Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Walking Videos Because, Well They are Just too Dang Cute NOT to Post

I know, more videos of Henry.  But he is walking not just a couple steps but walking!

I am so proud of this little man and absolutely amazed at how quickly he is transitioning to a toddler.

Great job, Bubby!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Friend!!

So I was getting ready to write a post for the lovely twopretzels birthday about what a great person she is, and how she always remembers to wish you a happy birthday, or send you a message if you have something going on, or be there for you (even 100’s of miles away) to listen and offer support, or to send random emails when she sees something that reminds her of you and that makes you smile!

But as I was getting ready to say all this and wish her a happy birthday I noticed a new post on her blog.

Of course I go over to read it and this was her post on HER birthday.

See post HERE and read more about the cause she is talking about.

THIS is a perfect example of WHO Kylee is and why she is loved by so many people and why she is an amazing and beautiful (on the inside and out) individual. 

She truly cares about the people in her life.  And I mean truly.

Kylee, thank you for being YOU and for being such a genuinely compassionate and inspiring person.  You are loved by SO many, today and every day.

Happy Birthday, my friend.

And THIS birthday post to Kylee was written by one of her close friends and is just lovely and I don’t think can be said much better, so I won’t even try and just say “ditto”!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Wordless" Wednesday – How Old Are You, Really?!

Who is this child?!  He looks far too old in this photo to be mine!!

Text sent with picture indicates said child is laying on the floor watching Dr. Who.  

Ooooh, yup, this IS our child.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look Out....Drunk Monkey Walking!

Come on....we have all walked like this after a good night out.

Seriously, so proud of you little man!

Poor picture quality is due to the fact that I still am using my cell phone from 2008.

*At the end of the video you see Belle come through the gate and staring at him and then the video cuts off.  What you don't see is Henry starts walking towards her and she runs back through the gate.  No cats are safe now!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Thirty-One Days From Today...

One month (31 days) from today, Henry turns one....count'em ONE, ONE year old.  ah, ah ah...

I just don't believe it.

I can't believe it.

I shan't believe it.

But then I look at these pictures below and realize I gots to believe it.  Our boy is growing up. Fast.

He is not slowing down one bit and is trying to enter his first birthday with a bang....most likely caused by him falling off the coffee table. Again.

This child is a handful, fo sho, and while it can be frustrating at times I love seeing him develop every week and his personality start to come through.

He has taken his first steps and then some.  He can walk from one end of our small living room to the other.  Now granted, I think a 100 year old, drunk, blind man probably looks more graceful than Henry, but we are still super proud of him!! WAY TO GO BUBBY!!

He is also a climber, which is evident from the pictures below.  If it is even an inch off the ground, he prefers to be on it.  If it is problem.  If he falls off it....he will cry and then get right back up and fall again. And if he can't get up on it, or we don't let him get on it then look out because baby hulk comes out.  I think we are going to have to work on his temper...they say he got it from me. Whatever, I don't see it.  When someone says that to me I usually scream at them, throw my phone down and stomp away.  I like to think I know how to keep my temper in check.

So what are my sons stats.

Height? Tall

Weight? Solid

Clothes? Mostly PJ's, but prefers as little on as possible

Food? Can't get enough of it

Toys? Loves them (I would like to point out for my own record since I don't keep a baby book and this is basically it, that he can now put the coins in the slot of his toy piggy bank!!  Huge accomplishment!)

Nicknames? Monkey, Boof, Bubby/Bubbas

What is he like? Why don't you see for yourself.  I think these pictures sum up the personality emerging from Henry pretty darn well :)

Two extremes: wild and crazy....

 ....introverted and inquisitive. 

 Watch the progression.  I just sat on the couch taking pictures of what he did.

This is the face he makes when he is "talking" to us.  He is a chatterbox!!

Snack time!!
 (Yup, this sums up our child fairly well....Love this goofy kid!!)

 He loves to carry his monkey around the living room while he does "laps"
May look like a smile, but he is turning into baby hulk because he wants on the couch.

Again, watch the progression....the boy loves to climb and problem solve :)

 The hard work paid off! :)
Eating is exhausting...

I had JUST put this up and literally within 90 seconds he was IN it.

His "toy box". 
He emptied ALL the toys out, flipped it over, climbed up.  Fairly ingenious we think.

 Clapping....I am on the coffee table!!
 Standing on the coffee table, grabbing the gate.  Nope, I do not foresee him falling at all : /

Lounging....yep, that's our boy.

(Please see that he is chill'n on his spiderman couch, watching TV, and drinking his 
afternoon bottle with ONE hand.  Yep, he is awesome.)

Let the countdown to ONE begin......