Monday, November 30, 2009

Sorry Luke Wilson…..

I know it is a recession and all, but I think you need to get a real acting job or at the very least find a better product to shell out other than a phone company.

I like you Luke Wilson (I really do) but I do not like you in these commercials. If you could just find some satirical romantic comedy movie to be in, it would be greatly appreciated. But misleading AT&T commercials, you are better than that.

I am just trying to look out for you. I don’t want your career to end and for you to only be remembered because you did some stupid AT&T commercials, the same way Jamie Lee Curtis’* did when she started selling Activia. Plus the commercials are just stupid, you need to be in something better than these.

I am only trying to look out for your best interests dearest Luke, you are far too young and funny for these commercials. I forgave you for My Super Ex-Girlfriend; I know we can get past this too.

*I also adore Jamie Lee Curtis, but come on who doesn’t laugh thinking of the SNL spoofs of her sitting on the couch eating Activia about to poop her pants. I will think of that always….or until something funnier comes along.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am Thankful……

- For a wonderful and loving family, and that we all have such a close relationship with each other. Not like creepy close but totally fun and healthy close ;)

- For a caring, supportive, loving, funny, and genuinely unique husband. Sorry ladies, I got the only T.H. in the world!

- For being optimistic and hopeful…….even when times and people would try to make you otherwise.

- Having a house over our heads and food on our table.

- For our cats. Call me a crazy cat lady, but these two felines are part of our family and bring so much happiness and laughter to our lives.

- For our health and the health of our family and friends.

- That we are able to spend the holidays with our family.

- For simple gestures of kindness.

- For awesome online deals during the holidays. Shopping online whilst sitting in your P.J.’s and eating cookies is the ONLY way to shop.

- For the amazing relationship I have with my sister and the bond that we share.

- For people who still have manners. Please, thank you, yes ma’am, no sir.

- For the U.S. men and women overseas.

- For the growing relationships I have with my brothers now that they are older. So far away and so young, it is nice we can now connect.

- I am thankful I am related to this little girl below because she is SO stink'n cute. And I am thankful I get to see pictures like these.

- For having good people in my life that remain positive and supportive.

- For my wonderful friends and seeing these friendships blossom over the years.

- That our Christmas decorations are up and Christmas music is playing!

- For online social outlets that allow you to connect with new and interesting people. Ok….for blogging!

- That T. and I can just be our crazy selves anywhere/anytime. Even when fighting off Polar Bears at The Lights Before Christmas :) (cell phone pics)

- For believing in a better world for me and our (one day) children.

- For the powerfulness that is laughter.

- And most of all I am thankful for love. To be loved. To give love. To show love in all I do.

I hope each of you also have many things to be thankful for this year and I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Love……Crochet Edition

I love crocheting.

Yep, I find it very relaxing. Well, except when I mess up....or when I have to take apart something I have been working on for hours....or when I can't figure out a stitch....or when a finished product looks like shit. But other than that it is very therapeutic! It is fun starting with a ball of yarn and some time later having something that (in most cases) is actually wearable.

So a couple months ago I got the genius idea to crochet gifts for all my family members (and myself) for Christmas. I had an ambitious list of about 12-15 items I WANTED to crochet for people (and myself) by Christmas time. I find myself still crocheting and attempting to make as many things on my list before Christmas that I can and I am just over half way there! And yes I know that Christmas is just over a month away. And that it takes me about a week per project. And I have at least 6-8 projects left to complete. But I think I have plenty of time to get everything done. (Good thing I am not great at math)

When I tell people I crochet, many say that they want to learn but do not know where to start. So for this post I thought I would show a few of my favorite crochet must have items that will help you get started crocheting, as well as, a few of the things I have completed. Yes, I am showing off a bit.

1) I just got this book and I truly believe that it is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to crochet or learn how to crochet. It was on sale at Amazon for $20. It is called the Crochet Stitch Bible. It is not very big at all, about the size of a day planner. It has tons of beautiful pictures with detailed descriptions on how to do each stitch and it has nearly every stitch pattern you could ever want to learn and pictures of what the completed stitches actually look like. The book could be used by beginners or hardcore crochet-ers and everyone in between. (seriously, this book is so pretty to look at and very helpful, I love it – yes, I am a geek)

2) An 8 Pack of Wrights Boye crochet Aluminum Hook set -Sizes D-K. I prefer the aluminum crochet hooks and it is a lot cheaper to buy them in a pack like this than individually. A pack like this costs anywhere from $9-$13 and it will pretty much have every hook you will ever need. Plus I find they just fit well in your hands.

