Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talk To Me – Hair Questions

Ok folks, I am in need of some hair advice and there are a few questions I have!

First, I am SHEDDING like it was my JOB. Seriously, if this keeps up I may be bald by my 30th birthday. sigh I have always been a shedder and I know that there are other factors like the changes I have made in my diet recently and the excess stress I have had the past few months that can lead to extra shedding but come on I am constantly pulling more hair off my clothes and from my head ALL. DAY. LONG. Oh no, that is fine hair I didn’t need that handful of you anyway.

So here is my first question, does anyone know if there is something I can put on my hair or a supplement I can take along with my daily vitamin to help with my shedding problem?! Maybe I need more iron or vitamin B, or a wig….I have no clue?!

Second problem. The last 6 months I seem to be having very dry hair and scalp. Ugh. Don’t know if this is related to the shedding or not. I cannot find a good yet affordable shampoo that helps with the dryness. Any suggestions on a good shampoo and conditioner to help with the dry hair? Or any other products that might help with this?

Final question – If you want a change to your hair but are unsure what you want to do to your hair what do you do first? Do you try a new style with the length you currently have? Do you color your hair? Do you just cut it off and go for a drastic new style? Every few years I get this itch to do something different because I get SO bored with my current style, or lack there of, and that boredom usually means cutting off all my hair at the spur of the moment with no real plan. A few months (or hours) after I do it I wish my long hair was back and I hate my shorter hair cut but when it is long I want shorter hair but just can't find a style I like.  I am sure we all get in this funk at some point so how do you deal with those moments where you want to change your hairstyle but have no idea where to start?

Please, any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I usually don’t care much about my hair, but I need some help…..I turn 30 in 22 days and not only want my hair to stay on my head but want a nice fresh look as I enter my 30's but honestly have no clue where to start!


  1. My hair sheds too - I think that is a quality of long thick hair plus I never actually BRUSH my hair, I only comb it when it is wet in the shower.

    I struggle with the change too because I MUST have long hair other wise I am a mushroom. I would suggest trying a new color and maybe bangs?? A trim is always good but not a major cut.

  2. It sounds gross, but is the dryness on your scalp thick at all? If so,seborrheic dermatitis could be to blame, which can cause more hair to shed. I've had this. T-gel shampoo clears it up.

    ALso, hormonal changes can lead to hair loss. Now I'm going through THIS one. My body needs more estrogen and my hair should come back, but I can't do anything until I'm not pregnant anymore.

    Believe me, I'm the queen of hair loss problems lately. I use to have hair more like Een's, now you would NOT believe how thin it's gotten. I bawled.

  3. I've got that thick, course hair too, and I typically shed like crazy. (prenatal vitamin have stopped the shedding and now my hair is twice as thick).

    I used to try to get all those "good" shampoos, but lately I"ve been getting Dove shampoo and conditioner and I'm loving it. I put a ton of conditioner on, tie it up and put a shower cap over it to kind of let my hair "steam" in the shower. Not sure if it's this, or the vitamin, but my hair has never ben softer.

    Often a good color helps my hair calm down too. It coats the strands and makes it much more manageable and less frizzy for me.

    Oh, I've also avoided the blow dryer for quite awhile. I shower at night, let my hair air dry (seriously, a VERY scary sight) and then just use the flat iron in the morning. I think that's helped too.

  4. OMG. I had this long-ass comment typed and the my effing Internet connection dropped and I lost everything! FML.


    Hi, J. I miss you.

    Ask your doctor to write you a prescription for Clobex shampoo. My hair was thinning and my scalp was flaking off in sheets (that's hot) until I used it. Like Nadja suggested, I had seborrheic dermatitis. T-Gel didn't work for me, personally, and I didn't like how it altered my haircolor. Because I am vain and stuff. After my insurance, the shampoo costs $20, but you only use it for 4 weeks and you're CURED.

    As for a noticeable, yet non-committal change, I suggest you try the Ion Brilliance DEMI-permanent hair color at Sally Beauty Supply. It is a salon-quality glaze that deposits color, but gradually washes out within 4-6 weeks so you don't have to worry about roots. DO NOT use comparable products like Clairol! They have so much ammonia and peroxide in them that they permanently lightened my hair and made it brassy.

    The Sally's stuff is only $5-7 for the tube of color and the developer, and that's enough for 2-3 applications. Waaay cheaper than what I was paying in the salon for the same treatment, and my stylist is actually the one who told me about the Sally's stuff!

    If you're interested in trying that, let me know so I can tell you how all the colors "take." For example, Medium Natural Blonde is actually more of a light brown.

    Good luck!

  5. Haha... am I the only one who thinks it's funny that you've said "shedding" about a million times in this post? Not that I have any other suggestions as to what to call it!

    I LOVE Pureology shampoo. I happen to use the color care one, but I'm sure they are all good. I used to use Biolage... but it TOTALLY made my scalp dry & itchy.

    Also, about hair cuts... don't be afraid to chop some off! I used to be afraid of the chop, but now I'm a fan. Short hair is super nice... or, if you're not that brave, I find just a couple inches makes my hair feel SO much healthier.

    Good luck, friend!

  6. Thanks ladies :) I am glad I am not the only one who when she walks leaves a trail of hair behind me!

    I will check about that seborrheic dermatitis, though when I told Terry to check my scalp to see how flakey and stuff it looked he said that my only problem is that I am dirty because I only wash my hair a couple times a week. Oh, I love that man.

    I think I am going to color and then get some partial high/low lights to start. Lori, I also want to try that DEMI-permanent hair color. I have tried their permanent and I liked it, but the root thing is SO annoying especially because my hair keeps getting darker and darker. Plus I can't seem to find the color I like and though it is not bad it turns out nothing like I thought so I stopped using it. Going with that kind may actually be better! I will send you a message to see what you suggest.

    Sarah I love letting my hair air dry and see how crazy it will look the next day! It is a surprise every time :)

    S.W. your hair looked SUPER cute when you cut it, maybe I will be brave and cut a little more off!