Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just for Fun! - I Can’t Wait to Use These Sayings On Our Kid Someday……

We all heard these as a kid and hated when our parents said them to us.  However, now that I am older I can’t wait to use these on Henry some day!

* While you live under our roof you have to obey our rules.

* I brought you into this world I can take you out.

* Three more bites.

* If ALL your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump off a bridge too?

* I don’t care what little Tommy is allowed to do; Little Tommy is not my child.

* If you keep making that face your face is going to stay like that!

* Don’t make me turn this car around!

* Don’t make me come upstairs!

* Do we live in a barn?

* Well in my day….

Any other ones from when you were a kid?!  Please share!


  1. My dad always threatened to hang me by my toes. That always made me laugh.

    I don't know where it started, but I like to tell annoying passengers that if they don't shut up, I won't take them to McDonalds. That could work on a kid!

  2. At my Center its always simple. One...Two...Three. Enough said. (Its really all about tone and Miss April definitely has the tone!)

  3. "Three more bites" made me snort. My mom TOTALLY said that!!

    My least favorite parent saying of all time was that day's variation of "You need an attitude adjustment." It got to where my dad would just give us a look and say "Attitude!" in this incredibly annoying tone. I SWORE I would NEVER use that on my kids because I hated it so much...but let's face it, I totally will.

  4. "Because I said so that's why." I use that ALL THE TIME! And it was used on me. :)

  5. My mom would always say, "Not another peep!" Then one of us would go (in a really sneaky quiet voice), "peep." Hilarious.