Sunday, March 14, 2010

So Should I Add Facebook and Texting to my Resume?!

So I was in Cincinnati last weekend and I was in my hotel, bored, and reading through some local papers/ads I had picked up (in an attempt to familiarize myself with the town my husband will be living in for a year) when I skimmed across the following job posting:

"Marketing, Promotions, Event Planner Manager

Hiring for XXXXX in downtown Cincinnati on Fountain Square. This job will require booking parties, Happy Hour events, etc. by e-mailing, texting, telephone answering, operting the company facebook, working with the Convention Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and others."

Besides the fact that this is just a vague and I feel bad job description, I highlighted a few areas of interest. First being that the word operating is spelled operting. I think accurate spelling in a two sentence job posting is fairly important. Obviously, they are looking for a Marketing Editor as well….if anyone is interested.

Next, since when did booking parties by texting become the appropriate means of which to do business in the Marketing/Event world? I know I have been out of the event world for a few years but is this how things are done now?! “Big prty 2nite @ XXXX. Hope 2 C U there. RSVP 2 me ASAP. CU Soon!!” I mean, really. And BTW (just practicing for the job) when did actually texting become a skill set in a professional job?

Um, telephone answering? Besides the wording of this I just want to say DUH!! sigh Moving on.

Operting the company facebook. Now I realize that facebook is the new thing when it comes to marketing and many businesses are starting a facebook page and I think that is great because it is a fast way to have access to many people but does it need to be added to the job description in a newspaper ad right after telephone answering? Answer - not so much.

My point is, when I was looking for a job a couple years ago I started noticing how sloppy & unprofessional job descriptions were getting both online and in print and how places that I believe to be good places to work seemed to have very shoddy job descriptions. Now granted I know in this economy you can’t turn your nose up to every job just because you don’t like the wording in the job description, but a job description like this makes me think this job is nothing more than a joke. As much as I would love planning happy hour events, operting facebook, texting and telephone answering all day I think this job description sounds perfect for a 16 year old.

And this was not the only job description that had issues. Lazy.

Dear companies – Take a little pride in your available jobs, even if it is just facebooking and texting all day.

P.S. As an actual event planner, I am a bit insulted by how many jobs get labeled “Event Planner”. I think they just throw around that job title on any job that deals with scheduling something for a business because it seems hip and cool to have an Event Planner position. Anyone who has been a REAL Event Planner knows that, though it is a fun job at times, it is FAR more than just hosting parties and putting dates in a planner and it is a job that can kick your ass and is not always easy.

Ok, hold on while I find a way down from my soapbox.

I am not even looking for a job right now, but I can only imagine if this is how bad it is now what it will be like in a few more years!!


  1. I think you should share this with that company. Seriously. It is, and they should be embarrassed.

  2. It was frustrating me that you were spelling operating wrong in your post, I know you were mocking them, but I kept stopping and trying to sound it out. I don't know how you could post that to a paper spelled wrong.

  3. I think the only way the rationalize this is by paying said hired person for a very small salary. These "Event" positions are really entry level positions. If they are not, the person posting that job should be ashamed.