Friday, June 27, 2008

There Is No Turning Back Now.

Dear Sister;

I know this weekend you will be moving in with us - sucker. I will admit that I am very excited but I think it is only fair that I give you some words of advice, bits of knowledge before you move in about this transition and what to expect. Please consider all that I am about to say to you as your only warning.

1) First, I want to say we are not your parents and we want you to enjoy your college experience exactly like you would if you were living with your friends. Of course we (I mean, I) do expect you to do whatever we (once again, I) say.

2) Rent is due the first of the month. We WILL make you sleep in the basement if rent is not paid on time. And for every day late it is we will add on a $50 service charge. Oh, we would also like our $1200 non-refundable deposit paid by this weekend. We will take cash, all in $20’s.

3) I hope you realize this is your home now too and that you should feel comfortable to do what you want. Of course I use the phrase “do what you want” loosely…I really mean if you want to do something in our house ask us first and then it is up to our discretion on what we will allow you to do. Chances are we will say no to everything that does not benefit us.

4) If you would like to invite anyone over please make sure you fill out the Request to Have House Guests Form, which will be located in the basement next to the washer and dryer (don’t worry, you will become very familiar with this area and will be down there frequently). We will need three weeks notice for a request as well as a $20 non-refundable transaction fee. The fee is due when you turn in the RTHHG form. We welcome your friends, however I don’t see how you will have time to have a social life with all the stuff you will be doing for us (me).

5) Please be aware that Terry likes to walk around in the nude. To avoid any uncomfortable moments please make sure that before you enter a room you yell 3 times “Kristen is entering the room. Please lock and load any loose valuables.” You will either get an all clear from Terry at which time you may enter, or if there is no response it really is at that point a “enter at your own risk” scenario.

6) We do like to use the bathroom facility and leave the door open. Please follow the rules for #4 when walking near one of the bathrooms. Also, it would be in your best interest to keep away from these “danger” areas as we call them if you know T is taking care of business, as the toxic waste radiating out could smell very bad and bring tears to your eyes. People have also been known to pass out.

7) Any therapy you may incur due to your stay with us is not covered under our lease. Sorry for any inconvenience if you go crazy but honestly, maybe you should have thought out this living situation earlier.

8) Please do not eat the food T&I buy from the store, but if you have anything that looks good you will have to share with us & any of our friends.

9) There will be a chore board for the entire house. You are expected to complete ALL chores in a timely fashion. If there is a problem completing all the chores then let us know and we would be happy to sit down with you and talk about your time management skills….or lack there of.

10) The cats pretty much can do what they want in the house. If they want in your room - let them. If they drink out of your water cup - then you shouldn’t have left it unattended. If they want to meow all night and annoy us - we will lock them in your room. On the hierarchy list, they are above you.

So now that the formalities are out of the way I am sure we will have a blast living together!!! It should be fun, right?!?! You excited!!

Love Always,

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Talk To Me....

So T & I are in the beginning stages of planning a garage sale. And by beginning stages I mean we just decided to have one last week. We are trying to become more minimalists and get rid of stuff that we have no need for and haven’t touched in years.

I think the last garage sale I helped with was maybe in high school?!?! So since T & I are on the inexperienced side with this, we were wondering if any of you had tips/tricks for us? And what are things going for? CD’s, shoes. Purses, clothes, etc…. What is a reasonable price for stuff that is good quality?

Any tips on this would be MUCH appreciated! In the meantime I will be watching some episodes of Clean House to inspire me to start throwing stuff away and to see how to garage sale! Oh that Niecy Nash!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Check Another One Off My List

So this last Sunday T, myself, my sister, her boyfriend, and my parents all went to go see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers at Blossom! This was a pretty great concert! Tom Petty is just one of those individuals who may not always be in my CD player but I know so many of his songs and just love him. I think it is great to be able to say I saw him perform and to actually see someone like him perform was truly amazing. He sounded fantastic (better live I think), seemed truly thankful, and just had a nice vibe.

