Thursday, February 02, 2012

Check Out My Friend’s New Business!!! Crocheted hats = ADORABLE!

So a friend of mine who is a stay at home mother of three gorgeous girls just started a business in the last few months and I hope you will check out her site because she does amazing work. 

She crochets hats for little kids and these hats are AWESOME. (How she has time do this while taking care of a 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old is beyond me...but she does and these hats are fantastic!)

This is the hat she made for Henry and I LOVE IT and so does Henry. (I need to take a better photo of Henry in the hat for her FB know since Henry will be the next Gerber Baby and all.)


Seriously. ADORABLE. (And I am not just talking about my kid!)

Here are some other hats:


STOP IT. These zebra hats are fantastic.

Strawberry Shortcake hat as modeled by one of her adorable daughters!

Come cute.



Henry is getting this one for his first birthday.


You can visit her ETSY shop HERE or go to her Facebook page HERE.  

She has a give-a-way on Facebook that she is doing very soon so check her out now! Her shop is called Chalooby Baby Boutique.

 She will work on you with sizes and colors. And if you have a pattern for her but no time to make it or are looking for something that she doesn’t have in her store, please email me ( and I can check with her and see if she can do a custom order. I know she is looking to grow her product line, which will include both boy and girl items!!


Update - Her give-a-way ends today....hurry to her facebook page and comment on her give-a-way picture!


  1. Are you kidding me? THESE ARE GREAT. Going to check out the etsy shop now.

  2. (If I buy them for a gift for someone can I lie and say that I made it? Lol.)

    1. Uh, I totally wanted to claim the hat she did for me! I mean I picked out the style, yarn and it was like I did it, right?! heehee :)

      (She is about 4 weeks behind. Her work is SO good that she is getting a lot of requests and is getting backed up.)