Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Love....

Ben & Jerry's Mini's!!!

Terry found these at the store last night and brought some home for us to try! They are mini Ben & Jerry Ice Cream "cups". They are about 3.2 ounces of ice cream (200 calories if you care) and even come with your own little plastic "spoon"! FUN!

And the best part is you can eat the whole container and not have to feel bad, though I don't think you should really feel bad after eating ice cream in the first place. These are WAY cute, and the perfect amount of ice cream!


  1. i TOO just discovered these little treasures!! i LOOOOOVE them, aren't they just awesome?

  2. They are so cool!

    A great size for Little R. (and I should add that they are a great size for me, but I'm always left wanting more). :)

  3. We were just talking about these at work the other day...they are GREAT!

    Not having kids, I didn't think about it, but they would be the perfect size for little ones.

    And they should be the perfect size for me, but I too would want more!!!

  4. aren't those great? my MIL bought them for my kids...and i was thrilled to find them at Giant Eagle. they are also a good size for birthday parties...that way you don't have to scoop ice cream for "cake and ice cream" -- everyone just gets their own cup. :)

  5. I haven't seen these around yet. Although I am in a part of Ohio that is about a year behind everyone else. I'll let you know next summer how I like them, ha!