Saturday, December 01, 2012

Talk To Me - Calling All Crafty and Creative People! HELP!

So we never really decorated Henry's room.  We have items in his room and went with an animal theme for lots of his stuff, but as for decor or a theme nothing was ever done.  Basically, his room is SO basic!  Nothing on the plain white walls (no, didn't even paint as my sister was living there when he was born) and no real decor.

Since he turned one I have wanted to do something with his room that is more permanent and for him.  I am going with the space/alien theme!  I think we are going to get him a solar system thing that lights up on the wall and we already have stars that we can turn on to light the wall.  However, I want to do some fun things decor wise....and that is where I need you!

I have some vague ideas and am usually pretty creative but honestly between work, home, and just having a brain that feels like mush all the time I just haven't done anything the past few months.  I have had a major creative block!

And as SO many of you are very creative, I thought it never hurt to ask you all to help inspire me so I can have his room done before he leaves for college ;-)

So here is what I have so far.....

* Chalkboard - though I am thinking of taking this back and getting chalkboard paint for a small part of the wall.  Thoughts on chalkboard paint? Thought on a chalkboard in his room?

* Wooden letters of his name that I want to paint in some fun way w/ little wooden space items.  I am not sure how to incorporate these into his room.  Do I hang his name and put those around.  Maybe put the letters in frames with fabric behind.  Maybe put velcro on the back of the space items and make a backdrop that they can stick too?  Make some kind of picture with them of the solar system?!

* Space fabric.  Two different kinds of cotton fabric (on the left).  One is of planets the other of alien robots.  Not sure what to do with these either.  Pillows? use as a backdrop for something?

* Also have alien scrapbook paper (below)

I also thought based on a picture Sassytimes put up where she used felt for a Christmas thing, that I could use felt and make plants that he could move around.

I can draw a bit and paint so I would and could do something that involved that as well.

We want to paint his room a blueish grey, but honestly not sure if or when that will be done based on our schedules.


They would be greatly appreciated :)


  1. Chalkboard paint YES! I'm also picturing a pretty sweet solar system mobile type thing. Wall and ceiling decals that glow would be a toddler's dream.

  2. We have chalkboard paint in our house and we love it. You just might have to do a few layers to make it super chaldboard-esque.

    What colors are you doing the walls?

    Can you somehow hang the alien things from the ceiling? Or, how about framing them in a several different kinds of not-the same frames? I love when there's a focal wall with a shelf, a few frames, letters, etc. All just put together...

    (Does that make ANY sense? Email me if it doesn't. It's late and I've had 2 glasses of wine.)

  3. Have you looked on Etsy for wall decals? There are a TON of them – everything you can imagine. We're doing a few pine tree ones and birds in baby boy's woodland-themed room. Much easier than paining.

    What about modge-podging a toybox with scrapbook paper? Or buying some small-ish frames (5x5 maybe?) and filling them with different scrap paper or alien fabric for the walls? You could even cut out single aliens from your alien fabric/paper and frame each one... to tie together with the pillows or whatever you end up making with it.

    Love the alien/space theme. We considered it as well. So fun!