Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Believe.....

I have written a few (teehee, just a few…..riiiiiight) things, some more serious than others, that I believe in. FYI, it may be long but it reads quick :)

I believe if you make a product like tissue or toilet paper and it has “Soft” or “Fluffy” in the name or description it should in fact BE soft or fluffy.

I believe springing ahead and losing an hour of sleep is just mean but worth it for that extra bit of day light in the evenings.

I believe that Taco Bell will always be the perfect food after a night of drinking.

I believe that gay couples should be allowed to get married and should have every right as a heterosexual couple has under law. If a gay couple gets married it has NO EFFECT on me or anyone else, but not allowing them to get married makes a huge difference to them. If a church chooses to not marry a couple (any couple for that matter) that is one thing, but the Government should NOT be allowed to choose whether couples of legal age can marry.

I believe women should have the right to choose. But I also believe life is a very valuable and precious gift.

I believe that food brings people together and that it is very important to cook together and eat dinner together as a family.

I believe the seasons should be Fall, Fall, Spring, Fall.

I believe that the bullshit between the political parties needs to calm down. I am TIRED of people not passing or even making an effort to pass items in Congress just because they are trying to move their party’s agendas forward. It is about the people…NOT you.

I believe that a day should not go by without laughter.

I believe that a child’s laugh is the best sound in the world.

I believe that if you so choose you should have days where you eat whatever you want, stay in bed as long as you want, and/or do absolutely nothing around the house that is considered a chore.....and not feel one ounce of guilt about doing so. We all deserve a break.

I believe every stereotype has an ounce of truth.

I believe some people’s fear of God & religion molds their opinions and not in a positive way. I don’t fear God, but rather I fear people who fear God (knowingly or unknowingly) and make judgments/opinions on others based on those fears.

I believe that crying for no reason can be a form of therapy and is ok but if you are always crying you should look for help.

I believe it is ok to ask for help when you need it and to also not be afraid to take help when offered.

I believe that having Faith, praying, and being a respectful person who wants to help others is far more important than just going to Church every week solely because you feel you should.

I believe that the song "Fireflies" by Owl City should be banned from all radio stations…that includes my Yahoo Radio Station that plays it at least 5 times a day. I want to punch myself in the face repeatedly when I hear it.

I believe violence isn’t the answer.

I believe Dr. Seuss is the best author of all time. His books really speak to me….and in a rather lovely rhythmic style.

I believe I made the right choice by voting for President Obama and that he has given me no reason to think I made a wrong decision.

I believe that the Girl Scout Carmel deLites or “Samoas” came from heaven and are truly a gift from God and that is why they can only be sold once a year. Too much of a good thing is bad. (I think that is a commandment or something.)

I believe most of the people in the media are full of crap and do nothing more than release misleading or in some cases straight up wrong information to create fear to get people to watch their news. It is about ratings not reporting.

I believe in National Public Radio.

I believe cats are a wonderful pet and get a bad rap…good thing I have cute kitties and no one thinks that of mine.

I believe there are a lot of things we should NOT be entitled to and that our Government should not provide….Health Care should not be included on that list. I believe some form of universal, government funded health care should be available to those who need it/want it and it is very necessary in our country.

I believe one day, when the time is right, we will have a child.

I believe that Terry going to Cincinnati for a year is going to be incredibly difficult but I believe he is making the right decision and it will be worth it.

I believe that even though we are actually very different, Terry is the perfect match for me and I feel lucky that we found each other.

I believe it is important to listen to others, though you don’t always have to agree with them.

I believe blogging has allowed me to open up more and not be such an introvert.

I believe I love not just blogging but the people I have met through it.

I believe Sunkist is the best carbonated beverage ever.

I believe the newest version of “We Are The World” is stupid.

I believe kindness should be one of the simplest gestures to show towards others but seems to be the hardest gesture for people to demonstrate.

I believe everyone should respect other people’s beliefs, even if they are not your own.

I believe I have typed the word BELIEVE far too many times in one blog post and should stop.

What do YOU believe......


  1. Awww.. I love this. :) And I agree with you on most everything... especially your political and social views. Refreshing, considering the super-conservatives I'm surrounded by most days.

  2. I believe I heart you WK! This post was so great.

  3. Amen to those!

  4. I believe this is my favorite post of the week.

    I believe we agree on everything.

  5. I haven't heard the newest version of "We are the World", so I don't have an opinion, but I'm with you on everything else. Especially Fall, Fall, Spring, Fall.