3) This is not actually necessary but I love it, especially the color. A Yarn Cutter Pendant. Scissors also work very well, but I just think this is really cool looking and it is under $10. I think there has to be some importance in having this, and that is why I have one.

4) Good yarn. Lions Brand is one of my favorites to work with. Go to their website for free patterns.

As for what I have made….

This is K. wearing the hat I made her. She was suppose to wait for Christmas, but she loved it so much I let her have it early. Her hat is the same pattern as mine which you can see in more detail below.

The back of the hat.

And the front.

This is a shawl/scarf I made for my Nana. (folded in the picture, but it is pretty large).

It is a shell pattern. Very pretty but took forever.

For my MIL.

My scarf

For my Grandma.

I love this pattern.

I have a couple more completed, but some family members read this blog and I need to keep theirs a secret :) But I do have a few more scarves, some gloves, some little kiddie hats and scarves to finish then I am done....for now!

In case you were wondering why over the past few months my blogging has been a little less frequent, it is because this is how I spend many an evening after work.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Confessions from Girl with Nothing Else to Blog About.

In case you wanted to know more about me…….

* I won’t drink the last 2” of milk out of the jug. I think it tastes funny.

* I own a pair of leg warmers. I wear them around the house with my ever so stylish yoga pants, floral nightgown, and sweater ensemble. I love them. Yes I know 1984 called, but they are not getting their leg warmers back.

* I think better when I chew gum. If I need to concentrate on something I HAVE to chew gum or else I can not focus.

* If it wasn’t for the fact that I know my cats would scratch and bite me I would totally dress them up in ridiculous outfits and then take pictures of them. I may or may not then want to make a calendar.

* I love storms, but thunder still scares me.

* I hate talking on the phone.

* I know that if I lived with someone who was a very loud eater/cruncher I would end up in an insane asylum.

* I believe I have supersonic senses, specifically with my hearing and smelling. Terry just says I have a mom nose and mom ears. I believe I have a super power.

* I really love shoes and love to collect them. However, I mainly just wear flats and sneakers (even at work) because I find heels to be very uncomfortable.

* I hate spit. It grosses me out and I think it smells. When Terry wants to gross me out he will lick my face or put spit right next to my face. He thinks it is funny because I WILL vomit. I do not think it is funny.

* I enjoy the smell of gasoline, bleach, mulch, and permanent markers. But I hate that sterile hospital smell.

* I cry for no real reason at least once every few weeks. It is a good release and I always feel better after.

* I get antsy as I wait for comments after I write a blog that I really like.

* I actually like picking blemishes off myself and my husband. Like popping zits, plucking hairs, or just picking at anything that seems to not be right. I especially like to use the tweezers to do this. My hubby loves it. Riiiiiight.

* My nose seems to run ALL.THE.TIME. I think I have a problem. Just call me drippy.

* I hate the nickname drippy.

* I enjoy making up songs to everyday things. Like walking from one room to the next, going to the store, making dinner, cleaning. It is totally not annoying to others.

* Words like fart, boobies, poop still make me giggle like a five year old. Also when I see the initials BM I instantly think Bowel Movement, then giggle.

* I don’t think I will ever correctly be able to spell the words definitely and inconvenience without the help of spell check. Seriously, they get me every single time. (and yes I had to use spell check for this post because they were spelled wrong – grrr)

* I think of weird things all the time. Like what if all the gum that was just spit out the window of a car was collected for an entire year…how big would that pile of gum be? Or if you combined everyone’s farts in a container for just one day how big of an explosion would it be? I think of things like this all day long.

* I make myself laugh all the time. No one else even has to be in the room and I will be laughing my ass off.

* My dreams are so real that I get confused some times between what was a dream and what is real. It took me about 3 months to realize I was not dating Jeffrey Dean Morgan ;)

* Sarcasm is my crutch.

Any "confessions" you would like to share?!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Give Them Props For Their Resourcefulness.

So yesterday while mom, K & I were driving around town during our shopping extravaganza we noticed something that seemed a bit odd and most definitely unsafe.

Please see the truck below. It was in front of us on the highway as we go about 65 mph. On this truck there is a hodge-podge of random and loose items, being "secured" by a few random and obviously strategically placed straps (Don't worry I did not take the picture. My trusty navigator, aka my mom, took the picture.)

Take a closer look (click to enlarge). You can see there is a ladder hanging on the left, a chair on the top, a moving cart on the side, shelves on the right, and random items in the middle. All of this is being held in by flat cardboard boxes on the outside and blankets and tarps.

