Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Give Them Props For Their Resourcefulness.

So yesterday while mom, K & I were driving around town during our shopping extravaganza we noticed something that seemed a bit odd and most definitely unsafe.

Please see the truck below. It was in front of us on the highway as we go about 65 mph. On this truck there is a hodge-podge of random and loose items, being "secured" by a few random and obviously strategically placed straps (Don't worry I did not take the picture. My trusty navigator, aka my mom, took the picture.)

Take a closer look (click to enlarge). You can see there is a ladder hanging on the left, a chair on the top, a moving cart on the side, shelves on the right, and random items in the middle. All of this is being held in by flat cardboard boxes on the outside and blankets and tarps.

Yep, this seems so unsafe but had the three of us cracking up because it was just completely ridiculous! But here is the biggest question: How do you think they got those items to stay there in the first place so they could "strap" everything in?! I think they had to have 20 people hold the stuff up while someone wrapped around the two straps holding everything in place.

Unsafe = yes, but you have to give them some mad props for their resourcefulness.


  1. I would totally NOT want to drive behind that mess. Scary!!

  2. They must have had to move a ton of crap if they couldn't fit it all in a semi

  3. I am amazed by this. Like you said, how in the world did they get the stuff to stay up while they fastened all the straps??

    I hope they got pulled over later. :) If only so the cop has something to tell his buddies.

  4. This is how I imagined this 'resourcefullness' came about:

    *ring ring* *ring ring*
    "Hey bro, this is _______ (insert general tool-like name). Nah, bro, listen, you'll never believe what just happened. So Cindy found out about the stripper. Dude, I know, she was totally hot! *snarky giggle* So bro, bro, Cindy threw me out. Yeah, I gotta move. You need to go get the crew and two 36-packs of Nattie Lite and get over here. You're gonna help me move."

    Three hours later...

    "Dudes, taping everything to the back was such a good idea. Yeah, like, it's a good thing I didn't call my cousin and borrow his pick up truck or anything."

    *end scene*

  5. That's alarming! Is the flattened-box looking thing keeping the stuff behind it contained?

  6. So... were you driving in Mexico? Because I swear I was driving next to that same truck last week. :)


  7. Kay, I believe the answer is yes the flattened box is infact keeping the stuff behind it contained. awesome.

    Ky - As soon as we saw this and I forced my mom to take pictures for the blog I totally thought this was a MexMo!