Monday, May 24, 2010

If you won $10,000, but had to give it to a charity, which charity would you give it to?

That is very easy, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This is something that is VERY important to me. Want to learn more about MS or donate? You can do so here.

Also, Wed., May 26 is World MS Day. Learn more
here and sign up for a free newsletter to learn more about MS and what is going on in your area and how you can help.

One of my goals in the next couple years is to do the MS Bike to the Bay. More information is available
here if you too are interested in participating in this in the future.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Wonder That is a New Purse. A Story by WK

So I do believe I am not alone when I talk about the feelings one gets when you buy yourself a new purse. Up until a few weeks ago I had not bought a new purse in a couple years, but when you find one you love it can change your life. (A slight exaggeration? Possibly.) This is the story of my new purse. This is a Dramatization. (aka, I have an overactive imagination, nothing to blog about, and too much time on my hands.)

A few weeks ago I was at the store looking for a few gifts for friends. Now typically I loathe shopping, but this day was a little different. I was in a good mood, the store was nearly empty, I had a gift card that I was anxiously awaiting to use, and because of this there seemed to be a slight skip in my step (mainly due to the fact that I had tripped coming down the steps earlier that day) and so I decided at that moment I would do a little looking for myself. Now shopping for myself can always be a bit of a risk if I am not in the right mood because if I am shopping for something particular and do not find it or find it but it doesn’t fit I get in a funk, but looking is just when I do a quick once around the store and if I do not see anything I like I leave and I never feel disappointed. It works for me.

So as I was looking I started with the things that always seem to fit me best, jewelry and hats. After perusing that section for no more than 2 minutes (seriously that is how long my attention span is when shopping or looking) I found myself walking past the purses. As I made my way through the purses I giggled at some of the ridiculous styles of purses available and tried to imagine the type of person who would actually buy that purse. Of course imagining that person made me LQTMS* just a little more. After a good chuckle I started to head out of that section as I didn’t want to stay too long and risk the possibility of running into another individual in the store. Seriously, being around another person when at the store is a total buzz kill. However, as I began to leave something caught my attention. I glanced over and saw a purse sitting on the shelf behind a bedazzled clutch and metallic hobo bag. I walked closer, intrigued by what appeared to be an awesome purse, but skeptical that this could be the purse I have been looking for. I grabbed the purse, being careful to hide it from potential onlookers because I did not want them to see the gem I may have just found until I had a chance to look it over. Upon further inspection I become giddy inside thinking that the purse was, infact, everything I have wanted and absolutely perfect. It was the perfect style, the perfect color, it hung off my shoulder like it was designed for me and me alone, and I knew that this is the purse I was destined to be with forever (or until trends change in 2011).

I looked at the price tag knowing full well that the tag would be the only thing that would keep me and this purse apart. As I turned it over and glanced at the numbers I was filled with disappointment as I could not pay that much for a purse, even if it IS the best purse ever. Sadness filled my body as I reluctantly started to put the purse back on the shelf….but wait. This is Kohls. Kohl’s always has a sale and never sells anything at full price. What was I thinking? So I began to look around for the sale sign that will subconsciously say to me “hey, you deserve that purse so let me give you and only you a sweet deal.” And there it was, the deal I was looking for – 60% off …..SWEET!!! I could justify the purchase as not only was it on sale, but I also rationalized that this purse will be an investment and not just an accessory because I would use it forever-ish. I took the purse to the register smiling the whole way and looking at what I was about to purchase in absolute disbelief that this would soon be mine. I proudly displayed the purse on the counter so that the associate could see the purse in all of its beauty and then waited. I waited for them to acknowledge this wonderful item because even though I liked the purse I must also have the approval of a complete stranger to help validate this purchase. And then I heard those magic words “wow, what a cute purse” and internally I was exploding with joy. I nonchalantly talked about my new “investment” for the 2 minutes it took to seal the deal and as I finished and walked away I hoped that the girl at the register thought to herself, “what great style she has”.

