Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just for Fun! - I Can’t Wait to Use These Sayings On Our Kid Someday……

We all heard these as a kid and hated when our parents said them to us.  However, now that I am older I can’t wait to use these on Henry some day!

* While you live under our roof you have to obey our rules.

* I brought you into this world I can take you out.

* Three more bites.

* If ALL your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump off a bridge too?

* I don’t care what little Tommy is allowed to do; Little Tommy is not my child.

* If you keep making that face your face is going to stay like that!

* Don’t make me turn this car around!

* Don’t make me come upstairs!

* Do we live in a barn?

* Well in my day….

Any other ones from when you were a kid?!  Please share!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sooooooo, I am 10-ish Days Away From Having a Baby…..Uh, Then What Do We Do?!?!

So this weekend we put up Henry’s crib and seeing the crib up was a HUGE reality check.  The reality being that at any time in the next couple weeks we will be bring home a child, OUR CHILD, and we have to take care of that child and try not to break him.


Easy, I can do this as I am positive they come with an instructions manual and wrapped in bubble wrap and basically take care of themselves!

WHAT?! THEY DON’T!!!  Well then what the hell are we suppose to do?!?!?!


Ok, deep breathes….I am ok, just a minor freak out.

Yes, this weekend I had a moment where I just looked at Terry and had the following conversation:

Me: Sitting on the couch and surrounded by three different baby books and a bit overwhelmed “Terry I don’t know how to take care of a baby.”

T: “Yes you do.”

Me: “No, I don’t. I have no idea WHAT to do. How do I feed him, how often do I feed him, how long do I feed him, what products do I use when I change his diaper, how do I swaddle him, how long should he sleep, I don’t even know if I should or how to give him a bath!  And did you know you can’t have blankets in the crib….I didn’t know that!  And what if he gets sick?  What else don’t I know?!?!?!?!”

T: Pausing the TV because obviously he knows I am having a little freak out. “Jenn, he will eat when he is hungry, sleep when he is tired, and we will change him when he needs it.  The rest of it we will figure it out together…we are not the first new parents.  It will be ok and will all work out, don’t worry about it” 

Me: Pausing for a moment. “OK, you are right.” Back to reading my baby books and T. back to watching TV.

I have been fairly calm during this pregnancy.  I have not been worried about many things and have just been trying to enjoy the last 9 months.  But this weekend, as I saw the crib up and his room coming together and realized we are just DAYS away from meeting our little one I just had this moment of thinking to the hospital after delivery and wondering:

“Ok, the baby is here, now what the hell do we do?!  Seriously, you are giving us this child to take home without someone to supervise us….is that safe?!”

Luckily I have a husband who is a perfect balance to me and I to him.  In most situations when he gets upset I remain calm and in the more likely scenario when I freak out he remains calm. It works.  And it is exactly what I need in these last days of the pregnancy and in the coming months.  T. is not a very emotional person , however he knows exactly when to comfort me compared to when to not sugar coat anything or “baby” me and say it is all going to be all right….he is direct and logical and that is exactly what I needed to hear. 

Of course I am still and will still worry about things; honestly I imagine this will NEVER EVER EVER stop once we have this child.  However, I just needed hearing from my husband, my partner in this journey that it will be OK and we will figure this out together.  When he is calm I am calm and I know we can do this.  We are bound to make millions of mistakes (maybe in the first year alone) and we will need help or need to figure out what to do as we embark on this new journey, but I need to remember we are also not the first parents out there and most things are natural and we will just learn as we go….and if we don’t know we will figure it out.  And if we don’t figure it out, well that is what therapy is for when our child gets older.

 I am not going to lie, while I am absolutely ecstatic about holding our son and taking him home – I am still scared shitless about the idea of being responsible for this new and fragile life that WE created.  It just blows my mind and freaks me out all in one.  But I am also SO happy that it is Terry by my side and I couldn’t imagine going through any of this with anyone else other than him.  I know, with him, everything WILL be OK even if that means I have no idea what the hell I am doing!!  I guess I need to just get use to the fact that I will most likely have no idea what the hell I am doing for the next 18 years. :)

Oh yeah – 10 FREAK’N DAYS!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pinterest Question

Does anyone have an answer for this Pinterest newbie?

So when I started Pinterest it showed that I was following a bunch of people.  If I went to the “PEOPLE” list then “people you follow” it showed at least a dozen or more people.  But now when I go to that list it only shows 4 or 5 people.  However, when I go to someones boards who I was following before it shows that I am following that person....or at least I would assume as it says under their profile and boards "unfollow".

What up with that?!   

Do I need to “unfollow” then re-follow those people again?

Also, when people do stuff it doesn’t show up on my main page under my profile picture….is it suppose to?  I was just curious because I haven’t been able to tell when friends “pin” things even though I have it marked under my preferences.