Yep, this seems so unsafe but had the three of us cracking up because it was just completely ridiculous! But here is the biggest question: How do you think they got those items to stay there in the first place so they could "strap" everything in?! I think they had to have 20 people hold the stuff up while someone wrapped around the two straps holding everything in place.

Unsafe = yes, but you have to give them some mad props for their resourcefulness.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

I will return to my regular blogging later this week, however at the moment I have been spending the past few days shopping and hanging out with my sister and mom!

Life is good :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Because We Just Can’t Get Enough of Each Other

My sister K. and I have just added another dynamic to our relationship...…..coworkers.

Yep, apparently my sister cannot spend enough time with me (even though we live together) and has accepted a position to work part-time at my current place of employment. This will definitely be different for both of us, but I think it will be good for her to work for with me. It is absolutely a great job for K, and a hell of a lot better than Wendys.

K. will be doing many different jobs and under my tutelage she will become a great worker as she gets to see firsthand what an amazing worker I am. She will be my little apprentice and I, the master, will mold her into the perfect servant employee.

Yep, this should be good. I don’t think my employer knows what they are in for with having us both there. Mwah ha ha ha

I seriously am excited that we will get to work together! I left when I was 18 for college and K was only 10. Though we saw each other, we missed out on a good chunk of time together until she moved up here to attend BGSU. The weird thing is, from the beginning we have always had this strange closeness, strange in the sense that we are 8 years apart in age but are so similar. It can be truly eerie sometimes just how similar we are despite the difference in age and how long we lived apart. So in honor of her new job and because I promised to post pictures from when we were young (ok, and because I am a sap and just love love love my sister) I have posted some pics of Kristen and I from over the years. Enjoy :) And Kristen, I will see you bright and early at prepared to work!

True Fans

Everyone needs a fancy hat!

I think I scared her with my purple short shorts, orange shirt, big glasses and amazing hair cut.

She was so small, my little doll that actually cuddled back

That was the hair style I was going back off!!! You don't just roll out of bed with those bangs.

LOVE this picture.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us ever.

The traditional "First Day of School" picture

Tight curly frizzy hair + big glasses + braces = The dorky trifecta. But Kristen is pretty darn adorable!!

Bachelorette Party

Ginger Bread House Decorating Competition...I won.

No comment

Love you K!!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Who’s With Me…

I would like to sign some sort of petition or start some sort of coalition requiring that ALL reenactment actors look just like, or as close as possible, to the people that they are portraying. I am tired of watching shows like “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” or “Snapped” or any other show that feels the need to reenact a semi-dramatic scene to tell a story and the actors look nothing like the people they are portraying.

I am not talking facial features or a different length hair I am talking about how the actor looks like this…

And when they show the real person she looks like this……


Real person…….

I think you get my point. Please feel free to join my cause.

*Yes I watch I Didn't Know I was Pregnant and Snapped...go ahead Judge me. And maybe my pics are a little exaggerated, but I am always looking for a reason to post pics of Johnny Depp on my blog.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I Am An "As Seen On TV" Junkie

I love infomercials and if I could afford it, I would want to own one of nearly all the “As Seen on TV” products available. I love the totally unrealistic struggle with an item or situation that a person undergoes and then seeing them effortlessly resolve that problem with the new product that they are selling. I seriously want to be an actor for one of these infomercials as I am sure the Director says “just say act like an idiot” and that is it.

My newest favorite item is the Perfect Brownie Pan Set!

“Perfect Brownie Pan makes baking brownies easier than ever before!!!

NOW you can make 18 perfectly sized, moist and chewy brownies, EACH with PERFECT edges with the Perfect Brownie Pan!!! Don’t just bake brownies; the Perfect Brownie, non-stick Pan is also great for making rice crispy treats, corn bread, crumb cake and MUCH MORE!!!

Your Perfect Brownie Pan set will include an 11x7 inch Perfect Brownie Pan, divider and serving rack...PLUS our gooey and chewy recipe guide…ALL for just $19.95 plus $8.95 processing and handling… We will ALSO include our BONUS offer of TEN decorative stencils…at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!!”

Yep, I think I need this because it is just genius!! Not because cutting a square brownie is all that hard (I mean watch the video, come on - really?!?!) but because each brownie would have that crispy edge around it with a gooey middle....mmmmmmmm. And the multipurpose serving trying is pretty darn cool as well. Yep, this is a must have.