Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twenty Five Days of Christmas!!

So with all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, I really try to stay positive and focus on spending time with family and doing the little things that really matter this time of year.  It can be so easy to get caught up in the commotion and forget to just STOP and ENJOY the holidays instead of being stressed.  You know, especially when some jackhole infront of you cuts you off so he can get into the same store you are going!!! 


Last year was rough.  Even on Christmas Henry was sick and in the ER a few days before Christmas and then again December 30th AND 31st.  He was sick for EVERY holiday or special occasion for about 8 months.  (This is no exaggeration) 

This year I think I am trying to make up for so many days where Henry was sick instead of doing fun things with his family and friends and even just T & I getting to relax and enjoy this time.

So, I have decided to try to do something fun every day during the 25 Days of Christmas!! 

Yeah, I know some of you are laughing to yourself….”Oh, you want to enjoy yourself and relieve stress and you want to do something EVERY day.”  Yeah, my logic isn’t always sound.  And lets be honest, not every day is going to be elaborate and I know I will miss days….but we are trying!

Here is what has been done so far (most of the stuff is with Henry, but some things just me):

1st – Put up and decorate the tree. It spins. Go ahead...be jealous.

2nd – Watch a cheesy Christmas movie and drink hot chocolate – Santa Baby 2 infact :-)

3rd – Order Christmas Cards – DONE and RECEIVED! (Thank you 1 hour photo from Walmart.) 

4th – Put up decorations around the house.

5th – Terry’s work Christmas Party. OK, this one is more of an obligation but still festive and fun!

6th – Family in Town!!  We found ways to be festive when we were at Levis Commons!!  (Henry took the picture of me!)

7th – Watched Love Actually…I actually Love this movie.  (See, see what I did there.)

8th – Go look at Christmas Lights in the car while drinking hot chocolate and eating snowman cookies! (from Starbucks of course)

9th – Call Santa.  We left a message, he was busy.

10th – Christmas note from Santa!! (Yeah, move over Elf on a Shelf, we have chalkboard on an end table!) 

11th – String popcorn for the tree and make snowflakes.

12th – Christmas Concert at school

13th – Mailed (nearly all) of our Christmas cards!!  Still have a couple I needed addresses for, but they will ALL be out by the 17th!  Henry go to his friend’s house for some Christmas fun!  Made handprint dough ornaments.

14th – Gingerbread house & Christmas list to Santa!

15th – Henry & I went shopping for gifts for his friends & some family

Here is a list of all the possible stuff left to do before Christmas!  We won’t do them all, except on Christmas Eve we will get in PJ’s, have popcorn and watch a Christmas movie!  But these are all possibilities!!

Ø  Make cookies for friends and family.
Ø  Send a card to a stranger
Ø  Buy a small Christmas tree/Wreath
Ø  Paint nails a festive color
Ø  Hang a string of colored lights somewhere unexpected in the house.
Ø  Donate toys & clothes to local charities.
Ø  Make Christmas crafts
Ø  Pay for someone's coffee in line behind me in a coffee shop or drive through.
Ø  Buy a toy for someone
Ø  Make treats for neighbors, co-workers & friends.
Ø  Henry make Christmas Cards for friends with treats and deliver them
Ø  Lights Before Christmas at the Zoo (We did this in November)
Ø  Go to a Christmas Tree Farm
Ø  Grandparents take Henry shopping to pick out gifts for mom and dad.  Mom and dad take Henry shopping to pick out gifts for family.
Ø  Wear Christmas pajamas Christmas Eve and watch a Christmas movie.
Ø  Christmas card for a solider
Ø  Read Christmas books

Ø  Call Santa at the library

Merry Christmas!!!!