As I drove home I thought about all the great things I was about to do with my new purse and how I could not get home soon enough to start this journey together. I got excited thinking about cleaning out my old purse and organizing my new one, I thought about the first time I would take my purse to work and all the compliments I would get, I thought about how much money I saved which means I could stop and get a latte and a scone on my way home, I thought about how I will never have to buy another purse again as this one is so perfect (well at least one in this style and color), and I thought about the conversation I would have with Terry when he would see the new purse:

T: “Another purse, don’t you have enough of those?”
Me: “Well having enough of anything is relative so I guess it depends on what “enough” really is?”
T: “Well you can’t argue with that logic. Enjoy your new purse it is beautiful.”
Me: “I will thank you!”
T: “No thank you for being so awesome. Would you like me to rub your back and play with your hair? I also made dinner and did all the dishes for you while you were gone.”

........Or something like that.

Anyways, it was a good day and I am very happy with my new purse. I have a feeling she will be around for a long time or at least a long time in purse years!

Here She Is!

Here she is doing the dishes.

Here she is getting ready to vacuum.

Here we are watching TV.

Yes, I understand I have way too much time on my hands. Terry was in Cincinnati, I blame him for leaving me alone with a camera and the interweb.

If interested, feel free to read my other purse posts HERE and HERE….don’t worry not as long as this one.

*Laughing Quietly to My Self.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Run To The Bell…..For A Bag Of Doritos

We saw a commercial for Taco Bell and apparently you can get a $2 meal deal that includes a beverage, a burrito/taco option, and a bag of Doritos. Yes Doritos. No tortilla chips and cheese dip, but rather a bag of nacho cheese flavored Doritos.

I think if you go to a Mexican eatery, even a pseudo Mexican eatery, you should get Mexican, um, Mexican-American like food. Doritos are for sub places, you don’t see KFC giving Sunchips with their Double Down. Taco Bell I feel the Doritos are a huge copout and I shake my head at you in disappointment.

Comment to Taco Bell
Dear Taco Bell, just because Doritos say they are Nacho Cheese flavored it does not mean they should be sold at your Mexican-American like food establishment. I go to your place to eat cheap and bad for me food and if I wanted Doritos I would go to Subway where Jared could sell me a healthy footlong sub. Please reconsider your actions because I fear you are just a few steps away from selling a lunch meat taco or a $5 footlong ham and provolone burrito.

I think we should plan a blogger get-together. I want to meet all of the wonderful peeps I've gotten to know through the blog-o-sphere. If we did a get-together, would you come?

YES!! I AM IN! Though I feel I may be much more interesting on the computer than in person so can we bring our laptops and meet somewhere they have free wireless?! That way we can watch each other from a safe distance while on our computers before actually trying to interact in person! ;) Any takers?!?!

Ask me anything

Guess Who Will FINALLY Be Going On VACATION?!


T & I, my Sister, Mom & Dad will be going to Hilton Head next May! Ok, yes it is a year away so why am I so excited?! Well because the last vacation we took was in 2004 to New Orleans and before that, I honestly have NO clue. So when you have taken only 1 vacation in at least 10 years (most likely longer) you are going to be a little excited! Plus, this will be the summer Kristen graduates BGSU (fingers crossed), Terry graduates Owens, and right before Terry moves to Cincinnati for a year to go to school. So we all agree that this will be a nice treat for all of us!

We got a 3 bedroom condo that is only a couple minutes from the beach. We will also be making a trip to Savannah for a little site seeing, which I am really looking forward to.

Seriously, you have NO IDEA how much all of us are looking forward to this and I think how much we need this. I promise I will not be talking about it any more until we get closer, but as it became official today I had to share!

So let me ask, any vacations planned for this summer (or if you are like us….next summer) that you are looking forward too? What was the best vacation you have ever taken? Where are places you would like to go that you have never been?

So if just getting healthy in general wasn’t enough of a motivation for me to lose weight, you can bet this just added to my motivation!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Right back atcha: If you had part of a day that was YOU time (no sister, no significant other, no chores, no work, no responsibilities) how would you spend that time? In other words, what things do you like to do for just yourself? by AmberLS11

I would cook something that I have never made before but that I have always wanted to try (please note I would NOT do the dishes), I would watch a romantic comedy (most likely staring any of the following or combination of the following: John Cusack, Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts), would do a few crafts and maybe spend some time at Hobby Lobby if I infact decided to put something other than PJ's on, and would take a shower until all the hot water ran out. Yep, that would be lovely.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010 (Of Course I Did)

Yeah, I did it. I can't seem to think of much else to blog about the past few months....maybe this will help. Plus I love jumping on bandwagons.

