Saturday, May 22, 2010

Run To The Bell…..For A Bag Of Doritos

We saw a commercial for Taco Bell and apparently you can get a $2 meal deal that includes a beverage, a burrito/taco option, and a bag of Doritos. Yes Doritos. No tortilla chips and cheese dip, but rather a bag of nacho cheese flavored Doritos.

I think if you go to a Mexican eatery, even a pseudo Mexican eatery, you should get Mexican, um, Mexican-American like food. Doritos are for sub places, you don’t see KFC giving Sunchips with their Double Down. Taco Bell I feel the Doritos are a huge copout and I shake my head at you in disappointment.

Comment to Taco Bell
Dear Taco Bell, just because Doritos say they are Nacho Cheese flavored it does not mean they should be sold at your Mexican-American like food establishment. I go to your place to eat cheap and bad for me food and if I wanted Doritos I would go to Subway where Jared could sell me a healthy footlong sub. Please reconsider your actions because I fear you are just a few steps away from selling a lunch meat taco or a $5 footlong ham and provolone burrito.


  1. Seriously? Doritos?

    That's insane.

  2. I thought this was weird too. Also thought that plain tortilla chips with melty cheese would be cheaper for Taco Bell. Doritos must have offered them a killer deal.

  3. How about Doritos WITH the cheese? Now we're talkin...