Overall the concert was great. T & I did have to cut out early b/c he had to get up at 6 am. We were actually surprised at how many people were leaving early – most likely people who had to work and/or had a long drive. Side note: I am not a fan of a Sunday concert. Especially one with someone like Tom Petty and one that is at an outdoor venue – why Sunday?!?! Anywho, we did at least get to hear some of our favorite songs, as well as a few odd ball songs we have never heard of. I appreciated the mix of songs he played, and it was fun hearing some more obscure stuff. I was sad I left before Runnin’ Down A Dream, oh well.

So I have a few things I noticed or wanted to comment about regarding the concert and decided to list them out. So here are some observations from the Concert:

- Tom Petty ROCKED!
- I loved his purple velvet jacket - no one else could pull that off!
- Not a fan of Steve Winwood but you can’t deny he is a great musician….just too mellow for me for a concert (sorry dad, but I am glad you enjoyed him!)
- The rock flute – think Anchorman!
- They were selling roses and Harley Davidson beads before the show – um, sure why not?!?!
- A lot of bright colored outfits and tons of stoned washed jeans
- You can buy 50 cent earplugs out of an old cigarette machine – awesome (and gross)
- The Beer Guy in the lawn area
- Wet & cool weather…FYI: If your significant other says he/she doesn’t not need a sweatshirt but you know it is going to be cool and wet – bring one anyways.
- We saw some guy sporting the rat tail hair style. Enough said.
- Middle-aged drunk white people should not dance…let me repeat that for you in the back…..Middle-aged drunk white people please DON’T DANCE!!! For your sake and mine.
- The dancing people sitting beside my parents. (please refer to above)
- The really drunk crazy lady dancing and singing non-stop (also refer to above)
- A man wearing a balloon flower hat. ok
- A TOTALLY different crowd then Iron Maiden…and I don't know if that is a good thing or not. This crowd was by far more rowdy then I. M. The people at Tom Petty wanted to drink, party, get stoned, dance, and go wild! And of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
- The people at the gates almost didn’t let my sister in – yeah, they new she would be trouble.
- Pot, Pot, and more Pot. It was everywhere…including right next to Terry.
- Terry had two open seats next to him and people kept moving in and out of them. At one point he had two girls smoking pot and another time had a girl and her boyfriend who offered T. popcorn and kept dancing all over each other.
- Again – Preferred Parking is awesome. The feeling I get when I drive past all the people who didn’t get preferred parking and their faces when they see us drive by is almost an evil feeling.
-The security guard by our section was HOT! Great eye-candy.
- We sat in the last row of seats before the lawn. This is a GREAT place to be, especially just to people watch! I love to people watch
- There were SO many people there, it was nuts!
- I would see him again in a heartbeat.

Meet Eyecandy! Why hello!!

Not great pictures...but look at all these people!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I Love...

Our New Computer!!!!

Yes, we recently got a new desktop computer! It was a seriously sweet deal and my laptop that I got when I graduated is on its way out and a bit outdated. (Thanks mom & dad!!)

It is a Dell Inspiron - I am a PC girl forever...don't try to change me MAC users - it has a 19" flat screen, some great accessories and is so pretty. (yeah, I am a girl and I think it is pretty). I really don't know all the features it has yet as we just hooked it up and the FIRST thing I did was blog about it, hehe! I will tell you one thing - this computer rocks!

(bad camera phone pics)

Friday, June 20, 2008


Ok, I heard about this at work today and let me just say this really upsets me.

Apparently there are a group of girls (under the age of 16) who made a pact to get pregnant. The article says that many of these girls have low self-esteem and wanted to create a pact to all have babies together and raise them together. Currently there are 17 girls who are pregnant at this high school. Apparently, one girl even got pregnant from a 24 year old homeless guy. Click here for the full story.

I have to tell you this really upsets me. These kids, because that is what they are - KIDS, have NO idea what it takes to raise a child and the responsibility, time & money it requires, it was just something “cool” to do. I understand accidents happen, but to intentionally make a pact with a group of girls to bring LIFE into this world when you have no money, no education, no real support is just plain foolish.

