Monday, June 23, 2008

I Love...

Our New Computer!!!!

Yes, we recently got a new desktop computer! It was a seriously sweet deal and my laptop that I got when I graduated is on its way out and a bit outdated. (Thanks mom & dad!!)

It is a Dell Inspiron - I am a PC girl forever...don't try to change me MAC users - it has a 19" flat screen, some great accessories and is so pretty. (yeah, I am a girl and I think it is pretty). I really don't know all the features it has yet as we just hooked it up and the FIRST thing I did was blog about it, hehe! I will tell you one thing - this computer rocks!

(bad camera phone pics)


  1. Ooooh.. Mazol Tov! I need a new one BADLY. Mine is soooooooooo old. You lika the Dells?

  2. Yay! So now you can sit in your underwear, watch Project Runway, and blog about without having to go to separate rooms to do so! Seriously though, it looks super nice!!

  3. K. we even set up an account just for you!!!

    P.S. you will be lucky to get T. in underwear when he is on the computer. He likes to air his stuff out while he checks his email. Consider this your only warning.