Any Pinterest help would be appreciated!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Talk to Me – Crockpot Meals

So in preparation for the arrival of our little one I have been thinking about food.  Ok, who am I kidding, I pretty much think about food ALL. THE. TIME these days.

I am going to make a few things within the next week to freeze so that the first couple weeks T & I, as crazy new parents, can at least have something available to eat that is quick, semi healthy and gives us a bit of energy!

However, we are also going to start preparing more food at home, especially when T. is home with our little man.  And even though my husband is actually a great cook, I think having some great go to crockpot recipes are a MUST!

So what are your favorite crockpot recipes? 

Any websites you like to go to for delicious recipes?

I always make the same thing…pot roast.  And while it is delicious, I really think we need to expand our crockpot recipe repertoire just a bit.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pregnancy – 36 & 37 Weeks.

(And in case you didn’t notice, I only have 17 days to go!)

Let’s just start with a picture, shall we….
 BAM! Hello 36 weeks!
 So look at that tiny little 36 week baby bump!!  Heehee  I think this summarizes everything!  Henry and I are getting bigger and I didn’t know a belly could stretch like this! 

How about 37 weeks....

Between my belly and my boobs, I think the word you are looking for is DAAAAANG!  I am stretching my shirts out about as far as they will go.  See how the shirt is barely fitting me?!  Awesome.  I am getting the thing with shirts now where I have to wear something underneath otherwise my shirt doesn’t cover my stomach and you can see the bottom of my bump. CLASSY!

And speaking of belly’s, let me say this.  While I believe with clothes on my pregnancy belly is cute, if you proceed to look under those clothes my stomach is a hot mess!  I laugh when I see those pictures of pregnant ladies with such a beautifully shaped and perfect baby bump because I know they are airbrushed!  Let me tell you something about my not so little baby bump.  It is lopsided, it is stretched out, I have a few stretch marks, I seem to have hair ALL OVER my belly….seriously, when did I become a Sasquatch?! You can also see both the top and bottom stretched out holes where I use to have a belly button piercing….now that is attractive.  It ain’t pretty.

Now I LOVE my belly because, well it is mine and I love that my body can even do this.  Plus I love seeing it move and know our little one is just under the surface growing big and strong!  However, lets be real folks….the belly, especially when it is being stretched to the maximum, is not an attractive thing.  Well, at least mine is not!  However, that doesn’t stop me from sitting around the house exposing my belly so I can watch our son move…..or brushing the hair on my stomach. :)

How is Henry?
GREAT! Everything is similar to what it has been the past couple months….he is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger!  We think he has dropped or is dropping (I really am not knowledgeable on this stuff to know for sure how all that works).  I am also feeling a very mild and quick pulling feeling/pain down low the past few days.  And this morning I was awaken to a very intense pain in my pubic area that last about 20-30 seconds.  Nothing else today, but man did that hurt!  It seems the little one is slowly starting to get ready to meet us!  Hope he likes us :)

How are your stats? 
Good; my BP keeps going down….YAY!  Infact at my appointment last Tuesday it was 112 over 77 to which Terry asked the nurse if that meant I was dead because that was the lowest it has been so far and a big difference from 138/72.  Luckily, I was not.  The past couple months it seems as though I gain weight in spurts.  Gain a few pounds in one week but nothing for a week or two after that.  I think I am somewhere between 16-20 pounds but honestly stopped paying attention to it because I don’t care.  No really.  A couple months ago I did, but now as long as I am healthy and most importantly Henry is healthy and growing, I don’t care how much I gain these last few weeks.

Are you dilated yet? 
Yep, 1 little centimeter last Tuesday!  I know I can be here for some time, but the Doctor said it was good that my body is naturally starting the process and getting ready. EXCITING!    My next appointment is tomorrow so I will be interested to find out if this has changed or is the same.

Two questions I have been getting a lot lately:

Are you ready to meet Henry? 
Absolutely! I don’t think words can express just how excited, anxious, nervous I am to meet this little one.

Are you tired of being pregnant?
Absolutely not.

I have to say that I LOVE being pregnant. LOVE. IT.  I had always wondered based on stories I hear from others or even from TV if pregnancy was hard and unbearable.  It sure seems to be made out that way sometimes.  And I am sure, since every single person is different, that for many women pregnancy is hard.  And who knows how I will feel the last week/days of this pregnancy. But luckily, for me, I have really enjoyed this entire experience. 

