Thursday, March 11, 2010

John, I Didn’t Expect This From You

Ok, have you seen the previews for the Hot Tub Time Machine? I don’t know what to make of this movie….I think it is a joke and by joke I don’t mean a comedy I really mean a JOKE….this can’t be a real movie can it?!

I seriously ADORE John Cusack and have a totally unhealthy crush on him and love every movie he does, but I don’t understand why he would ever do a movie like this. I mean the title itself “Hot Tub Time Machine” is just simply ridiculous!!


Ok, I just watched the preview again and started laughing, but it is SO ridiculous and looks so stupid I shouldn’t be laughing. This movie is a conundrum.

Hot Tub Time Machine?! I mean really, how can you take this as a real movie. Oh John, I expect this from other but not from you. But I will still see this and I will always love you in a totally creepy and stalker type way.

Terry has a theory. He thinks it is a total gag movie, all a huge spoof on bad comedies. A comedy yes, but the most intentionally ridiculous absurd comedy out there!! I hope he is right and that this movie is just SO over the top that it is funny, nah hilarious.

I anticipate this movie to be a small popcorn, bag of gummy worms and share a drink! We’ll see :)


  1. (It is bad that I TOTALLY want to see this movie?)

  2. every time i see the trailer for this flick i think "how in the world does something like this get the green light?" it boggles the mind.

    even the name is crazy: Hot Tub Time Machine.

    although, i like the theory that it's a spoof on all other bad movies.....

  3. Wow, that does look really dumb. But...I totally want to see it simply for the eye candy of John Cusack.

  4. I do think the movie looks totally ridiculous, but a co-worker friend said his buddy saw a special screening and said it was hilarious. He said it blew Pineapple Express out of the water. Since it wasn't my actually friend I don't know his humor or get to ask him what the movie was like at all. It did definitely make me think that I shouldn't judge before I hear and see more about it. It also made me want to see the movie since I like goofy comedies that stem from something that could never really happen.

  5. Louis thought the same thing. He could not possibly accept that it was real.

    I, on the other hand, think I'll enjoy it. I'm trusting John's judgement and I LOVE the guy on the far left on The Office.

    John Cusack and someone from The Office? Of COURSE it will work.

  6. Paul & I have had similar conversations about this. I agree with T, it HAS to be a parody on ridiculous comedies. It HAS to be. Cusack's career isn't that far in the toilet er... hottub? toilet... is it?

    (I heart him too)

  7. For the record I REALLY want to see this movie based solely on the fact that this movie shouldn’t work and therefore I imagine it WILL work. But seriously, it is just a crazy ridiculous concept for a movie

  8. Darrell from the Office rules. I am skeptical that this movie is even kind of funny.

  9. I saw a sneak preview of this movie last week and it was totally hilarious. There is quite a bit of "sick" humor (which I loved). Think The Hangover but better. Non-stop laughs! Definitely worth the $10 to see it in the theater.