Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Love……Crochet Edition

I love crocheting.

Yep, I find it very relaxing. Well, except when I mess up....or when I have to take apart something I have been working on for hours....or when I can't figure out a stitch....or when a finished product looks like shit. But other than that it is very therapeutic! It is fun starting with a ball of yarn and some time later having something that (in most cases) is actually wearable.

So a couple months ago I got the genius idea to crochet gifts for all my family members (and myself) for Christmas. I had an ambitious list of about 12-15 items I WANTED to crochet for people (and myself) by Christmas time. I find myself still crocheting and attempting to make as many things on my list before Christmas that I can and I am just over half way there! And yes I know that Christmas is just over a month away. And that it takes me about a week per project. And I have at least 6-8 projects left to complete. But I think I have plenty of time to get everything done. (Good thing I am not great at math)

When I tell people I crochet, many say that they want to learn but do not know where to start. So for this post I thought I would show a few of my favorite crochet must have items that will help you get started crocheting, as well as, a few of the things I have completed. Yes, I am showing off a bit.

1) I just got this book and I truly believe that it is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to crochet or learn how to crochet. It was on sale at Amazon for $20. It is called the Crochet Stitch Bible. It is not very big at all, about the size of a day planner. It has tons of beautiful pictures with detailed descriptions on how to do each stitch and it has nearly every stitch pattern you could ever want to learn and pictures of what the completed stitches actually look like. The book could be used by beginners or hardcore crochet-ers and everyone in between. (seriously, this book is so pretty to look at and very helpful, I love it – yes, I am a geek)

2) An 8 Pack of Wrights Boye crochet Aluminum Hook set -Sizes D-K. I prefer the aluminum crochet hooks and it is a lot cheaper to buy them in a pack like this than individually. A pack like this costs anywhere from $9-$13 and it will pretty much have every hook you will ever need. Plus I find they just fit well in your hands.

3) This is not actually necessary but I love it, especially the color. A Yarn Cutter Pendant. Scissors also work very well, but I just think this is really cool looking and it is under $10. I think there has to be some importance in having this, and that is why I have one.

4) Good yarn. Lions Brand is one of my favorites to work with. Go to their website for free patterns.

As for what I have made….

This is K. wearing the hat I made her. She was suppose to wait for Christmas, but she loved it so much I let her have it early. Her hat is the same pattern as mine which you can see in more detail below.

The back of the hat.

And the front.

This is a shawl/scarf I made for my Nana. (folded in the picture, but it is pretty large).

It is a shell pattern. Very pretty but took forever.

For my MIL.

My scarf

For my Grandma.

I love this pattern.

I have a couple more completed, but some family members read this blog and I need to keep theirs a secret :) But I do have a few more scarves, some gloves, some little kiddie hats and scarves to finish then I am done....for now!

In case you were wondering why over the past few months my blogging has been a little less frequent, it is because this is how I spend many an evening after work.


  1. LOVE IT! Your projects are very pretty! I'm still working on that purse that I started a looong time ago, and I have ideas to make scarves. I find crochet incredibly relaxing, more relaxing than any other craft thing that I do. I admire your list of Christmas gift ideas! Post pictures of your finished work!

  2. I love love love my hat. So comfortable, and it is a great fall/winter hat. Thank you for the gift!