Sunday, November 01, 2009

I Am An "As Seen On TV" Junkie

I love infomercials and if I could afford it, I would want to own one of nearly all the “As Seen on TV” products available. I love the totally unrealistic struggle with an item or situation that a person undergoes and then seeing them effortlessly resolve that problem with the new product that they are selling. I seriously want to be an actor for one of these infomercials as I am sure the Director says “just say act like an idiot” and that is it.

My newest favorite item is the Perfect Brownie Pan Set!

“Perfect Brownie Pan makes baking brownies easier than ever before!!!

NOW you can make 18 perfectly sized, moist and chewy brownies, EACH with PERFECT edges with the Perfect Brownie Pan!!! Don’t just bake brownies; the Perfect Brownie, non-stick Pan is also great for making rice crispy treats, corn bread, crumb cake and MUCH MORE!!!

Your Perfect Brownie Pan set will include an 11x7 inch Perfect Brownie Pan, divider and serving rack...PLUS our gooey and chewy recipe guide…ALL for just $19.95 plus $8.95 processing and handling… We will ALSO include our BONUS offer of TEN decorative stencils…at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!!”

Yep, I think I need this because it is just genius!! Not because cutting a square brownie is all that hard (I mean watch the video, come on - really?!?!) but because each brownie would have that crispy edge around it with a gooey middle....mmmmmmmm. And the multipurpose serving trying is pretty darn cool as well. Yep, this is a must have.


  1. This pan sounds perfect. The very BEST part of any brownie is the crispier edge...mmmmm!

  2. Looks amazing! Would be good for fudge too I bet...

  3. I am in TOTAL agreement. I usually think As-Seen-on-TV things are silly (sorry, J)... but I WANT THIS.

  4. I love how clueless the demo people are in those commercials. It's fantastic! They have to be doing it ironically at this point, right?

    I totally own a bunch of ASOTV stuff -- I even bought those sanding pads that sand off your leg hair. They actually do work (if you want to spend an hour doing something that takes five minutes in the shower).

  5. see...i'm in a different camp. i want ONLY the middle of brownies. when the ASOTV people figure THAT out, i'm IN like Flinn!!

  6. I agree with Trophy Life. You guys can have the hard crusty parts, I'm all about the middle pieces.

  7. I am addicted to infommercials and as seen on tv crap too and when I saw this I knew I. had. to. have. it. Don't have it yet, but I will! You can use it for rice krispy treats too!

  8. I love the middle pieces too! However, my wife HAD to have this. I found the perfect brownie pan online with free shipping. I put the link above so you can get it with the free shipping.

    I hope my wife likes it...I looked at a lot of reviews before purchasing it. It seems like it works well... But now I'm going to have to learn to love the edges if I want brownies :)