Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Little Story:

So there once was this girl in her late 20’s who was a bit cheap when it came to getting her hair cut. She didn’t mind spending a good amount of money at a high end salon on things such as body waves, coloring or highlights, but on a simple hair cut…..well lets just say she wasn’t buying it. Infact this girl did not like to spend more than $20 for a cut. Of course this girl had had her share of bad haircuts at cheap salons but she also had some good ones.

Now one day this girl decided she wanted her hair cut, as it was dull and lifeless. It had no shape and she was tired of her current style, or should we say lack of style. So she decided to call around to some mid-range beauty shops, but alas, no availability until the end of the week. She didn’t want to spend the money at the higher end salon she typically goes to nor did she want to wait for an appointment. The girl was sad and desperate (a combination that never goes well together) and she was determined to get a hair cut that day.

So as she headed home, a bit tired from her work day but steadfast with the thought of getting her hair cut THAT day she remembered seeing a sign for a hair place right off the exit and figured they took walk-ins. She had never been there, but thought she would check it out.

So as she pulled up to the place she noticed that some things looked strange, first being the little hand made crafts in the window as well as the pieces of paper taped to the window that held information about their products and services. Oh well, she thought….at least go in and see what it is like, it is probably not expensive and will be done quickly..…it can’t be that bad. But no sooner had she thought those words then she realized it COULD be that bad. As she walked into the door she was instantly hit with the aroma of mothballs and old beauty products. As she looked around and glimpsed over the dusty, fake floral arrangements from 1984 she noticed some movement in the back of the shop. Sitting in two chairs at the far end of the shop were two rather old individuals. They each had completely silver hair and walking canes. She then quickly glanced at the person who would most likely be cutting her hair and noticed a slow moving older lady with blue elastic wasted pants and a white shirt with two puppies playing in a bed of flowers on the front. The lady was sweeping up the silver hair from her previous clients.

With out a second thought or a word to anyone in the shop she quickly turned around and headed back to her car. As she walked away from the twilight zone she had just entered she grabbed her phone and dialed the fancy salon in town. At this point the thought of spending $50 for a cut and style as well as having to wait for a week didn’t matter in the least. She had seen what trying to be TOO cheap could have led too and it terrified her. Of course this wasn’t the first time this girl made a mistake when it came to her hair, and it surely won’t be the last….however I think she learned that she is not quite ready for that particular beauty shop and that she needs to go some place where people are at least in the same age box that she is in.


  1. great story!

    hey, i know a good stylist...she charges around $25 for a cut and style (i think).

    she's in toledo....and she's my sister. :)

  2. I a hundred thousand percent suggest The Beauty Bar. S.H. just went to my girl and LOVED her. B. goes to her too. (It sucks that he has better hair than me.)

  3. Um, was this "beauty parlor" in the point by any chance? Because I walked into something just like this...

  4. A & TLC - good to know!!! Thanks

    Nadja - no it wasn't, but I am beginning to think there are more of these "shops" out there then we would like to know about! *shivers* it is scary ;)