Friday, March 26, 2010

Really Census, You Are Just A Tease.

So that is it? That is all the information you wanted from us? You have had a bunch of commercials, you sent me a letter saying the census was coming, you sent me the actual census, and then you sent a postcard reminding me to fill out my census because it is "mandatory under law" and all you wanted to know about me was my name, age and race?!


For the record Census I like filling out forms and for as much as you spent working me up I think you should have asked more about me. For instance are you interested in my favorite color, maybe my favorite TV show, or how about hobbies I have? Yes maybe you do not need that information right now, though I am sure you could find good use for it, but it would have made me feel like I was contributing more and would think “hey these people really are interested in me!” I guess you are just a tease Census…you pumped me up and got me all excited to fill out your forms and then it was like you didn’t put out at the end of it and then on top of that you threaten me to fill out your boring forms!! Not cool. I feel very disappointed Census; I thought we were going to have something very special.


  1. Oh my gosh I totally agree. Our Census came and I stashed it away for "when I had time to sit down and fill it out" - little did I know that it took all of two seconds to complete. Stupid!

  2. Now mine took more thinking...

    I'm Spanish, and they seem REALLY interested as to what kind of Hispanic origin I am. So if I am, is Athena Spanish enough to be counted as a fellow Spaniard? And what about Zofia? She in there. She's moving around. She lives with me in this house, but is this her actual address? Do I count her even though I don't know her birthday for sure? And is SHE Spanish enough too???

    Will I go to jail if I don't figure this out and send it back in a timely manner?????

    I'm going to go eat lunch.

  3. I feel that you should write a blog post about what the CENSUS doesn't ask. Then fill it out.

    I, for one, would love to read it.