Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh You Want Flashback Photos, I will GIVE You Flashback Photos!! Are You Ready For This?!?!

So I have said I wanted to post flashback photos, but as I started looking I decided that I just couldn't decide on one how about a bunch of pictures!!

Here is a look at Jenn through the ages rocking out awesome clothes and fabulous hair. Don't be jealous, I can't help it.

(Make sure you went to the restroom before, you may just pee your pants!)

Let's start at the beginning, shall we....

Little baby Jennie!  Where do you look first?! 
The couch, the shoes, the outfit, the bonnet(???).... how about the look on my face which I believe says "Really, mom?!  I am not criticizing, but could this be a bit too much."
P.S. Ask my family...I still make this face.

Little baby Jennie is adorable.

Yellow phone in one hand, a banana in the other, wood paneling in the back, and on the phone with the census bureau telling them I really am a little girl even though the haircut says otherwise.

Classic 80's school photo.

Uh, I totally picked out those blue glasses! Jealous?!  
The feathered bangs are compliments of my mother. Well done mom, well done.

How about some dance pictures!!
Tap....all I remember was that costume was damn itchy.
Ballet - Loved this costume, loved the hair, and loved my gloves!
Acro - Fringe is IN!  And so are big bangs...HOLLA.
Jazz - It wasn't easy pulling this look off, but I managed to rock it.

Where am I in this picture?!  All I see are some high-waisted jeans with a t-shirt tucked into them!!
Oh, wait....there I am.

That a mullet.  You are welcome.

I totally asked for that perm, who wouldn't?!

Here is Jenn.  She is a freshman at a new school.  This is her first day.  
She chopped her hair short (too short), is wearing tapered jeans, suede shoes, and a silk shirt.  
She never stood a chance in HS and of making friends.
(She soon threw this look away and opted for the grunge look. Flannel all the way baby!!)

Prom - Junior Year. You probably thought that was some fancy designer dress, but alas....that dressed was handmade and of the finest satin!  Only the best.

Did you ask for a close up of the big hair?  Well you got it!

And how about one last in 2002 during my internship, dressed up as a bird.
Again, you are welcome.  (April, this is for you!!!)


  1. Awe.some!

    If you put my head on your freshman picture, no one would know the difference! I totally had that whole 'outfit', right down to the shoes!

  2. OMG Jenn! Hilarious! I had those same suede shoes. Why were those popular for girls?! So odd. I wore them with pegged pants. Because I'm so cool. I rocked perms bangs and I see that you did too. We both ROCK.

  3. #1: You are adorable.

    #2: I feel qualified to say that because apparently you and I followed parallel fashion/hair trends throughout our childhood/early adolescence. I guarantee I could match you perm for perm, flannel for flannel.

    #3: We are hot! :)

  4. Besides the prom and dance pictures, we could be twins. And, I knew the picture was for me in the Beaker costume. But, don't ever expect anything like that from me on my blog. NEVER!

  5. Jenn, I had no idea how sassy you were!

    My absolute favorite is the jazz picture, mostly because of your pose! Runner up is the Acro photo. Classic!

    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  6. EVERY one of these photos made my day. I especially enjoyed the captions. I read this for the first time the other night and in coming back to comment, I seriously laughed all over again.

    I especially loved this one: "Yellow phone in one hand, a banana in the other, wood paneling in the back, and on the phone with the census bureau telling them I really am a little girl even though the haircut says otherwise."


    My photos were so much worse than this. You don't even know...