Thursday, November 12, 2009

Confessions from Girl with Nothing Else to Blog About.

In case you wanted to know more about me…….

* I won’t drink the last 2” of milk out of the jug. I think it tastes funny.

* I own a pair of leg warmers. I wear them around the house with my ever so stylish yoga pants, floral nightgown, and sweater ensemble. I love them. Yes I know 1984 called, but they are not getting their leg warmers back.

* I think better when I chew gum. If I need to concentrate on something I HAVE to chew gum or else I can not focus.

* If it wasn’t for the fact that I know my cats would scratch and bite me I would totally dress them up in ridiculous outfits and then take pictures of them. I may or may not then want to make a calendar.

* I love storms, but thunder still scares me.

* I hate talking on the phone.

* I know that if I lived with someone who was a very loud eater/cruncher I would end up in an insane asylum.

* I believe I have supersonic senses, specifically with my hearing and smelling. Terry just says I have a mom nose and mom ears. I believe I have a super power.

* I really love shoes and love to collect them. However, I mainly just wear flats and sneakers (even at work) because I find heels to be very uncomfortable.

* I hate spit. It grosses me out and I think it smells. When Terry wants to gross me out he will lick my face or put spit right next to my face. He thinks it is funny because I WILL vomit. I do not think it is funny.

* I enjoy the smell of gasoline, bleach, mulch, and permanent markers. But I hate that sterile hospital smell.

* I cry for no real reason at least once every few weeks. It is a good release and I always feel better after.

* I get antsy as I wait for comments after I write a blog that I really like.

* I actually like picking blemishes off myself and my husband. Like popping zits, plucking hairs, or just picking at anything that seems to not be right. I especially like to use the tweezers to do this. My hubby loves it. Riiiiiight.

* My nose seems to run ALL.THE.TIME. I think I have a problem. Just call me drippy.

* I hate the nickname drippy.

* I enjoy making up songs to everyday things. Like walking from one room to the next, going to the store, making dinner, cleaning. It is totally not annoying to others.

* Words like fart, boobies, poop still make me giggle like a five year old. Also when I see the initials BM I instantly think Bowel Movement, then giggle.

* I don’t think I will ever correctly be able to spell the words definitely and inconvenience without the help of spell check. Seriously, they get me every single time. (and yes I had to use spell check for this post because they were spelled wrong – grrr)

* I think of weird things all the time. Like what if all the gum that was just spit out the window of a car was collected for an entire year…how big would that pile of gum be? Or if you combined everyone’s farts in a container for just one day how big of an explosion would it be? I think of things like this all day long.

* I make myself laugh all the time. No one else even has to be in the room and I will be laughing my ass off.

* My dreams are so real that I get confused some times between what was a dream and what is real. It took me about 3 months to realize I was not dating Jeffrey Dean Morgan ;)

* Sarcasm is my crutch.

Any "confessions" you would like to share?!


  1. I enjoyed this blog post a lot. You crack me up. All very good reasons I would be friends with you! :)

  2. I laughed at so many of these!

    I also have an obsession with popping and plucking and it's gross but I cannot help it. I wish I didn't.

    Every time I am near a ledge I always think about if I was to fall off or push someone over that I or they would die for sure. I can't help that either. I don't want it to happen, my mind just wanders. I watch too many movies.

  3. OK, you and I should definitely be friends. Or perhaps married, because a LOT of the things you described sound exactly like my husband. :) Specifically the popping/picking/squeezing thing and the making-up-songs-about-everything thing. The former makes me insane (sorry), but I LOVE the latter -- I especially love his songs about our dogs and my butt. :)

  4. You are awesome. I miss you.

    Billy and I call cute things our dog does CDMs (cute dog moments). Now that we have B, we call his moments CBMs (cute baby or Billy moments). But pretty much every time one of us says it I think, cute bowel movement.

  5. i am not on the popping/plucking bandwagon! i am on the shoe collecting, sarcasm and hate talking on the phone bandwagons.

  6. A little late but ....

    I am glad I am not the only one with the plucking/picking/popping obsession!

    Iris, I think the same things too about the ledge! I think about things like that, things that are just not right but I can not help it. I agree, too many movies or something :)

    W.P. I will be your friend!! I would also take you up on the marriage thing but it would have to be a straight up marriage, none of this civil union crap :)

    A. miss you two...and I would totally laugh at cBM's :)