Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Wednesday. This and That.

Just some things on this Wednesday.

I miss blogging.  I am trying to blog more.  Hence this post.


I can’t believe there are less than two weeks till Christmas. Nope. Cannot.  Believe. It.  Perhaps since we have had unseasonably warmer weather and things have been soooo busy, I just haven’t thought about the fact that Christmas is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!  I have a few things bought, but still have a bunch more shopping to do.  Christmas cards are printed but not addressed & mailed.  The Christmas tree is up and spinning, but there is nothing on it.  I have not even thought about dinners, brunches, or snacks for Christmas weekend.  Yep, I think it is safe to say I am 100% NOT ready for Christmas.  I am sure no one will mind if they get their cards after Christmas or if we sit around a plain white tree Christmas morning and open presents that are still in the shopping bag and eat chips and dips?!  And then I think, actually....they wouldn't mind.  That is the great thing.  The ones who love you don't care about all the little details that we put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves to try to make "perfect".   I know my family wouldn't care and Henry, well he thinks that plain white spinning tree is the most amazing thing ever.  And I also know the memories we make with him over the years are not going to involve having everything picture perfect but will rather be things that involved us together and laughing and things not going so perfect!  Now that doesn't mean that I am not going to try to get stuff done, but I am going to try to calm down a bit and not put so much pressure on myself or this time of year.


We bought new cell phones a couple months back.  My 2008 LG envy just couldn't keep going anymore and finally died.  I knew it was coming, but it was still sad.  At the store I wanted to get just a basic phone…no bells, no whistles, NO internet.  Just a phone that was a PHONE.  What did we walk out of the store with?  A Droid 4 and Droid Razor. Sigh.  The initial cost was cheaper (though still freak’n expensive!) and they managed to get us a plan that was $30 more than what we were paying but had everything.  I still think $30 more is ridiculous.  I actually think the cost for phones and plans are ridiculous, but that is another rant.  However, if one did the smartphone we both had to do it…and so it was.  Two months later and I am still not sure.  Of course I enjoy getting certain apps, uploading photos to social media, and all the fun stuff.  But when it took me TEN minutes to figure out how to make a phone call, well that just annoys me.  And I still have issues with making phone calls and finding people in my contacts.  Thank goodness I hate talking on the phone and I never call anyone.  But come on….IT IS A PHONE not just a device to use for facebook.  The phone part should be the easiest thing to use.  And it isn’t.  And it still bothers me.  I will say that I did opt for a phone with a keyboard even though it was bulkier because I refuse to type on a touch screen.  Anywho, I have finally entered the smartphone era.  If it was up to me, I would still use a rotary phone :)


Speaking of phone apps, I have been sucked in to Instagram.  When people were using it at first, I thought it was stupid.  Why do you need to post a picture of everything you are doing?!  So of course when I got a smartphone I had to get it.  I can see the appeal to it and I enjoy using it.  I am sure some people over use it, like they do other social media….but it is fun to use!  I do think it has taken away from me wanting to blog.  Why blog, when I can just post a quick picture, huh?!  While that has fit the pace of my life at the moment, I don’t know if I will continue to like that.  I enjoy blogging when I get around to it and I am a wordy person and like to share and like the relations formed through blogging.  It is nice to “heart” something and see pictures of friends, but sharing thoughts and experiences like we do on our blogs is so much nicer and fulfilling.  Now excuse me while I go post a picture of this blog post on Instagram.


I looooove Christmas music, like I listen to it ALL year round.  And right now I am really loving Cee Lo’s new Christmas CD “Magic Moment”.  It is fun and a bit retro sounding and the Muppets are on one song, so how can you not enjoy it!


Speaking of The Muppets, I wish they would bring The Muppet Show back.  I think it would be fun to have that show on again. mahna mahna


I would like to admit right here, right now….I am a Made for TV Christmas Movie addict.  There.  I SAID IT.  I have seen a rather embarrassing large number of the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel this year and I just watched The Mistel-Tones on ABC Family Sunday night.  The movies are highly predictable, cheesy, many have bad acting, and have no real substance to them.  But I LOVE them.  They make me happy and are fun to watch.  I will need rehab when Christmas is over.


I need to lose weight. Like NEED to now.  I am just unhappy with it and frustrated.  I have been trying and I have a ton of excuses why it isn't working or happening.  But at the end of the day it is just me and not focusing on myself.  I am hoping that things in my life will calm down a bit after the first of the year and I can really focus on weight loss….ON ME.  I am going to start my weight loss blog again to help keep me accountable.  Wish me luck.


I got my hair cut, and while I have heard people say they like it, I think they may just be crazy nice as I am still not sure.  How come we ignore the 10+ compliments from people we know and trust just because we don't want to see what they are seeing?!  sigh.  I got bangs, got my hair shortened and got a few "face framing" highlights.  I think it was too much at one time!!  I think I may like the bangs, but they need to be a little longer.  I am sure in a few weeks they will be better, but right now I look like a 6 year old who took a pair of scissors to their own hair. I also made a mistake letting her cut 3-4 inches off the length.  I think it would be cuter with longer hair.  I also think I want to go with dark red low lights and not highlights.  Live and learn, at least it grows back....and I can wear hats!

(Me before, please note I do not like taking a "real" picture of myself, so I apologize for what you have to see.  The picture on the right is how I wore my hair 95% of the time)

 With bangs, highlights and a shorter cut. blah.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Talk To Me - Calling All Crafty and Creative People! HELP!

So we never really decorated Henry's room.  We have items in his room and went with an animal theme for lots of his stuff, but as for decor or a theme nothing was ever done.  Basically, his room is SO basic!  Nothing on the plain white walls (no, didn't even paint as my sister was living there when he was born) and no real decor.

Since he turned one I have wanted to do something with his room that is more permanent and for him.  I am going with the space/alien theme!  I think we are going to get him a solar system thing that lights up on the wall and we already have stars that we can turn on to light the wall.  However, I want to do some fun things decor wise....and that is where I need you!

I have some vague ideas and am usually pretty creative but honestly between work, home, and just having a brain that feels like mush all the time I just haven't done anything the past few months.  I have had a major creative block!

And as SO many of you are very creative, I thought it never hurt to ask you all to help inspire me so I can have his room done before he leaves for college ;-)

So here is what I have so far.....

* Chalkboard - though I am thinking of taking this back and getting chalkboard paint for a small part of the wall.  Thoughts on chalkboard paint? Thought on a chalkboard in his room?

* Wooden letters of his name that I want to paint in some fun way w/ little wooden space items.  I am not sure how to incorporate these into his room.  Do I hang his name and put those around.  Maybe put the letters in frames with fabric behind.  Maybe put velcro on the back of the space items and make a backdrop that they can stick too?  Make some kind of picture with them of the solar system?!

* Space fabric.  Two different kinds of cotton fabric (on the left).  One is of planets the other of alien robots.  Not sure what to do with these either.  Pillows? use as a backdrop for something?

* Also have alien scrapbook paper (below)

I also thought based on a picture Sassytimes put up where she used felt for a Christmas thing, that I could use felt and make plants that he could move around.

I can draw a bit and paint so I would and could do something that involved that as well.

We want to paint his room a blueish grey, but honestly not sure if or when that will be done based on our schedules.


They would be greatly appreciated :)