Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Thirty-One Days From Today...

One month (31 days) from today, Henry turns one....count'em ONE, ONE year old.  ah, ah ah...

I just don't believe it.

I can't believe it.

I shan't believe it.

But then I look at these pictures below and realize I gots to believe it.  Our boy is growing up. Fast.

He is not slowing down one bit and is trying to enter his first birthday with a bang....most likely caused by him falling off the coffee table. Again.

This child is a handful, fo sho, and while it can be frustrating at times I love seeing him develop every week and his personality start to come through.

He has taken his first steps and then some.  He can walk from one end of our small living room to the other.  Now granted, I think a 100 year old, drunk, blind man probably looks more graceful than Henry, but we are still super proud of him!! WAY TO GO BUBBY!!

He is also a climber, which is evident from the pictures below.  If it is even an inch off the ground, he prefers to be on it.  If it is problem.  If he falls off it....he will cry and then get right back up and fall again. And if he can't get up on it, or we don't let him get on it then look out because baby hulk comes out.  I think we are going to have to work on his temper...they say he got it from me. Whatever, I don't see it.  When someone says that to me I usually scream at them, throw my phone down and stomp away.  I like to think I know how to keep my temper in check.

So what are my sons stats.

Height? Tall

Weight? Solid

Clothes? Mostly PJ's, but prefers as little on as possible

Food? Can't get enough of it

Toys? Loves them (I would like to point out for my own record since I don't keep a baby book and this is basically it, that he can now put the coins in the slot of his toy piggy bank!!  Huge accomplishment!)

Nicknames? Monkey, Boof, Bubby/Bubbas

What is he like? Why don't you see for yourself.  I think these pictures sum up the personality emerging from Henry pretty darn well :)

Two extremes: wild and crazy....

 ....introverted and inquisitive. 

 Watch the progression.  I just sat on the couch taking pictures of what he did.

This is the face he makes when he is "talking" to us.  He is a chatterbox!!

Snack time!!
 (Yup, this sums up our child fairly well....Love this goofy kid!!)

 He loves to carry his monkey around the living room while he does "laps"
May look like a smile, but he is turning into baby hulk because he wants on the couch.

Again, watch the progression....the boy loves to climb and problem solve :)

 The hard work paid off! :)
Eating is exhausting...

I had JUST put this up and literally within 90 seconds he was IN it.

His "toy box". 
He emptied ALL the toys out, flipped it over, climbed up.  Fairly ingenious we think.

 Clapping....I am on the coffee table!!
 Standing on the coffee table, grabbing the gate.  Nope, I do not foresee him falling at all : /

Lounging....yep, that's our boy.

(Please see that he is chill'n on his spiderman couch, watching TV, and drinking his 
afternoon bottle with ONE hand.  Yep, he is awesome.)

Let the countdown to ONE begin......


  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    hahhaa! Height - tall. Weight - solid! he's so cute. i can't believe what a little monkey climber he is; you are NOT kidding about this kids' need to scale things. i love it though.

    i know i'm not raising him or anything, but wow - almost a full year?! he seems like such a sweet and curious little boy. : )

    Trophy Life/Malissa

    1. Because this boy is such a climber & so curious, we have actually mounted the TV to the wall....and I am sure he will still figure out how to touch it :)

      It does not seem like it has been a year. Impossible!

  2. I saw these photos on FB and laughed through all of them. Why?! Because I'm raising the same child. I swear. Two peas in a pod. I LOVE the face he gives you when scaling something. Like "What?!?" Haha. He is SO cute!

    We need to play!!!

    1. HAHAHA! Is V. all about the climbing now?! It is so crazy that they can be so it :)

      We totally need to do a play date soon!

  3. Oh, Jenn. The whole time I was reading this I literally said to myself, "Ooohhh, Jenn... You've got your hands full." I love the Spiderman couch progression and you KNOW that I adore that head in the snack bowl picture. It's the best picture EVER.

    Happy almost birthday, Henry! Cutie pie!

    1. Yes, I spend most of the evening with a child climbing on ME or on something else in the house. He is a handful, that is for sure!!

      (Don't you just love when you catch moments of your kids that are hilarious like the snack picture?! Fantastic.)

  4. Ah Henry. I don't think you are the 'Piglet' type anymore. You are way too much for that! So funny. Love these pictures and seeing all the trouble he's getting into. I think ornery kids are the most fun. They may give you a headache, and keep you on your toes; but they are never boring and you can have a lot of fun with them too! Enjoy him!! Love you guys!

    1. Oh he is for sure NOT a piglet anymore...up the evolutionary chain to a monkey! :)

      He is fun. He is also clever, which can be a challenge but is fun to watch! He is the greatest (well to me of course!)

      Love YOU!

  5. I can't believe he's going to be one already. ONE?! No way. Time goes by so quickly!!

    These photos crack me up - he is going to be such the little sneaky prankster, climbing all over things. Such a BOY! I love his antics!!

  6. Busy little man! I cannot believe how grown up he looks! And look out - my opinion is that the 2nd year goes faster than the 1st!

    (I LOVE that you call him Bubby! I call my friend's little guy Bubby, he'll be one in October!)