Oh who am I kidding, I know you ALL want to know more about me!
Ask me anything

P.S. If you are doing this let me know and I will follow you!

Have You Seen This Show?

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, on the Food Network

Because if you have not then you must start watching it, RIGHT NOW! Well actually whenever it is on again, because the probability that it is on TV at the very moment you are reading this blog is highly unlikely, though of course not improbable so go check right now! I will wait……

Seriously, this show is great. It combines my love of cooking shows with reality shows with crazy snobs with funny and hot chefs. OH MY GOSH… is PERFECT! The premise is a bit complex, it is about a bunch of Private Chefs who cook in Beverly Hills. See, you would have never guessed that. And by combining the eccentric and snobby clients of Beverly Hills with these chefs just means crazy antics will ensue!! LOVE IT.

There are six chefs, all of which are pretty great. Click here to learn more about them. Chef Jesse is my personal favorite. He is HILARIOUS. I want to be his friend. You may also know him from the show Workout. Personal trainer and chef – awesome! I also love Chef Brooke. She has this cute voice and is pregnant and does the coolest things with food. I heart cute, pregnant and creative people. 

And then there is Chef Stuart….delicious Chef Stuart.

I have a huge crush on this Irish hunk. Sigh.  He has an accent, he cooks, he is gorgeous, he is funny, and he is shy.  Perfection.  (He could stir my stew any day. He could knead my biscuits whenever he wanted. He could cook pot roast in my oven every day. He can squeeze my melons all the time.)

I know my opinion matters. And my opinion is that this shows ROCKS.

(He can baste my white meat any day. He can melt his butter in my frying pan all the time. He can poach my eggs every day. He can whisk my heavy cream until soft peaks form. The sad thing is I could really keep going….)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It Is All About Support

So incase you didn’t know I have a weight loss blog that I would LOVE for people to visit when you have a chance! Weight issues have been something I have dealt with all my life and I am really taking positive steps to make a change in my life. (I have lost 40 pounds since August) I have taken a few weeks away from the blog and diet, but really am coming back full force and any support for us bloggers losing weight is a great help! Plus any tips and suggestions would be most appreciated!

Now, speaking of support what brand or style bra do you like to wear when working out? Do you wear a regular bra or a sports bra? I have not owned a sports bra since 1998. I have a love/hate relationship with them, but think maybe it is because I just haven’t found a brand that fits right and that I find comfortable. What I mean by this is I want my girls to stay in place but don’t want them to feel squished and I want a bra that breathes so I don’t have sweat all over me.


Monday, May 03, 2010


All the Adam Lambert tickets are sold out for his appearance June 8th in Toledo?! They just went on sale Saturday, how can this be?!?! I really needed to get my fill of pop/rock glam music, fake leather, fingerless gloves, sequins, platform boots, gel & aquanet, fishnets, and blue eye shadow.


I am truly sad now.

(YES this is no joke, I really wanted to go to this concert…..I am cool like that.)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just Thinking....

Why after I paint my nails do I feel the need to do something that will ultimately destroy my freshly painted nails? Every time I paint my nails I do something that ruins one or more of the nails I just painted. I will even plan to do my nails and nothing else but then after I paint them I will feel the need to do anything, like clean the toilet or something.

Take tonight for instance. T. and his brother went to see a movie so I am home all evening doing nothing. I decide I have tons of stuff on the DVR to watch so why don’t I paint my nails and watch TV. I even go to the restroom before (made that mistake a couple times), got myself a drink and snack and was all prepared to sit and watch TV. But after a few minutes of sitting on the couch, in an attempt to let my nails dry, I decide I need to straighten up the living room….. which by the way when I was home all day by myself while T. was in class never once thought “hey you should clean the living room today” but apparently now that I have nice nails I have the itch to clean. Now had I not painted my nails, I would have stayed on the couch for hours and not even thought about doing anything except eating snacks. I also know full well my nails aren’t dry but think maybe if I touch them they will magically be dry and I will be released from the confinement of my couch. I of course touch them and leave a nice little finger print on not one but two of my newly painted nails. Yes, I did not just touch one but two…hoping that it would yield a different result. I believe that may be Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity…which is appropriate for me.

Is it more about patience or is it like when we were kids and we knew we were not suppose to do something like touch the hot stove or jump on the bed because we would get hurt but do it anyways because we want to test fate. I think the latter.