Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be Warned.....

......I am about to bombard your inboxes over the next 24 hours with comments. I am seriously coming at these blogs like a spider monkey all jacked up on Mtn. Dew* look out. I FINALLY have a few minutes to catch up on blogs at lunch and this evening. Seriously, this funk I have been in is taking up precious blogging time and is ridiculous.

I have a couple blogs to post as well, but will most likely not be blogging much until after my birthday (April 22nd) as I like to celebrate for no shorter than 2 weeks but preferably at least 3 weeks, when it comes to my birthday. (Unnecessary 30th birthday plug – inserted) So if my blog posts and comments are far and few between after today or maybe completely random and stupid please know that I will be giving my blogs and your blogs the attention they deserve when I am 30, as then I will be far more mature and responsible and able to focus on the blogs.
*Can anyone tell me why Mountain Dew now has their name stylized as "Mtn. Dew" on their cans?!  Seriously, it looks SO stupid. Your product is MOUNTAIN DEW, two words, do not abbreviate it...not everything these days needs to be text-message shortened.  At the rate we are going kids are not going to be able to spell anything because everything has to be shortened.  Even the words NO or YES are going to be hard....they will just write the letters N or Y.  So please feel free to udate the style but spell out Mountain Dew on your cans for the sake of our children.  Plus it looks like generic pop and makes you look a fool.


  1. Ha! Jenn, you are too funny! Hasn't "MNT" has been like that for like a couple decades... pre-text messaging? That makes it no less stupid, though!

    There is a professional person I work with who refuses to type "Yes".. he types "Y". And he's like 35. Dumbass. I always say, "You mean yes?" Heh.

  2. You weren't kiddin' about the comments. Ha! I LOVE IT! Yay, comments!

  3. I believe it has only be like this since late 2008, but of course maybe I am wrong and just noticed it...which wouldn't surprise me!!

    35 and using Y/N - ridiculous.

  4. MTN is funny. Our world is very abbreviated.

  5. PS Looking forward to the inbox bombing.

  6. i hate the new mountain dew redesign. it is ugly as crap. just putting that out there.

  7. I very much loved my inbox bombing today. XOXO!

  8. I love you Jenn. LOVE you.

    And, I'd like to say that I'd love me a can of mountain dew. There's ONE little tiny store that SOMETIMES has a can or two (God knows from where) and I always buy it for $1.50. :)

    I also love that you quoted Ricky Bobby's kid. (Was that Walker or Texas Ranger?)

    HUG. Miss you.

  9. HA! This post was awesome. It was not at all apparent that you were hopped up on Mtn (stupid) Dew when you wrote it. :)

    The abbreviation is RAMPANT in the corporate world. Everyone in my company communicates via instant message, and the unnecessary abbreviations abound. It was like learning a foreign language. Besides the standard "y" and "n" (and everything HAS to be lowercased; ugh), we have yw (you're welcome), ty (thank you), np (no problem) and, my new personal favorite, ut (you there?). No, I am not here. At least not until you spell out "Are you there?" Until then, I am boycotting you. Or, I'm sorry: bu. Ick.