Friday, March 19, 2010

It is Concert Season Again!!

If you know me, it is absolutely no surprise that I LOVES me some concerts!! If there is a band performing in the area that we love then we are there!

So last weekend Kristen and I and some of her friends went and saw MUSE in concert at the Palace in Detroit. Can I just say their show was flipp’n AWESOME! Seriously, one of the best concerts I have ever gone to! I have heard their shows are pretty great as they use a lot of lights, lasers, and giant screens but being there and seeing them and hearing them in person was just amazing. They had an awesome light show, had three moving elevator platforms for each of them to be on during different parts of the performance, they had giant video screens on and above those platforms that constantly played something that visually fit with the songs, and they had giant balloon eyeballs that popped and sprinkled confetti on parts of the audience! (really does it get better than giant confetti filled balloon eyeballs?! No.) Muse was amazing and they sounded even BETTER then they sound on their CD…which is always a fear sometimes when you see people in concert, that they sound horrible live.  But that was not even close to the case with these lovely gentleman. They managed to give a true rock concert performance and I seriously was in awe.

CLICK HERE for video footage from this tour. It is suh-WEET.

We actually had perfect seats too, second level but first row. (Good job with that K.) We had a perfect view of the stage and the light show and we had no one in front of us which was great because I could just sit there and chill and take it all in. (Yes I said sit, I might be a bit prudish at times.) Muse sounded perfect and really knows how to put on a visually entertaining show. This is a MUST SEE show. They managed to greatly exceed any and every expectation I had. THAT is why I love music the way I do and LOVE going to concerts, I truly enjoy seeing these artists perform and express themselves in the biggest way they can… LOVE IT!

AND, if seeing this concert wasn’t excitement enough for the year the day before we found out that Iron Maiden…that’s right F'N IRON MAIDEN, is touring again and will be around in July! If you remember, their concert was the BEST concert I have ever seen. You can bet your ass that I will be trying to get tickets....which go on sale this weekend!!

Anyone else seeing any concerts this year?!
(I may want to tagalong!!)

Iron Maiden….July 15 at Blossom!!!!


  1. Ahhh....sadly, I think this may be a slow concert season for me. Boo.

    Though R and I did just go see Aaron Lewis - acoustic a couple weeks ago. He was amazing. And I'm not sure anything beats a good voice and an acoustic guitar. In a very, very small venue. He didn't even need any amplification. Pretty nice.

  2. I think we are seeing Tom Petty in July! Trying to get Buffett tix for Detroit (sold out).

  3. Have you seen Tom Petty live before, Iris? LOVE him live! (Love him recorded too. Just love him.)

    I'm going to see Barenaked Ladies in May. And I saw Sawyer Brown in February!

  4. IRON MAIDEN!!!!!! I will meet you there!!!! (maybe, if jon will let me) that's on my life list.

    Love me some Muse, sounds fun!

  5. Grumbles, I liked Iron Maiden's music but wasn't sure what to expect seeing them in concert...they were flipp'n AWESOME and I had to see them again! If anyone from our group cancels I will let you know!! :)