Friday, June 06, 2008

A Reason To Celebrate!!!

So according to MSN today is National Doughnut Day! YAY!!!

Click here for their recommendations for favorite doughnut places or click here to see how to make your own doughnuts!

So, what is YOUR favorite kind of doughnuts and/or doughnut places?

(mine in the comments)


  1. So I love a good doughnut, though I don't think it is my favorite sweet treat. However my favorite type of doughnut would be a classic cream stick with vanilla cream (Not that bavarian type cream, classic white frosting type cream) with choclate. I also just like a plain glazed doughnut or powdered doughnut.

    Favorite places. Time Hortons if I am in town or Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans - UM, YUM!!!!! Powdered doughnut heaven!

    Do you spell it doughnut or donut? Does it matter? I see it doughnut online but I always spell it donut.

  2. First off, it's donut. Completely donut.

    My favorite would be powdered donuts. I think that it's the messy factor that makes them even more delicious. And Timmy Ho's is a great place for donuts!

  3. Yay! What a great day!

    I'm with you WK, I like the "straights" as I call them, chocolate on top, cream in the middle, not custard.

    I also like Tim Horton's sour cream donuts a lot.

    And the ones with the hard chocolate around them are really good once in a while.

  4. So thats why the are no cops around...

    Ahhh yes wrestling kitties...Cafe Du Monde and the Beignets. Yum is right. I actually make them myself and they are GOOD!
    I wish we had a Tim Hortons here. I miss them.

  5. OMG who knew?!?!

    I LOVE Krispy Kreme bluberry muffin donuts. AMAZING.

    But quite honestly, I've never met a donut I didn't like.

    And I prefer the "donut" spelling.

    (I miss Timbits.)