Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Self-Indulgent Post About My Birthday…It Is Just How I Do It At 30

Wixey Red Velvet - yum!

So my 30th birthday has come and gone and to my astonishment, not much has changed! I was expecting when I hit 30 all sorts of things would happen to me: like I would be wiser, more mature, and have a whole lot of insight into the world and the meaning of life…..yeah - not so much. I have, however, started getting into my nightgown at 5:45 p.m. instead of getting into my nightgown at 6:15 p.m. like I did when I was a spry 29 year old. I also have a hankering to watch Murder She Wrote on Netflix, once I figure out how that dang Netflix-thingy works. And for some reason I seem to be adding Metamucil to my morning coffee. But really, nothing besides my bowel movements (yep I said that) has changed!

So I have been unofficially celebrating my birthday since April 10th (yep, you read that right). I didn’t want a big party as I do not like all the fuss and attention. (I almost typed that with a straight face) Honestly I am more of a “lets celebrate my existence in small spurts but for as long as possible until reaching the cusp of ridiculousness” type of girl. It is different, believe me.

Since K’s birthday is about a month before mine, my mom and dad got us both a massage and manicure to use together. We be stressed. So on April 10th, my sister and I got AMAZING massages at Gallery Salon in BG (ask for Abby) and then we got manicures. It was so fun and K & I had a hard time not laughing the entire time as we cannot go too many places together and not crack up. You should see when our parents are with us; yep we are a hoot together. For the remainder of the weekend I was in a massage coma and nothing you could say or do to me would anger me. It was awesome for me and very awesome for Terry who took full advantage of the situation.

The following weekend was when my parents came into town to celebrate the day of my birth. This was a great weekend. It started Friday when my mom took my sister and I to get our hair did. (Insert more laughing and fun)

Here was my drab looking hair before:

And here it is after!

I got about 5 inches cut off and caramel highlights. I have to say I do love the difference. My hair was WAY too long and lifeless and though I do really love my longer hair, I think this length has much more shape and looks better on me at the moment. It is a good change.

(K&I with our new hair!!)

On Saturday my mom, sister, and I went and saw Wicked at the Stranahan. UM, LOVED IT! I never read the book (seriously, as if) but I love the Wizard of Oz and was so excited to see this musical. It was seriously AMAZING. I was in awe of the cast, they did such a wonderful job and sounded fantastic. My favorite part was actually the costumes. I. LOVED. THE. COSTUMES. I want that job of creating costumes. They all looked beautiful. I want to see this one again. And possibly again after that. Saturday we also went to dinner at P.F. Changs….delicious…..and then came home to eat these little wonders.

Coldstone creamery cupcakes. GASP! I have to say these things were pretty darn tasty. A chocolate shell with cake and ice cream and fudge and whip cream. Hold on, I need a moment.

So after sharing a very fun and relaxing weekend with my family (thank you!!), it was on to my actual day of honor. I took work off on Thursday as I figured it would not be right for me to show so much cheerfulness and enthusiasm at my place of employment, plus it would not be right of me to make each of my co-workers tell me every 30 minutes how awesome I am after they sing the Chi Chi’s version of Happy Birthday. I am kind like that. I just recorded it on my phone anyways and set the alarm to go off every 30 minutes…it was nice. I ended up taking Friday off as well. Mainly because I am not as young as I was when I was 29 and needed some time to recover from all the excitement.

Thursday night while T. was in class, my sister and I went to the melting pot for some FUNdue!

I thought it was delicious, who would not love a hot pot of melted cheese?! We also got a FREEEEEE chocolate fondue, which is really the epitome of indulgent…kind of like this post. I do have to say, for a full meal I may not choose this place but it is a fun place for a drink and cheese or chocolate. I also may not be fancy enough for places like this either (seriously, where do you put the peanut shells after you take them out of your purse…not on the floor that is for sure) and my clumsiness and goofiness is why we usually can’t go to nice places. Luckily I only made a fool of myself a few times, which was good! For me, I think this was one of those fun and trendy places to go to when you want to do something different and interactive with some friends, but not a regular place to go and eat. But that is just me and it was still very delicious!

HOT fundue!


I also have to show you what T. got me for my birthday….he got my filthy and disgusting car professionally cleaned!!! It looked BEAUTIFUL. I do not think it has ever looked this clean before. I loved it but was also extremely embarrassed at just how dirty my car was. Seriously, gross. This was a wonderful surprise! Now no one is allowed in my car without a hazmat suit on.


SO clean!

Sincerely, I joke but this was the best birthday ever. It was relaxing, fun, and full of the thing I love more than anything else…presents MY FAMILY!! I feel so incredibly lucky to have the best family in the world (this is not debatable). And if ALL this wasn’t enough, I got loads of wonderful birthday wishes from family and friends. I have been in a funk the past few months, not because I was turning 30 but just life…..and this really helped me put into perspective a few things in my life. Sometimes I can be negative and focus on the wrong things and forget all the wonderful people I have in my life and it makes me mad when I forget how blessed I am. Take away everything from my birthday, the special moments and laughter I shared with my family were truly the best moments. It has been awhile since I have laughed as hard as I did the past few weeks. I truly truly needed that positive energy and time with my family.

Hmmmmm, maybe turning 30 did give me perspective! Then again, maybe it is just because I am gassy and it is affecting my brain…dang Metamucil.

THANK YOU T., K., Mom & Dad for EVERYTHING!!!  I love you all SO much!  And thank you my friends for your thoughtful birthday wishes!!  Plus thanks to any of you who made it through this post without rolling your eyes :)


  1. LOLs. This is what I have to look forward to next year. :)

    HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! You are indeed awesome.

  2. You're lookin' HOT! Love the new 'do! And I'm so so so happy that you had a wonderful birthday celebration because you deserve it!

  3. i LOOOVE the new haircut - it's awesome. and SO was your birthday. happy freaking birthday. welcome to a bigger, better decade.

  4. What an awesome day!
    YOU look fantastic - that's an awesome birthday gift to yourself.


  5. OK:

    1. Your hair looks amazing. Seriously. I'm nearly ready to drive up to T-town and hit up your hairdresser. Love it!

    2. I am 100-percent down with self-indulgent posts if they're as entertaining as this one. :)

    3. Happy birthday!! Welcome to the 30s. I can say without hesitation that I like them WAY more than the 20s. Hooray!

  6. Gasp...why oh why did you have to post about those cupcakes?!?! I want one NOW....and I'm not sure that's on the plan to lose the babyweight in time to fit into my bridesmaid dress in a few months. ;)

    Love the hair....and I also want my car cleaned for my 30th in a few months. I bet it feels amazing!

    p.s. Happy Birthday!

  7. The hair rocks. You rock.

    Glad you had such an awesome birthday. I want all the same stuff for my birthday! It sounds perfect.