Yes I know they are young but I believe we are not being hard enough on the youth today and they get away with SO much….where are the rules and where is the enforcement from the families for these rules. I think that society now views having a child at a very young age and out of wedlock as a fad. Now like I said, accidents happen or some people just don’t want to get married and I understand that. However I feel that for the past couple years the latest “fashion accessory” in young Hollywood is a baby – ridiculous.

I take the idea of having a child very seriously and it is something that when we are ready I will not go into lightly and it pisses me off to see young people out there having kids b/c it would be something fun to have, or to dress up, or because they see all the attention the magazines give young girls who have kids…and think “that would be cool”.

I truly wish these girls all the best b/c their life just got or is about to get so hard. I truly hope this fills whatever it is they feel like they are missing in their lives and that they finish school and make a good life for their child. But it makes me sad to think that these young girls are going to miss out on some of their most carefree days of their life b/c they made the decision (without an ounce of logical thought) to take on this tremendous responsibility of bringing life into this world.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Love....

Ben & Jerry's Mini's!!!

Terry found these at the store last night and brought some home for us to try! They are mini Ben & Jerry Ice Cream "cups". They are about 3.2 ounces of ice cream (200 calories if you care) and even come with your own little plastic "spoon"! FUN!

And the best part is you can eat the whole container and not have to feel bad, though I don't think you should really feel bad after eating ice cream in the first place. These are WAY cute, and the perfect amount of ice cream!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Everyone's Doing It

I just read online that Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong attended an Iron Maiden Concert! (here) That’s right, it is the cool thing to do!

A Little Story:

So there once was this girl in her late 20’s who was a bit cheap when it came to getting her hair cut. She didn’t mind spending a good amount of money at a high end salon on things such as body waves, coloring or highlights, but on a simple hair cut…..well lets just say she wasn’t buying it. Infact this girl did not like to spend more than $20 for a cut. Of course this girl had had her share of bad haircuts at cheap salons but she also had some good ones.

Now one day this girl decided she wanted her hair cut, as it was dull and lifeless. It had no shape and she was tired of her current style, or should we say lack of style. So she decided to call around to some mid-range beauty shops, but alas, no availability until the end of the week. She didn’t want to spend the money at the higher end salon she typically goes to nor did she want to wait for an appointment. The girl was sad and desperate (a combination that never goes well together) and she was determined to get a hair cut that day.

So as she headed home, a bit tired from her work day but steadfast with the thought of getting her hair cut THAT day she remembered seeing a sign for a hair place right off the exit and figured they took walk-ins. She had never been there, but thought she would check it out.

So as she pulled up to the place she noticed that some things looked strange, first being the little hand made crafts in the window as well as the pieces of paper taped to the window that held information about their products and services. Oh well, she thought….at least go in and see what it is like, it is probably not expensive and will be done quickly..…it can’t be that bad. But no sooner had she thought those words then she realized it COULD be that bad. As she walked into the door she was instantly hit with the aroma of mothballs and old beauty products. As she looked around and glimpsed over the dusty, fake floral arrangements from 1984 she noticed some movement in the back of the shop. Sitting in two chairs at the far end of the shop were two rather old individuals. They each had completely silver hair and walking canes. She then quickly glanced at the person who would most likely be cutting her hair and noticed a slow moving older lady with blue elastic wasted pants and a white shirt with two puppies playing in a bed of flowers on the front. The lady was sweeping up the silver hair from her previous clients.

With out a second thought or a word to anyone in the shop she quickly turned around and headed back to her car. As she walked away from the twilight zone she had just entered she grabbed her phone and dialed the fancy salon in town. At this point the thought of spending $50 for a cut and style as well as having to wait for a week didn’t matter in the least. She had seen what trying to be TOO cheap could have led too and it terrified her. Of course this wasn’t the first time this girl made a mistake when it came to her hair, and it surely won’t be the last….however I think she learned that she is not quite ready for that particular beauty shop and that she needs to go some place where people are at least in the same age box that she is in.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Best Concert EVER!!!!!

(For those interested…..)

