Thursday, March 18, 2010

SO Close Little Buddy

"I am so one will EVER be able to find me in here!!"

This picture cracked me up and I thought I would share!  This is our buddy cat, Sebastian, and he is trying to fit into his tiny cat stand.  As you can see, he is just a smidge too big!

I think he really wishes he was smaller, especially because Belle is so tiny and easily fits into all the places he can't.  Poor buddy...he really is a special cat!

Kristen.....Do you think it is bigger on the inside?!


  1. Aahaha! I love this! He really probably thinks you can't see him!

    Reminds me of when Tucker is begging and we yell at him, so he stays where he is and just stops making eye contact with us... like "I'm not begging if I'm not looking directly at you!"

    Animals are funny!

  2. HAHA! Your cats (and captions) crack me up!