Yes, I have pains and discomforts (especially at this point in the pregnancy) however; none of those discomforts have made me enjoy this pregnancy any less.  Infact I think every ache and pain, every groan, every upset stomach, every tender body part, every foot in the rib, every late night waddle to the bathroom, or every restless night of sleep makes me appreciate this time even more.  I know this will be over soon and you just never know if this will be the last time I will have this experience.  And if it is I want to try and be thankful for the blessing we are about to have and the process that led to our son.  Would I want to be pregnant all the time (think Duggars) – HELLS NO!  But IF another child was in our future would I embrace pregnancy again – ABSOLUTELY!

How is the room/house coming along?
Thanks to the help of my awesome parents, sister and husband – we got a lot accomplished this weekend.  The dining room and living room no longer look like a storage unit.  And Henry’s room is all cleaned and ready to start making into HIS room!  We have the crib ready to be put together, the changing table up, and all his stuff upstairs and ready to be put away.  The last of his clothes are washed and folded and my mom and I picked up nearly all of the last items we needed for the little guy.  As of Sunday night I literally let out a huge sigh knowing things were in place and just about done!  I should have pictures soon of his room.

17 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daddy Day Care?!

I know for sure one of the hardest decisions T & I have ever made in our 11 years together is what to do about child care for our child.  And for sure, it has been the most important decision during this pregnancy so far.

Shortly after we found out I was pregnant and of course had time to process everything, we started thinking about child care….one, because we knew that we would have to sign up some place quickly but also because of the budget.  We knew child care was going to be expensive, but we soon found out that child care for a baby is actually slightly more than our mortgage. (mouth slightly ajar, eyes wide open, & body completely frozen and in shock!) 

Now child care is the one area where I don’t think you want to make decisions based solely on the cost.  i.e. I am not going to Craig’s List to find a cheaper child care facility!  We knew of a couple places in our town and because I had friends at all three places knew how much it would cost and what the facility was like.  I heard first hand pros and any cons.  IF this was the route we were going to go, we at least knew what to expect.  But in the back of both our minds we just didn’t know how we would afford it.

Then one day when I was having lunch with Terry he suggested something that I had never thought of mainly because I never thought he would be interested nor was an option.  What if he quit his mediocre and poor paying job to stay at home with Henry during the day and then gets a part time job in the evenings.


We talked about it for awhile.  The pros and cons.  And then we both decided to think about it to ourselves and see how we felt in a couple days.

Let me tell you, from the beginning I was in love with the idea IF it was one that we could find a way to work out.

Terry could easily make at least half, if not more, working part time compared to what he makes working 55 hours a week (he doesn’t get compensated for 15 of those hours).  We wouldn’t have to pay child care for at least the first year; maybe two depending on how the first year goes.  Terry would have to work a part-time job to supplement income, however luckily I have a husband who is a hard worker and doesn’t mind doing whatever jobs he needs to do.  And finally, and most importantly, Terry will get to be at home with Henry….and honestly, how awesome is that?!

Terry and I have talked about this many times since our first conversation.  Making sure we could do this and it was the right decision for us.  We talked about how Terry felt, taking on this role as a “stay at home dad” while working part-time.  We talked about financial issues and how we are going to do this.  We talked about how he felt about leaving the place he worked for almost 16 years (that was an easy decision for him).  We talked about how he would finish getting his associates degree and how his schooling would play out in the future.  And we talked about what we felt would be best for Henry right now and based on our current situation.

We both agreed that Terry staying at home was not just the best decision but also the right decision for us at this time.  It is not a permanent solution, as in a year or two we want him to go to child care, but right now this is what works for all of us.

Folks, let me tell you I am 100% THRILLED about our decision!

I am so excited that Terry will get this special opportunity to stay home with Henry.  To watch over him and care for him and have that bond that a son should have with his daddy. 

Am I jealous? Absolutely not. 

Do I wish it was me that was staying home? You know, not really. 

I am sure it will be hard going back to work and I will wish I was at home but it is no harder than any working parent who has to leave their child.  But I actually think Terry is much better suited for this role.  Terry doesn’t like to be bored, so I know he will be keeping himself busy and doing whatever he can around the house when he has free time.  That is just how he is.  Me, I don’t mind being bored and I definitely don’t mind putting cleaning off, for let’s say a nap with my son! Plus, I know Terry needs this and to get out of where he is.  Myself, I have a good job that I don’t mind going to every day and feel like I need to go to for not only financial reasons but for my own sanity! (It is a whole other post, but let’s just say I do not do well alone with my thoughts and become very obsessed with certain things.)

Overall, I am so happy about this decision.  I mean, who else would I want raising our child?  I know it will be tough at first until we get use to a new schedule, a new budget for ourselves and Terry finds a part-time job.  But I think in the long run, it is totally worth it and I know I will be so happy to come home every night to my two boys and I am thrilled to see Terry in this role and know he will do an exceptional job at it!

So any other stay at home parents out there, Terry and Hank will be available for play dates starting this fall :)