this look off, but I managed to rock it.

Where am I in this picture?!  All I see are some high-waisted jeans with a t-shirt tucked into them!!
Oh, wait....there I am.

That a mullet.  You are welcome.

I totally asked for that perm, who wouldn't?!

Here is Jenn.  She is a freshman at a new school.  This is her first day.  
She chopped her hair short (too short), is wearing tapered jeans, suede shoes, and a silk shirt.  
She never stood a chance in HS and of making friends.
(She soon threw this look away and opted for the grunge look. Flannel all the way baby!!)

Prom - Junior Year. You probably thought that was some fancy designer dress, but alas....that dressed was handmade and of the finest satin!  Only the best.

Did you ask for a close up of the big hair?  Well you got it!

And how about one last in 2002 during my internship, dressed up as a bird.
Again, you are welcome.  (April, this is for you!!!)

Friday, February 10, 2012

This And That....

* I am sorta over reality TV.  It just seems like TV now is all reality shows but none of it has any substance and is the farthest thing from actual reality (Uh, Kardashians).  I have gone back to watching real TV programming; you know where real actors get paid too much money to make shows with real scripts and have real story lines. So no more reality TV for me. Well of course except for Top Chef. And Tori & Dean. And Project Runway. And…ok about 10 other reality programs. BUT THAT IS IT, NOMORE. For now....

*Speaking of TV, T. & I have been watching the series Metal Evolution.  I have realized the older I get the more I enjoy documentary type shows.

* I love cream soups, but I not a fan of how as you get down to the bottom of the soup it thins out and breaks down because of the saliva left on your spoon. ew

* Terry and I have always been that gross couple that share stories about poop or pick things off each other’s backs (we haven’t moved as far up the evolutionary chain as maybe some of our peers have), but I didn’t realize that poop and vomit would be the topic of many, I mean many of our conversations.  I also didn’t think I would have such an interest in my sons poop.  I am totally that mom who exams her child’s feces. No, not like I am all up in that shit; I just mean I like to keep a mental note of the consistency and look of his poop.  I also love picking toe jam from between his toes. 

* I am all about Half-Caff coffee right now.  We have a Keurig at work and we have half-caff cups.  I know I can have caffeine but I have really tried to limit my intake, not just for Henry but for me so half-caff coffee is perfect. LOVE IT! Of course, maybe having 3 cups of half-caff coffee instead of one cup of regular defeats the purpose of half-caff. hmmmmm

* There is a new movie coming out this summer called Magic Mike (HERE) and it stars Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, and Matt Bomer (oh Matt, how I love thee) and they are male strippers. Yeah, I will be going to see that movie….alone.

* I really like new magazines.  I like the way they feel when you go through them the first time. I like the crispness of the pages. I like that there are no creases or wrinkles.  The same is true for new books, you know, if I actually read books.

* When I was pregnant and watched my belly grow it didn’t seem like it was all that big, maybe because it was such a slow progression of growth.  However, when going back and looking at pictures I think “DAMN GIRL! Your belly was huge!”  I also think, “HOLY SHIT, a baby was in there! A BABY.” (It still blows my mind that Henry was growing inside me. Really?! How?!)

Lets flashback shall! Me the day before Henry was born. HUGE BELLY!

* Our son is 5 months old, 22 weeks. WOW. I mean it, WOW. I remember thinking that first month that 5 months seemed so far away. And now we are here and it seems like it has gone by so fast (and also not fast enough some days, strange).  I just can’t believe how quickly our little one is growing. It is cramazing. 

(Yes, this is also a way for me to sneak a picture of H. into a post.)

* Parents are coming up this weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  I am really looking forward to this.  Besides the fact that I get to see my parents, Henry gets to hang out with his grandparents, and my parents get to see Henry it is a much needed break from weekends where I am home alone with Henry until 6:30pm both days.  I hope it allows me to get down our Christmas tree (I KNOW!!) and clean the house.  Also on the agenda: eat, eat, eat, watch TV, eat.  Yep, sounds like a great weekend.

So what’s up with you?!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Check Out My Friend’s New Business!!! Crocheted hats = ADORABLE!

So a friend of mine who is a stay at home mother of three gorgeous girls just started a business in the last few months and I hope you will check out her site because she does amazing work. 

She crochets hats for little kids and these hats are AWESOME. (How she has time do this while taking care of a 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old is beyond me...but she does and these hats are fantastic!)

This is the hat she made for Henry and I LOVE IT and so does Henry. (I need to take a better photo of Henry in the hat for her FB know since Henry will be the next Gerber Baby and all.)


Seriously. ADORABLE. (And I am not just talking about my kid!)

Here are some other hats:


STOP IT. These zebra hats are fantastic.

Strawberry Shortcake hat as modeled by one of her adorable daughters!

Come cute.



Henry is getting this one for his first birthday.


You can visit her ETSY shop HERE or go to her Facebook page HERE.  

She has a give-a-way on Facebook that she is doing very soon so check her out now! Her shop is called Chalooby Baby Boutique.

 She will work on you with sizes and colors. And if you have a pattern for her but no time to make it or are looking for something that she doesn’t have in her store, please email me ( and I can check with her and see if she can do a custom order. I know she is looking to grow her product line, which will include both boy and girl items!!


Update - Her give-a-way ends today....hurry to her facebook page and comment on her give-a-way picture!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Nom, Nom, Nom....Time to Eat! Progression of a Hungry Babe. Alternate Title: When The Hell Did You Become a Big Boy?!

“mmmmmm, sweet potatoes makes meez happy!”

“Itsez, finger lickn goodz!”

“I’m outz! Nos more pleaze.”

“Timez to kleenz up!”

After lunch it is time for something to drink. Wait, you are holding your bottle yourself?!  

"Iz gots this."

Oh Henry, when did you become such a big boy.