So I don’t even know where to start when it comes to talking about the Iron Maiden concert. I mean WOW! I can say that it DID NOT disappoint and it was better then I ever expected. I would also say it is and will most likely be the best concert I ever saw or will ever see. Yep, I feel comfortable saying that.

Whether you are a fan of Rock/Metal music or not, there is no denying how fantastic this show was and how great their music and stage presence is. They are truly one of a kind. They have been doing this for 30 years and still have the same energy, enthusiasm, talent, and influence that they did many years ago. They are truly a talented band that seems to be doing this because they love it! And the fact that they have so many fans with limited radio airplay and support from media just shows how amazing they truly are! I honestly enjoyed them before, but I have a newfound respect for their music after seeing them live.

So yes, the concert itself was awesome! It had pyrotechnics, fire, very large moving marionettes, and a kick-ass stage set-up. They played for 2 hours straight and played hard. They all sounded amazing, Bruce’s vocals were dead on and the band, well they are just extremely talented musicians. The great thing was that it was a full on show. When you pay $65 for tickets, it is great to get a show that is entertaining – 2 hours of pure excitement, not just sitting in your seats listening to music (which as a music lover is still great, but this had everything). We were on our feat the entire time screaming and singing…my voice is finally sounding not so rough!

And the fans, they are amazing. The band was so appreciative and said thank you a few times to all the support they get from their fans. And the fans, well there are ALL sorts of people at these concerts! It was kind of funny, we saw a sea of black t-shirts on what was a rather hot day :) hehe There were your typical long haired metal people (like my husband), young kids with their fathers, women all dolled up, people as casual as you can get (i.e. no shirt and underwear showing above their shorts), men in buttoned down collared shirts, everything! And there was no drama, or name-calling, pushing or rudeness at all. People just wanted to have fun and see this band play. It just made for an all-around good and comfortable evening.

I really have TONS of thoughts in my head about this concert – but don’t know how to put it all down in a blog….though I am doing a great job at just ranting – huh?!

So in conclusion: Best show ever, fantastic music, great stage show, a 13 foot walking Eddie Cyborg, a moving Eddie Mummy, fire/pyrotechnics, cool set, great costumes, awesome fans, singing as loud as I can, screaming until you can’t scream anymore, seeing my husband enjoying EVERY second and totally in his atmosphere, preferred parking, tons of energy, truly remarkable performances, I get it now, our new concert “friends” in front of us who kept talking to us, the big guy who walked in the wrong row (our row) and just stood there for a minute, sweating our asses off, enjoying this with my sister, just a great overall evening!

Now on to Tom Petty!!!

Any concerts you just LOVED or are excited about seeing someday?

Tip: If you go to Blossom GET the preferred parking. It is a little more, but WELL worth it. My parents got it for us and we got right in and it didn’t take long to get out, maybe about 15 – 20 minutes. My parents were in general a few weeks ago to see Eric Clapton and they waited for 2 hours to get out of the parking lot and get to their hotel.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Nothing Personal....

.....But I won't be blogging much the next few days.

Why you ask, well b/c tomorrow we are headed to Blossom to see Iron Freak'n Maiden!!!!!!


Awesome music by one of the most influentual metal bands, overly warm weather, sweaty/smelly people, beer, friends....I mean does it get better?!?! (don't answer that...hehe)

Then post Iron Maiden show we will be heading back home to spend a long weekend with my family!

I will be posting about the pure awesomeness that is Iron Maiden later this weekend!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Ok, Maybe I Am That Person.

So please let me introduce you to Belle and Sebastian, no not the group, they are our cats. (I understand, there are not many cat lovers...but these two are different)

In honor of their recent Birthdays (Sebastian's was yesterday, Belle's was in March) and the fact that I think these two fury friends are totally cute, I decided to post some pictures of these lovable, slightly ill-tempered, totally adorable felines.

