Saturday, May 01, 2010

Just Thinking....

Why after I paint my nails do I feel the need to do something that will ultimately destroy my freshly painted nails? Every time I paint my nails I do something that ruins one or more of the nails I just painted. I will even plan to do my nails and nothing else but then after I paint them I will feel the need to do anything, like clean the toilet or something.

Take tonight for instance. T. and his brother went to see a movie so I am home all evening doing nothing. I decide I have tons of stuff on the DVR to watch so why don’t I paint my nails and watch TV. I even go to the restroom before (made that mistake a couple times), got myself a drink and snack and was all prepared to sit and watch TV. But after a few minutes of sitting on the couch, in an attempt to let my nails dry, I decide I need to straighten up the living room….. which by the way when I was home all day by myself while T. was in class never once thought “hey you should clean the living room today” but apparently now that I have nice nails I have the itch to clean. Now had I not painted my nails, I would have stayed on the couch for hours and not even thought about doing anything except eating snacks. I also know full well my nails aren’t dry but think maybe if I touch them they will magically be dry and I will be released from the confinement of my couch. I of course touch them and leave a nice little finger print on not one but two of my newly painted nails. Yes, I did not just touch one but two…hoping that it would yield a different result. I believe that may be Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity…which is appropriate for me.

Is it more about patience or is it like when we were kids and we knew we were not suppose to do something like touch the hot stove or jump on the bed because we would get hurt but do it anyways because we want to test fate. I think the latter.

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  1. I REFUSE to paint my nails any other color than clear for all of the reasons you stated. It's impossible to keep them looking lovely.

    Damn it.