Meet Sebastian (Nicknames: Buddy Cat, Godzilla): Yes, he has a face only we can love! He is a big cat we think 18-20 pounds, but it isn't fat...he is just BIG, well he does have a pouch that jiggles back and forth when he runs! He is a bit moody, very independent and has a little bit of an attitude. He loves fresh water and will drink it from anyone's unattended cup and has to have a clean liter box. He is very OCD, and loves a routine and gets pissed when things don't go "his way". He is the older of the 2 cats (7ish we think). We got him 4 years ago from the humane society after he had been brought in b/c he was hit by a car and VERY badly injured. We knew instantly this bitchy feline needed some love! He is a bit stubborn, but secretly he loves us!

Meet Belle: (Nicknames: Mouse: Baby Belle): She is the younger one, just
turned 2 this year. We got her as a 5 week old kitten from a farm. She is extremely needy, loves attention and loves doesn't matter what it is she wants it. She is also a very ornery cat who loves to provoke and torment her older "brother". She is so tiny and small (hence mouse) but thinks she is bigger then Sebastian and loves to wrestle and play chase. She also is a bit of a spazz! She loves to give me 'massages" and loves to sit on people's shoulders. I think she has a complex because she is so tiny!

I Don't get what is up with the paw in front of their mouth, but it is cute!

She likes to bathe him?!?!

These Pictures are NOT right.

Oh Yeah, and they like to wrestle!!!

So there you go. A few pictures and a brief bio of our cats for your viewing & reading pleasure!
Ok, yes I am bored and don't know what to blog about :)

A Reason To Celebrate!!!

So according to MSN today is National Doughnut Day! YAY!!!

Click here for their recommendations for favorite doughnut places or click here to see how to make your own doughnuts!

So, what is YOUR favorite kind of doughnuts and/or doughnut places?

(mine in the comments)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No Stopping Me Now!!!

I just found this weekend on our Oxygen On Demand Channel that we get Karaoke!!


Yep, you pick the song you want (there are maybe 30 or so) and then it plays on your TV just like Karaoke! Of course my friends and I HAD to try it out! A little Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again", Some "Hello" by Lionel Richie, and a few others!

Oh, there is nothing like butchering classic Karaoke songs with your friends to make for an awesome evening!

Are You My Boo?!?!

So yesterday night after T&I watched National Treasure 2 we decided to turn on a news station to see what was going on with Obama/Clinton. We turned on Anderson Cooper, b/c it was the first thing we saw and not even 30 seconds into us watching it we see Anderson Cooper push Donna Brazile to discuss a private conversation she had with Obama yesterday. This is the conversation….. (clip below)

Cooper: I am looking for something he hasn’t told anyone else, just you.

Brazile: Anderson you’re not my boo.

Cooper: I want to be your boo.

Insert a bunch of white people laughing uncomfortably!!! HAHAHA

Cooper then says something to the effect that he doesn’t even know what that really is! T&I were cracking up! I don’t know anything about Anderson Cooper, but this just caught me as funny, uncomfortable, but funny nevertheless.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More Sex and The City

I found this on MSN (here). A few Sex and the City secrets revealed from the writer!! Just a few, it is kind of fun.

There are spoilers, so if you haven’t seen, don’t read!

My thoughts in the comment section.

Not That Bad

Terry and I decided to record the 2008 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday b/c we like Mike Myers and thought he would be funny. We watched them last night, ready to fast forward through much of it.

I have to admit my friends, it wasn't that bad at all. Dare I say it was infact pretty darn funny!

Sure there were parts we fast forwarded through such as P. Diddy talking, Tom Cruise talking (boring), some stupid speeches, and the pussycat dolls-ick. Oh and they also showed Paris about a 6 times - blech - why?!?!

But there were also some really funny things. Such as the skit above with Robert Downey jr., Jack Black & Ben Stiller to promote their movie Tropic Thunder. It cracked me up! There was a special tribute to Adam Sandler (love him!), A Waynes World skit (excellent), some funny Mike M. skits, oh and not one but TWO appearances from Johnny Depp - YUMMY!

Yeah, overall it made us laugh! As I am sure MTV will be replaying it a million times, I would record it. I think it is better to record it so you can fast forward through all the annoying/boring stuff and get right to the funny stuff!